Nearly 100 Rally Against Kansas Governor, GOP Lawmakers

brownback5-342x229About 100 people have protested outside the Kansas Statehouse against Republican Gov. Sam Brownback and the GOP-controlled Legislature.

The protesters argued Monday that Brownback and his legislative allies are moving the state too far to the right.

They were upset with massive income tax cuts approved last year, arguing that they’ll help the wealthy while leading to big cuts in spending on public schools and social services. The groups included the American Federation of Teachers and the National Organization for Women.

They rallied shortly before the Legislature opened its annual session.

AFT-Kansas President Lisa Ochs said the groups are ready to fight Brownback and his allies.

Brownback spokeswoman Sherriene Jones-Sontag said the governor will protect core state services with the budget proposals he’ll outline this week.



  • PJ’s and fuzzy slippers rock

    Will not back anything that the N.O.W nuts back…they are not as average woman friendly as they want you to appear. As an average woman this group scares me because they say they are speaking for woman like me and they just plain aren’t

    • Anonymous

      they are trying to help women who where PJ’s and fuzzy slippers……

      • Srsly.

        The next group they will be representing is people who flunked out of grammar school.

  • My 2 cents

    I hope these 100 people each donated money to their favorite cause. No one is stopping them.

  • God Forbid

    God forbid people stand up against our government

  • skydvrboy

    Wow, nearly 100 people. You do realize that is not even protesters to have one talk to each republican representative and senator.

  • ZJ

    Tax breaks invented by the GOP always favor the wealthy, Plus, Brownback is an idiot.