Ex-Kansas Police Officer Pleads Guilty To Sex Crimes

greg nicks

A 33-year-old former Wichita police officer and University of Kansas football player has pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual exploitation involving a 15-month-old girl.

Gregory Nicks entered his pleas Monday in exchange for the state dropping two counts of aggravated indecent liberties with a child.

The former Lawrence teacher was arrested in his Maize home in November 2011 after his wife called 911 to report the abuse.

Co-defendant Luz Coronado was found guilty in August of one count of aggravated indecent liberties and four counts of sexual exploitation of a child. She and Nicks both are scheduled to be sentenced May 3.

Nicks was the Jayhawks’ long snapper in 2001 and 2002 and later was a Wichita police officer for about three years.

  • Yo

    Ok so he was a college football player, a cop, and mostly recently a teacher yet the headline is ex Kansas cop wtf!

    • Anonymous

      This story makes me want to puke. The pervert is a sports jock, ex cop, ex teacher sicko!!!
      As for the headline, the newspaper was tired of printing the same old “Teacher Pleads Guilty to Sex Charges” and decided to go with “ExCop Pleads Guilty to Sex Charges.” The word “excop” is more of a buzzword than teacher today.

  • RockAndRollJesus

    You are a sick son of a…… You need to be shot, hung, then shot again… You need done to you what Jodi Arias did to her ex, he was stabbed 29 times, throat slit from ear to ear and shot in the face. You actually deserve worse than what he got.

    I hope your time in jail or prison ends quickly for you……. you dumbass…

    • heavy heart


  • Anonymous

    If he called his wife and told her what he did, why was she charged?

    • Via KAKE

      Took me a minute to find this, but…
      Wichita Woman Found Guilty Of Child Sex Charges
      Tuesday, August 21, 2012

      A Wichita woman has been found guilty for her role in a disturbing child sex case in which she was accused of having explicit online chats with a former Wichita Police Officer and Wichita Wild football player.

      Luz Coronado had been charged with four counts of aggravated indecent liberties with a child and one count of sexual exploitation. She waived her right to a jury trial and allowed Judge Terry Pullman to hear the case. Pullman found her guilty Tuesday after a day of testimony.

      The most damaging testimony came from Wichita Police Detective Jennifer Wright, who detailed the explicit online chat logs between Coronado and Greg Nicks.

      Nicks and Coronado were having a sexual affair when Nicks accidentally sent an explicit text message to his wife instead of Coronado. His wife then began investigating Nicks personal email and discovered 177 days of conversations in which Nicks took pictures of his own 14-month-old daughter and sent them by email to Coronado.

      “I love that freak in you,” Coronado said in one of the chat strings.

      “Even that much of a freak?” Nicks responded.

      “Yep, even that much,” Coronado said.

      “Wow, I guess that means we’re both into young incest, then,” Nicks said.

      “Yeah, and I love it,” said Coronado.

      At one point, Nicks said it made him happy that that Coronado approved of the behavior and joked about both being pedophiles. The conversation then turned to whether Coronado enjoyed sex with children younger than five, to which she responded “No, only five and up.”

      Many of the conversations took place on an employer email address that Detective Wright said Coronado had set up for the sole purpose of carrying on with Nicks. In that email account, Coronado had just one contact address, which belonged to Nicks. It was labeled “Daddy.”

      In his finding, Judge Terry Pullman said that, even though Nicks didn’t actually participate in the taking of pictures or sexual acts with the girl, she “discussed, complimented, cajoled, rewarded and encouraged” the acts in anticipation of getting sexual arousal.

      Coronado is scheduled to be sentenced in Sedgwick County District Court on Sept. 28. Greg Nicks’ jury trial is scheduled for Oct. 15.

  • hippified

    That’s horrifying. People ought to be shot. Why did we do away with firing squads?

    • Anonymous

      Something about the high costs of bullets.

      Of course today, we could take a collection for the two bullets it would take to send that pervert to hades.