Concern About Flouride In Salina Water

Fluoride in tap water

By John Boesen

More than 50 people filled the Prescott Room at the Salina Public Library on Thursday evening January 31st to hear Dr. Albert Burgstahler of Lawrence Kansas, explain why fluoride is unsafe and ineffective.

Dr. Burgstahler is a world recognized expert on fluoride, co-author of Fluoridation, The Great Dilemma, editor of Fluoride, the peer-reviewed Journal of the International Society for Fluoride Research, and Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at KU.

The audience, a wonderful cross-section of the community, included supporters, opponents, and some who want more information before making their decision. The group responded to the presentations with insightful and thought-provoking questions and comments.

John Boesen of Salina Cares, a group of local citizens who care about respecting the environment, welcomed the audience with the theme of the meeting: “Get The ‘F’ Out Of Our Water and Keep It Out.”

Three candidates vying for positions on the Salina City Commission attended the meeting: Mr. Jon Blanchard, Mr. Tracey Sin, and Mr. James Blackwell.

None of the current members of the Salina City Commission attended the meeting. Other speakers included Mark Gietzen of Wichita Kansas, President of the Kansas Republican Assembly, who spoke about his role in the successful defeat of water fluoridation in Wichita
last November by a 60 % vote, and Paul Finney of Humboldt Kansas, who was instrumental in preventing the fluoridation of their public water system.

The city of Salina fluoridates the city water supply with sodium fluorosilicate, an industrial waste product and known neurotoxic poison, that has been proven to lower IQ in children and cause cancer, particularly in the thyroid and in the bones of young boys.

One warning reads, among several printed on the bags, “May Be Fatal If Swallowed”. Then the city wastes more than 99% of the chemical fluoride. Whatever amount doesn’t leak through faucets, pipes and fire hydrants, the rest never reaches people because that much of our water goes to fill swimming pools and hot tubs, irrigate grass on the cemeteries and golf courses, fight fires, launder clothes, wash cars, and flush toilets. They are using our tax dollars to poison the environment.

The audience left with copies of scientific literature, Fluoride is Poison yard signs, and a sense of civic pride from responding to the Mission and Strategic Plan of the City of Salina, which invites citizen and stakeholder participation in making Salina an environmentally-friendly, green community.

The next Community Health Seminar focusing on halting fluoridation in Salina will be held on Tuesday evening February 19th at 7pm at the library. The featured speaker will be Dr. Charles Hinshaw, MD of the Riordan Clinic in Wichita Kansas. Dr. Hinshaw will share additional information exposing the truth that fluoride is unsafe and ineffective.


  • Anonymous

    And every single day, our current elected leaders ALLOW CHILDREN TO BE HARMED by DOING NOTHING…they can take it upon themselves to pass laws themselves that should be done LEGISLATIVELY, but can’t seem to find the time to halt fluoridation which they by all rights SHOULD DO ADMINISTRATIVELY since the people ON RECORD BY 80% HAVE SAID NO ALREADY. Kansas City did the exact same thing, allowed the public to vote, the public said no, then the city passed it administratively…then a citizen sued them, and the MO State Supreme Court Ruled that passing such a law administratively is 100% ILLEGAL AND A CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATION, where it impacts every single person in the city, it should be done legislatively. THE PEOPLE SHOULD VOTE ON IT. But not in Salina KS. You don’ t have the right to choose your means of medication, you don’t have the right to refuse medical treatment, you don’t have the right to informed medical consent, you don’t have the right to NOT be experimented on w/ an unapproved drug for human use of which not all the negative side effects are even known.

    What can you do? Stand up, say something, go to the city council meetings, don’t do what my parents and grandparents and the current city council is doing..don’t just stick your head in the sand. That’s how we got 45 years of brain damaged children and unknown negaitive health issues…just because we have been making a mistake for 45 years, is no reason to continue it.

    There is plenty of data to suggest that 1. Fluoridation is NOT SAFE, NOR EFFECTIVE… 2. It does not reduce the rates of DMFT in children as it is touted.. and 3. for every single dollar that is spent on this, .99 cents is dumped right onto the ground. Therefore ONLY 1% of the fluoride is even “dosed” onto the intended targets, nevermind there is NO DOSAGE CONTROL, and nevermind that it also affects other people that are well into adult hood and recieve NO BENEFIT.

    So if there is NO BENEFIT, A POTENTIAL FOR NEGATIVE IMPACT, AND IT’S WASTING 99% OF ALL THE MONEY SPENT ON IT…WHY DOES THIS CONTINUE????? Someone explain why it’s ok to WASTE MONEY..guess it’s no big deal when it’s not your money. Guess that type of thinking would probably not spill over into other areas…guess we like wasting money and hurting kids needlessly…

  • NOYB

    Follow the money.
    Who is selling this product to the city of Salina, and what is their connection to the person/persons making the buying decisions? I don’t have the answers to these 2 questions, but I believe the answers will shed light on why it is used.

    • Anonymous

      You are on the right track, I don’t really get the reason why the current city commission or manager feel obligated to continue this, but we buy it from a subsidiary company that packages and sells the fluoride directly from the phosphate fertilizer industry, that way when people ask, they can provide a company name and say, “they don’t make fertilizer…” but if it is purchased domestically you can bet it came from Fl originally. Now when you talk money, you really are talking about the fertilizer industry that sells it as opposed to PAYING to dispose of it safely, they also provide money for professional trade organizations such as the ADA to lobby washington…which is why they are so found of it.

  • Voices

    The claim that fluoridated water is harmful simply doesn’t stand up to the evidence. Water companies use only a trace level of fluoride. In fact, there is less than one tablespoon of fluoride in 1,300 gallons of water. No one has been able to prove health harms from drinking water with that level of fluoride.

    • Ice Road Trucker

      Really – so are you Honestly trying to say that Sodium Flourosilicate is not a poison?

      You are right that at the “CORRECT” ppm level most tests say it is OK. But some also do NOT!!

      Also there are many many studies both in the US and in Europe where 97% of the water is NOT fluoridated, that there is not effect on dental health from fluoride in the water.
      Reuters – NEW YORK, July 24, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Harvard University researchers’ review of fluoride/brain studies concludes “our results support the possibility of adverse effects of fluoride exposures on children’s neurodevelopment.” It was published online July 20 in Environmental Health Perspectives, a US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences’ journal (1), reports the NYS Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc. (NYSCOF)

      “The children in high fluoride areas had significantly lower IQ than those who lived in low fluoride areas,” write Choi et al.

      Further, the EPA says fluoride is a chemical “with substantial evidence of developmental neurotoxicity.”

      • Anonymous


    • Ice Road Trucker

      Given the more recent work that shows issues with neurotoxicity and brain development.

      What is the reason to IGNORE these studies and keep fluoride in?
      What makes the 30 year old Dental study more valid than any other research?
      Why are we one of the few western democracies that put this in?

      Fluoride in Toothpaste is more effective… try to find a toothpaste w/o fluoride.

      • Anonymous

        Alot of folks have staked reputations on this myth…whether it is or isn’t harmful, I would like to choose what MEDICATIONS myself and my son ingest, it is a god given right. The city of Salina, IS NOT ABOVE THE CONSTITUTION. The fact of the matter is, there is no biological function for fluoride in the body, it’s a waste of money, not effective, and potentially harmful. Why continue to make the same mistake that we have allowed for 45 years?

        • Ice Road Trucker

          A lot of those people are also now long dead.

          Many were also proponents of “Reefer madness” too.
          Not that I support legalization – but we have had propaganda for a long time.

    • Anonymous

      Really? So how do you control the DOSE over a lifetime? You say “trace” amounts….is that per liter? I can show you my teeth with bright white streaks in them, that’s called FLUOROSIS, IT’S FROM FLUORIDE POISONING….the teeth are not the only tissues this happens to in the body. It’s perfectly safe though, that’s why the hospital has to filter the water. So you believe that less than one tablespoon in 1300 gallons of water is responsible for reducing cavities by 60% as the CDC claims, EVEN IN BUHLER KS WHERE THEY DO NOT FLUORIDATE THE WATER, THAT IS AMAZING!

    • Anonymous

      Point in fact, it has been proven in THOUSANDS of human and animal studies, point in fact, THERE IS ZERO PROOF THAT IT HAS A BENEFIT!

    • Anonymous

      Really..know anyone on dialysis

    • ….benzo

      Let me ask you this then, if there is nothing bad about putting this fluoride in the water than why is it we must buy our children fluoride free toothpaste, and let me correct you on something if they were putting calcium fluoride, which is natural in well water, into the tap water it would be fine the problem is they are putting sodium fluoride. Look it up you’ll see what I’m talking about.

    • Anonymous

      Fluoride is more acutely toxic than both LEAD or ARSENIC.

  • SMH

    Just trying to understand something… If the ones for it say there is so little that gets to us… why the he!! do it then? I am confused. Can someone rationally explain that from the pro side of things?

    • get-r-done

      Are you really asking for a scientific basis for fluoride’s benefit, or are you opposed to fluoride as the others above? If you’re looking for credible scientific evidence, then I’ll answer your questions.

      Thanks :)

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Btw thw study i reference was done by the health and human services and national dental research institute …too bad their own study proves its not effective…can’t wait to see your “evidence” i need a good laugh.

        • Ice Road Trucker

          There are parties that just seem to have a vested interest in this as some “undeniable truth”

          Like they say in REAL science… “the Sacred Cows make the best steaks!”

      • ….benzo

        There is no scientific evidence, and if you find some pretty sure it’s bogus considering common sense should tell you we tell our kids not to swallow toothpaste because of the fluoride, so how the hell could it be good for us

      • SMH

        I believe my question was pretty black and white.

      • Anonymous

        Would you like to see an official letter from the head of the CDC to Senator Barbra Boxer in reply to questions regarding fluoridation, because in his reply he states,

        “The CDC was asked if more fluoride than the adequate amount was beneficial. CDC director Frieden wrote “We are unaware of data that directly answers your questions about the additional protection from tooth decay that could result from greater daily fluoride intake by infants, 0-6 months of age.” In other words, there is no scientific evidence that dosing babies with lots of fluoride has any benefit at all.”

        It’s available in pdf form online publicly…not that supporters of brain damaging children will acknowledge it, not that it matters to our loving city leaders whom claim “fluoridation is effective and safe we know this according to endorsements by the ADA and CDC…” that’s neat, considering I can show you where BOTH of them have stated “IT IS NOT SAFE NOR DOES IT REDUCE CAVITIES”, which is extra interesting considering “statements” backed by nothing from those organizations are what Jason Gage ON THE RECORD, uses to justify continuing willful neglect and ignorance…but I guess that’s ok..that’s what our city leaders should do I guess..ignore any science that contradicts there established beliefs…Hey GAGE, YOU THINK THE WORLD IS STILL FLAT AND THE UNIVERSE ORBITS EARTH TOO?

    • Anonymous

      Short answer is no…they cannot “rationally” justify their position….i am just a normal guy that has done his homework and i would debate mr gage or any or all of tgem publicly moderated…and i would make them look stupid. I started out as a skeptic ..

  • jimbo

    Yeah, take the fluoride out of toothpaste also, I saw a little kid fluoridated to death by some Crest this morning.

    • Anonymous

      They sell nonfluoridated tooth paste..i also thought toothpaste was sold by private companies in a free market where you get to choose..i also thought the public water was supposed to be a managed resource by our local government whom are entrusted and elected to among other things ensure its safety and fair use by all…gosh guess i was confused…what’s sad is apparently this isn’t too far off of the thought process of our current city leaders..quote Mr Gage ..”we feel its a benefit “because. Excuse me? You “feel” it…despite having plenty of legit sources of credible data,studies, and research….the city will continue to violate peoples rights and harm children WILLFULLY…because they can support that with lots of “feelings”. Neat. Hey we actually use arsenic in our bodies, mr gage maybe we need to add some more of that CONTAMINANT to bring us all the way to the maximum level just like fluoride! At least its nutritionaly required..people our city government is a joke and we do not need clowns there or paid carpet baggers that are accountable to no one that are willing to set aside science, citizens concerns, safety, and THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO BE GOOD STEWARDS OF OUR MONEY AND RESOURCES because they just “have a feeling” its better to do nothing than do the right thing….now i see why not one member or gage attended the lecture thursday…they have feelings…they don’t need to ask an expert phd professor published author editor of a peer reviewed international quarterly journal with decades of work dedicated solely to the topic….they have some secret never before seen evidence to its effectiveness called “feelings”. Its scary that any of these people even got elected…

  • annamolly

    My question is what makes the tap water here taste so terrible?

    • SMH

      Probably the crap in it hahaha

  • Rebecca

    When I lived in McPherson, our Dr. prescribed flouride drops for my infant son!! She said he needed them to help his teeth because there was no flouride in the city water!

    • Anonymous

      So you went to a doctor and got a prescription and did not make every other person in mac take the medicine…what a novel idea. Did you also have a controlled dose as well as informed consent as well as the optiin to refuse treatment …wow sounds like freedom.

      • Rebecca

        I was very young and uneducated about flouride. When my Dr said my 1st born son needed the drops, I did what she told me to help my baby! so go f yourself

        • Anonymous

          Not blaming you a bit or judging you…just pointing out if people actually believe there is a benefit then they can CHOOSE to get it and use it..its UNETHICAL IMMORAL AND UNLAWFUL TO PUT IT IN PUBLIC WATER…

    • Ice Road Trucker

      Rebecca – this is a challenge where we expect our doctors to give us sound information. I find it interesting that he asked you to add fluoride drops.

      While at the same time the makers of Baby Formula recommend NOT using tap water,.
      The American Dental Association recommends not using water that contains high levels of fluoride when mixing powdered or concentrated baby formula. Too much fluoride puts your baby at risk for enamel fluorosis, a condition that develops while the teeth are forming in the gums. It’s not a disease, but it can result in faint white lines or white spots or areas on the permanent teeth.


  • stand4reason

    Beware the scare tactics and theories, and be sure to verify your sources. The research supporting water fluoridation is solid. It is safe and effective and you can trust your public health professionals.

    • Anonymous

      Where is it then? Is it a secret? Where is the hard data? I have REAL DATA to back up my claims…

      • Anonymous

        1987 National Survey 40k school children …2011 congressional report..not endorsements and statements supported by “feelings”

    • Anonymous

      I can’t wait to see how the city of Salina has measured the “safety and effectiveness” and the data they are using. After all, we spend money on it every year, so surely the city can support it’s claims that it is not only safe but effective with REAL HARD DATA THAT HAS BEEN PUBLISHED AND PEER REVIEWED…as opposed to ENDORSEMENTS FROM PROFESSIONAL TRADE ORGANIZATIONS AND PRESS STATEMENTS BACKED BY NOTHING…I WILL SHARE REAL DATA WITH ANYONE THAT WOULD LIKE IT, GO TO THE SALINA CARES FACEBOOK PAGE, CONTACT ME, I WILL PERSONALLY SHOW YOU THE DATA.

      Data that was collected by the HHS and NDRI in studies that THEY controlled and setup. They looked at 87 cities, 40K kids, it is the most concise, scientifically accepted study of it’s kind, both organizations SUPPORT fluoride, however instead of publicly publishing the results of this 4 million dollar study, they shelved them. Why? Because THE DATA DOES NOT SUPPORT THE CLAIMS OF FLUORIDE SUPPORTERS…IT CONTRADICTS THE CLAIM THAT FLUORIDE IN THE WATER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR A 60% REDUCTION IN CHILDHOOD CAVITIES. It took FOIA requests by private people at their own cost to get this information to the public. But again, apparently Mr. Gage and the city commission despite having this information, must have their own secret data that only they know about, and they aren’t allowed to share with anyone. Oh, I forgot, it’s called, “a feeling”..lmao..

  • Gertine

    I’ve not discovered what I wanted

  • Liberty Belle

    I don’t like someone else deciding for me what I ingest. Flouride is available to those who want it. For those of us who don’t, there are few options since it seems to be added even to bottled water.There is no good argument for putting flouride in our water. Use the money instead to educate parents about teaching their kids to brush their teeth. It’s hard to believe they don’t already know that. But keep in mind, there are a lot of people in this city who probably should be taking some form of medication or another, but refuse to do so. Should all of us be medicated just so a few people get what they need? It’s ridiculous. Are they going to start forcing everyone to take insulin or chemo just so they can cover the few who should be taking it? I hope everyone votes yes to get rid of flouride in our water supply.