Salina Teen Arrested After Class Stabbing


(AP) — A Salina middle school student has been arrested after authorities say he stabbed another boy with an awl during a class.

Lt. Scott Siemsen of the Salina Police Department says the 13-year-old boy is accused of causing a puncture wound when he stabbed the other boy’s shoulder with the awl during a technology class at South Middle School. The boy’s wound was bandaged by the school nurse. An awl is a pointed spike that can be used for such things as poking holes into leather.

The incident was not preceded by any argument or confrontation between the boys.

Siemsen says the boy accused of stabbing the other student is being held at the Saline County Juvenile Detention Center.

  • worker

    See teachers need guns could have just shot the boy ending it all there.

    • JayBird

      Y’awl is crazy, after awl. Awl teachers should get awls and then everything will be awlright.

    • Hot Karl


  • non-worker

    Don’t know about shooting a kid for that…..but I do know that we should seriously consider banning awls, or at the very least passing some laws that restrict how sharp they can be or how long they can be!!! C’mon people we need to be “secure” not free……you can’t have both.

    • realitycheck

      Need to start banning some of the trouble-making kids.

    • Lucifer

      That kid needs a good hurtin! You know why a child would do such a thing without being provoked? Because they have life too good! A child without empathy is an extremely dangerous being. Hopefully sleeping on a cot in a cement room will help him realize how good he most likely has it in life.

    • Ice Road Trucker

      Next there will be a stabbing with a pencil, and the incident will be used to justify why all the students need to have an I-pad for class.

  • okreally

    So is this maybe not a bigger concern than Gilesgate?

    • Ice Road Trucker

      Only if the stabber is white and the victim is black…. then we can expect Al Sharpton to come in by parachute.

  • Seriously

    That boy may very well have been being bullied. Some kids can just take so much before they lash out at the ones who are bullying.

    • Bounty Hunter

      Amen to THAT! Some of them (bullies) are allowed to continue in life never knowing what consequences they may have faced if the ones they were bullying were as uncaring as they were to be bullying them (victims). I once started working for an employer when a bully from the past came forward and asked me if I was who I was and then apologized for his behavior in the past, because he realized that he could have been retaliated upon but was not. So to all those bullies out there: THINK ABOUT YOUR FUTURE, because the kid you are bullying today may someday retaliate against you for your wrongdoing when you least expect it, or they may wind up being your boss and make you scrub toilets or something gross like that for payback for all those years they were bullied.

    • Colton

      Yes because being bullied results to a stabbing and the kid had already been to jail once for a stabbing

      • What are you? Stoopid?

        So Colton, what your saying is, your friend was a bully, and the stabber retaliated?

  • come on

    Isn’t this the second time this week? This is getting ridiculous.

  • saddened

    This kid IS the bully. I hope they keep him locked up this time. He is a frequent guest at JDC

    • worker

      See should of shot em.

  • http://salinapost we know

    So I take it the boys had an awl-tercation that turned violent.

    • http://salinapost we know

      I hope that he will be awlright.

      • http://salinapost we know

        We awl need to work together to end this awl-ful type of violence.

        • Bounty Hunter

          I am not sure you are awlowed to use “awl” in awl those words… When they ban awls, they may be awl gone…

    • What are you? Stoopid?

      Yawl are some awl right silly people…. really, you guys are awl right….

  • older

    Actually this is the same individual that stabbed a juvenile at the mall in the fall. Ridiculous that he is put in the same class room with decent students. Arming the teachers is not the answer. Keeping kids out of the same class room with law abiding students and jeopardizing their future isn’t the way to go……….Should have been in a juvneile detention center.

    • Bounty Hunter

      Time to put that little offender in a 1-room schoolhouse called a cell and leave him there until he is old enough to vote.

      • Someoldlady

        Where he can steal a metal detector wand to hit people with.

  • Children Learn

    From Lessons From Life by Ronald Russell
    …..A child that lives with trust
    learns to be deceitful.
    …..A child that lives with antagonism
    learns to be hostile.
    …..A child that lives with patience
    learns to be tolerant.
    …..A child that lives with happiness
    will find love and beauty.

    Written in 1971 but still has truth and meaning to it. I don’t know the kid involved but I wonder if we could add

    A child that lives with violence
    learns to be violent.

    • Children Learn


      • Jugears McGhetto

        It is proper to dis rust, it can cause very negative effects to ferrous metals and have adverse reactions in structural integrity. This comment is just as ridiculous as the excerpt from the hippie book!

  • Colton

    Grow up some kid got stabbed… and the kid that got stabbed was my friend. I just don’t see how any of these jokes are funny

    • What are you? Stoopid?

      Relax son… we are awl certain he will be awl right….

  • Just Thinking

    Time to ban all pointed objects in schools until background checks are done for each student. Once the checks are done then they bring these objects to school only after having them registered.

  • older

    Half of these comments are juvenile and ridiculous and you wonder why they closed the comments section on the arrest page.

    • http://salinapost we know

      AWL-RIGHT this is my last comment on the matter.

  • http://Buddy Patty Ingram

    Can’t believe this actually happened in a school in the South End thats suppose to be so great….