Salina Surgeon Aids Injured At Boston Marathon

Screen-Shot-2013-04-15-at-2.30.20-PM.png(AP) – A general surgeon from Kansas says he was pressed into service helping the injured just moments after finishing the Boston Marathon.

Dr. Chris Rupe (roop) reported that he heard a loud explosion about 10 yards away after finishing his run Monday in a time of 4 hours, 4 minutes, 23 seconds. Rupe says he headed to what he thought was a building or grandstand collapsing, then heard the second blast.

He was directed to a medical tent where doctors usually help runners with problems like exhaustion.

Rupe spent about an hour inside, treating people mainly with injuries to their extremities. After that, Rupe says, most of the injured had been taken to hospitals.

Rupe’s wife – pediatrician Abbey Rupe – had finished the marathon well before the explosions.

  • oufb1969

    My prayers go out to the vitcims of this senseless tradgey. May God be with You.

  • Thanks

    Thank you Dr. Rupe. Thank you everyone who helped. Prayers to everyone involved.

  • Whocares

    Such a tragic and senseless event. Glad u were able to help and not injured doc but the article including your finishing time seems a little insensitive. (I know it’s not your fault and you didn’t write it.) I don’t know maybe it’s me but three dead so far and here’s the list of finishing times just trivializes the bombing a little bit. Who cares who finished in how long when people are dead, injured and fighting for their lives in something like this. Just my opinion.

    • ?

      People are listing and saying the times they finished to show how close they were to the finish line when the bomb went off! I know it’s not to brag or be insensitive.

      • Whocares

        Well there were at least three people who were “right on time” at the finish line. Still seems unimportant in the big picture to me. Again though, Doc didn’t write the article.

        • skydvrboy

          Knowing that the bomb went off at 4 hours 9 minutes makes his finish time important as it pinpoints his proximity to the event.

  • RockAndRollJesus

    Hey NOBAMA…… when do you think it will be time to close our borders? All these people flying in from other countries are tearing down our defenses bit by bit. And you don’t care. You are a selfish prick, and should be impeached if you don’t even consider closing the borders up. No one allowed to fly into this country, and all of Canada and Mexico needs to be closed with the National Guard posted at all miles of these borders. Your concerned with going to help protect other countries, but you can’t even work a little bit at protecting our own?

    My thoughts go out to all the victims and their families.

    • Wow

      You mean like every other president?

    • ಠ_ಠ

      Because we have no domestic terrorism in the US right? Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were dirty Canadians who sneaked across the border to further their Canuck agenda, right? I suppose that Eric Robert Rudolph was an illegal Mexican immigrant that bombed the Atlanta Olympics? Five people were killed by anthrax delivered by the evil Muslim Bruce E. Ivins?

      Closing our borders will not stop all terrorism. There has been no statement made yet that points to an international terrorist in the case of Boston. Stop with the xenophobia.

  • Tator Salad

    What a sad tragedy for all involved. Sadly, the worst is yet to come for the American people.

  • Ice Road Trucker

    Im so fine im lickin chicken.

  • truth

    Good doctor working in a poor clinic