Smolan Man Arrested For Aggravated Battery

Devin SheaA Smolan man arrested Wednesday morning on a charge of aggravated battery.

Sheriff Glen Kochanowski says 26-year-old Devin Shea is alleged to have pushed a 27-year-old woman on to the ground causing her to strike her head on the ground and losing consciousness .

The two had been arguing, and Shea who was allegedly intoxicated, fell to the ground and the woman crawled on top of Shea to keep him pinned when he pushed her.

Shea left the home and was arrested later.

The woman was taken to EMS to be checked out the hospital. she did have a cut to her nose and a swollen lip.

The Sheriffs Office was notified of the case about 4:45am.

  • Jay

    He’s got the whole wife beater and everything going on there it looks like…

    • shut up!

      Wife beater!!! 1st of all they weren’t married if u could acutually read and really!! U would go off talking crap like hes got the wife beater what if I was his daughter and I saw this crap u know that I would be in tears!!! He was like a stepdad 2 me! ! Thanx a lot people! !

      • huh?

        Uhhhh a “wife beater” refers to a type of mens shirt……… moron.

  • Jns1987

    So, why isn’t she arrested to? Sounds like she was just as much at fault.

    • kpdog

      yes, she should be arrested too….i’m serious. she should be charged with kidnapping. she crawled ontop of him and wouldn’t let him leave. so he pushed her.
      Her action of crawling ontop of him (kidnapping), “PROVOKED” him to push her.

  • hi

    So she was on top of him trying to pin him down and he gets arrested for battery? huh?

    • jimbo

      Mustache ride.

  • Jenn

    Someone pinning you down does not justify knocking them unconscious. Of course he should be arrested for that. He pushed someone so hard that they ended up in the hospital and then left the scene entirely. Do you really want her to be charged? Ridiculous.

  • Lucifer

    If she was truly scared of him or felt that he was a threat, you run. You don’t get on top of a man that you’re scared of. This was a wrestling match and he won. “Technically” yes, they did “assault” each other.

  • Dustin

    Way to go d-bo. And really if ya know the guy like I happen to you would know she should be arrested. He’s not the type to hit a women even while under the influence. Also she should get an unlawful restraint charge. But this is Kansas and no mater what a women does she may still be seen as a victim.

    • NewAmerica

      Really no matter what a woman does she’s still the victim? There are many type of people that can become aggressive, just because you might not does not mean this person won’t either. Lame

  • sh wheet

    his dad is like the big wig of the jail…

  • Lee

    If you knew this man like you say you know him then you would know that he has had a previous charge of domestic battery. They call him D-Bo for a reason. This isn’t the first time this has happened. How could a 5 foot 4 inch woman pin a 6 foot 6 inch 250 lb man down and prevent him from leaving? Kidnapping? Really? He’s getting what he deserves. Pretty sure he needs some serious help!!!!

    • Face in the Crowd

      I’d also like to know how an unconscious women crawls on top of someone. Maybe he pulled her on top of him before police arrived to make it look good. As you said, a 5 foot 4 inch woman doesn’t stand a chance against someone his size without a weapon.

  • seriously?

    self defense…arrest the bit&*.

    • Lee

      how could she defend herself!! she didnt do anything wrong!!

  • dougie

    Why does this arrest get its own article? I would like to see a article on all people arrested in the future please.

    • sh wheet

      its a cops son thats why.

      • how do u know that

        how do u know that smart 1?

  • WOW

    really??!! its not called kidnapping when maybe s he was trying to get him to calm down! and why would she need to go to jail!?! she didn’t really do anything wrong if u think long and hard about it.
    Im pretty sure that there is NO reason to talk crap about other people ! its not right !

  • STOP!!!!

    ive seen enough of these sny and hurtful comments i new this man and he was nice to me but his problem was drinking!!! She wasnt kidding napping and his wife beater had nothing to do with the scene! So please know the story b4 you judge!!!! I was his almost step daughters best friend!!! And he made everyone laugh and he was a nice man he just drank…… If your reading this Devn its Sadie and i know you did some wrong thing i defend the both of you!!!!