Weather Report :: School Closings

School Delays/Closings (Salina Area)

• USD 307 Ell-Saline – No School.

• USD 393 Solomon – No School.

• USD 239 North Ottawa County – No School.

• Salina Christian Academy – No School.

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Snowfall report:
Salina –
(National Weather Service – 1 inch 3:30AM)
(Unofficial Report at Eagle Media Center 3 inches)
Lindsborg – 3 inches
Ellsworth  – 3 inches
  • TODAY: A chance of flurries before 10am. Cloudy, then gradually becoming mostly sunny, with a high near 32. Breezy, with a north northwest wind 14 to 24 mph, with gusts as high as 33 mph.
  • TONIGHT: Partly cloudy, with a low around 20. West northwest wind 6 to 11 mph becoming light west after midnight.
  • Jay

    I am pretty sure there was more than 1 inch of snow on the deck this morning. More like 3-4 inches. Either way I will take it.

    • admin

      That was the accumulation figure at 3:30 AM according to the National Weather Service. Has not been updated yet.

      Lindsborg is showing 3 inches which was recently updated.

  • B

    I measured the snow on top of my patio table and it was over 4 inches..

  • Makes you wonder

    Yeah and they are wanting kids to walk to school in this stuff. And if it is that slick why send them.

    • Anonymous

      Yep , today’s kids need to be coddled
      Don’t make those spoiled brats do anything that’s hard to do
      Let them skip school so they can go to the mall

      • Geez

        When I was a kid and school was canceled for a snow day, we didn’t play in the snow. Our parents keep us inside holding us in the warmth of their arms, coddling us to protect is from the terrible cold. We worked, scooping snow from feed bunks, feeding cattle, hauling firewood, etc. Its no wonder kids grow up to be pansies.

        • Geez


    • Geez

      What would you do if you lived in

    • Hmm

      Lol, what would you do if you lived in Alaska? I used to walk to school two miles uphill both ways in the snow with no shoes!

  • sandman

    not sending my son to school today.

    • Hmm

      Why would you not send your child to school?

      • DeletedByAdmin

        Because he wants his son to grow up and be a pansy…. Show his son that it’s ok to skip school just because a little snow is on the ground. Also teaching him, that when it snows, you do nothing. And when your older call in sick to work, stay home and coddle yourself…

  • …….

    We went to school in a heck of alot more snow than this. You can bet if they don’t go to school the kids will be out playing in it anyway.

    • Granny

      Yep!! Back many years ago the school system didn’t care what the weather was, you better have your tail in your chair when the bell rang!! And, you are right, they will be outside playing in it anyway. But, I was just looking at the “breaking news”, accidents and cars sliding off the roads all over. So, obviously the conditions are pretty dangerous. I hope everyone just takes their time, don’t get in a big hurry. Better to arrive a little late than not at all. I suspect they will be sending kids home early anyway if this keeps up. Up to parents, I say if you don’t want to send them in this that’s fine, especially the ones that are walking and run the risk of slipping and falling.

      • wondering

        It’s all because of the lawsuit happy society we live in. “Back in the day” they had school no matter what because they didn’t have to worry about being sued when poor little Johnny slipped and fell. Of course that was back before the sheeple stopped taking personal responsibility, (like leaving early and being careful, well dressed, etc.). Evidently accidents don’t exist any more and if something bad happens, somebody is going to be sued. Sad, but the way it seems to be. Cover your A** is the slogan of the day.

  • Anonymous

    Its really crazy that parents won’t send there kid to school over snow or take them its jut snow people.

  • Makes you wonder

    Its not the snow its slick and Cold and some of these kids don’t have the means to dress warm or even have a ride to school and have to walk. Just because one parent send their kid to school doesn’t mean that everyone has to think that way

    • SMH

      Oh good grief

      • Hmm

        Wow, we used to gave real winters in Kansas when we had snow and coldness a lot of days. Had we not went to school because of snow, we would have been there all summer! Better keep your kid inside, God forbid they ever be outside in cold weather!

        • Anonymous

          Yes better keep them indoors playing video games when it’s hot too, wouldn’t want him/her to get overheated! God forbid they walk in the cold.

    • Anonymous

      So what are they supposed to do? Cancel school if its below 32 degrees outside? If kids can go mess around for the day they can surely go to school. This generation of kids is being brought up to be such spoiled, entitled babies. Yes it’s bad if kids don’t have coats but there are places to get them free r very cheap. But yes don’t send them if its cold or slick because we all know If little Sammy falls and scratches his finger the parents will sue he district for not calling off school.

    • Ok

      If you work, have an honest job, but cannot afford to buy your kid a coat, leave a way for me to get ahold of you on here and I will buy them a coat. If you are too lazy to get a job and sit your fat ass at home all day looking on the computer, only leaving the house to grab a pack of smokes and cash your welfare check, then you better not be on here whining!

    • Anonymous

      hmm…trying to think of the last time a saw a kid walking around salina with a loin cloth. There are clothes drives all the time and the salvation army if ppl are that hard up. If you can afford to buy your kids tshirts and shorts, then you can afford to buy them some pants and a coat. I got a coat for next winter for my daughter on clearance yesterday at target for $9. And I also lived on a farm as a kid so we had to do chores every morning before school and after and it didn’t matter if there was 2ft of snow or 10 degrees outside, it had to be done and sometimes we were out there for a couple of hours. so I have little sympathy for the kids if school doesn’t get canceled cause they have to walk 15 min to school.

  • SMH

    lol I grew up farther to the north east and we went to school when there was a LOT more snow than this. Why do people lose their minds over a little snow…they forget how to drive…want everything to shut down and act like it is impassable. SMH

  • What —No

    The school system has a predetermined number of snow days built in to their schedule. If the administrators call off school it is in the childs best interest. The administration is taking into consideration all of the issues involved-day care and so on. Do you know how many kids are out sick with the flu. I seriously doubt it. The school officials do know. They are trying to stop a bad situation from getting worse. Quit whining about every thing. Especially things you don’t have any input or control over. If you have a legitimate complaint call the school officials. No I am not employed by the school system.

  • OMG!

    The roads are fine. just drive careful. drive like you have some sense.

  • Rick

    Roads must not be fine I have heard a lot off car accident calls on the police scanner this morning. Most of which are on main streets.

    • GPW

      That’s because people won’t slow down and drive sensibly!!! It’s not that difficult of a concept. You can’t drive like it’s dry pavement when it’s snow packed and icy. I guess you can…that’s why there are so many accidents.

  • 67601

    Really, a lot of kids who go to Ell-Saline and North Ottawa County have to walk to school? Somehow I doubt that. The wrecks you heard on the scanner were in Salina, where kids do walk to class and school is still on.

  • Me

    I got phone call saying usd 240 is closed today. Wondering how come it isn’t showing up on here. Anyone know?

    • admin

      Most schools contact the media directly. We were not contacted by any others in the area.

      • Me

        Okay! Thank you!

  • Stacey

    For surrounding schools, many of them have a large percentage of their students on rural routes, where they deal with drifting snow and large buses. A very small portion of Salina students live in rural areas.

    Surrounding areas also don’t deal with the large percent of economically disadvantaged families that Salina does. 60% of Salina student qualify for free or reduced lunches. If many of those kids don’t come to school, they don’t eat. That’s breakfast and lunch. Some of those families don’t have alternative day care arrangements, parents must work, so kids get left home in unsafe situations with no care or the care of older siblings.

    Speaking of working, let’s talk about classified staff. If there’s no school, many of them don’t work. If they don’t work, they don’t get paid. How’s your budget look if you take a random day off unpaid?

    Deciding to cancel school is a big decision that has a major impact on families. Administrators head out early and personally survey the streets and make an educated decision. If you feel like you can’t get your child to school safely, you are welcome to keep them home. Please keep in mind that this decision affects many and the decision has to be made for the good of the group.

    • Cautious

      The decision also has to be made early–probably earlier than when the weather turned bad this morning.