8 Injured In Kansas Turnpike Crash

police(AP) – Authorities are releasing new details today about a weekend crash on the Kansas Turnpike.

At least eight people were hurt when a van rolled just north of the Towanda Service Station. Turnpike officials are reporting this morning that the van’s driver slammed on the brakes after a tire blew out.

The van then left the road and overturned.

One victim was taken to Wichita hospital by helicopter. The van was carrying 16 people from Texas.

  • Karma Kop

    …. or was it carrying 46 people from south of Texas?!


      It must have been illegal aliens. If it was a church bus it would have been mentioned.

  • http://salinapost.com NI4NI

    Really?? Was it a van or a bus? Big difference if it was a regular van carrying 16 people!