Kansas Man Sentenced To 10 Years In Motorcycle Fatality


(AP) — A Sedgwick County man has been sentenced to 10 years and three months in prison for the death of his motorcycle passenger during a police chase.

Court records show 23-year-old Joshua L. Wynn was sentenced Thursday for the September 2011 death of 19-year-old Mallory Scofield.

Wynn was convicted in February of second-degree unintentional but reckless murder as part of a plea deal.

Scofield died when she and Wynn were thrown from a motorcycle in west Wichita while Wynn was fleeing from a sheriff’s deputy after an attempted traffic stop.

Wynn also was sentenced to a six months for license violations.

  • http://salinapost.com NI4NI

    Well done prosecution!! Can you come work for Salina and put our drunk drivers that kill people away for more than 3 months and the other for 3 years?

  • http://salinapost Iseenit

    Amen He needs 10 yrs for being a idiot !

  • ??

    he caused someone to die… he should get life also…just saying… that young girl will never see her family again and vise versa.. this guy will walk the streets again in 10 yrs.. somethings wrong with this picture

  • anti-perv

    always been, murderers get more rights than we do on top of paying for their room and board for life just hang em high

    • jimbo

      Yeah, like Gary Kleypas and the Carr brothers. They should all be hung in public.