UPDATE: Man Who Escaped Custody In Hays Captured In Great Bend

576257_470009376397586_2096511177_nHays Police Chief Don Scheibler told Hays Post, “At 4 p.m. on Saturday afternoon officers arrested a 20-year Matthew Kloke at a local motel on an out of county warrant.  Kloke was placed in a patrol car. The arresting officer left the vehicle unattended to check on others inside the motel. This is when the suspect was able to escape.

At 7:45 Sunday morning, Kloke’s family members called police to report he was at a residence on East 12th Street.  He fled before police arrived and eventually stole a car on Milner Street. The 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix was running and had been left unattended. Kloke drive South toward Barton County.

Hoisington Police reported that one of their officers saw the stolen Grand Prix as it arrived in town.  There was a high-speed chase on highway 281. Kloke eventually lost control of the car and it rolled into a residential yard in Great Bend. No injuries were reported.

Kloke is now being held in the Barton County jail on felony charges.  


  • Spell Check

    Lose, not loose.

  • E

    There have been alot of escapes around the state in the past year. Make it clear that they’ll be shot, and shoot a few. Should help slow it down.

    • Catch 22

      Yet they all have been caught. It’s called limiting the budget. Law Enforcement cannot keep up with changing times if they are fighting to mainitain what they have at there disposal.

  • Can’t fool me

    How have you been Ice Road Trucker

  • RockAndRollJesus

    Will the officer be cited for leaving a fugitive alone in a squad car know he could escape at any given second? Will the owner of the Pontiac Grand Prix be cited for leaving a running vehicle unattended? Will the owner be cited for aiding the escape of a fugitive for leaving his car running?

    Ahhh, who the hell am I kidding? This isn’t in Saline County…