Kansas Lawmakers Mulling Ballot Measure On Schools

school-342x228Republicans in the Kansas Legislature say they’re discussing proposed changes in the state constitution to rein in the courts after a ruling that the state isn’t spending enough money on its public schools.

Several leaders of the GOP-controlled Legislature said Monday that they’re not yet sure what form a proposal will take. But they said they expect lawmakers to consider a proposal to clarify that only legislators can set school funding levels.

A three-judge panel in Shawnee County ruled Friday that the state must spend at least $440 million a year to meet its obligations under the Kansas Constitution to finance a suitable education for every child.

A constitutional amendment must be adopted by two-thirds majorities in both chambers and approved by a simple majority in a statewide election.



  • Ice Road Trucker

    Not sure what form this will take, but I support the idea that our elected officials set the budget.
    If “We the People” think the budget as proposed doesn’t reflect what we think the priorities should be… then the problem is with the legislature, and not activism through the courts.
    It used to be that the schools were a purely local or county budget/taxation issue. But there are those of the entitlement mindset that decide that Sugardaddy Sam “Owes” their 370 student school district a new gym and football field.

    The courts should not set spending priorities.

  • CW

    I agree that the legislature should be the only group to set state funding, provided that they listen to state educators and properly fund education. Kansas schools currently rank 37th in the nation, that’s should be unaccepatable to anyone!! State funding of education programs are exactly why our schools are failing our youths. The state must meet their obligations based on reality, NOT their reality.

    • educated

      Funding is not why students are failing! If that was the case, then tell me why the students of a certain local private school are excelling and that school gets no public funding and runs on a budget of around $450,000 per year for K-12.

      The problem with public education is the parenting (or lack thereof) and also the bureaucratic way that the system is ran. Throwing more money at public education will not make it any better.