Education Week: Kansas Schools No. 37 In National Rankings

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 12.38.47 PMKansas’ public schools are 37th in the country in Education Week’s annual rankings.

The publication released its 2013 “Quality Counts” rankings Thursday. Kansas’ overall grade was a C.

Kansas received a B minus for its standards, assessments and accountability. It also got a B minus for a category called chance for success. The index looks at 13 indicators, such as high school graduation, family income and preschool and kindergarten enrollment.

But Kansas got a D plus for kindergarten through 12th grade achievement. It also got a D plus for the teaching profession category.

Maryland received the highest score in the survey, followed by Massachusetts, New York and Virginia.



  • Anne Courter

    How sad. I am the daughter of a career Air Force Pilot. My Father was a Kansas native and I was born in Kansas. A large portion of my life was spent in Kansas and I attended school in Kansas. On those occasions when we were stationed in Kansas and I attended school in Kansas, the educational experience was exceptional. When we were then stationed in another state, we found that we were ahead of the students in the new state. It is so sad to now see that Kansas in so close to the bottom in educational excellence. Pride in the education offered Kansas used to be so important. What Has Happened???? Where is that pride???

    • skydvrboy

      Cheer up! This assessment is not based on how well teachers are teaching the subject material or how well students are learning the same, or even how well schools are performing. This is primarily an assessment of the state policies toward education and how well they line up with what Quality Counts thinks is important.

      For instance, one of the items we scored poorly on was “college prep required” which we got a score of “0” in. For a state to get credit, they must require all students to take courses designed for students heading to a four year college. To me this makes no sense, obviously, not everyone is going to a 4-year college, so why require them to take those courses.

      Kansas schools are still excellent when compared to the rest of the country. That is not to say we can’t do better, just that the sky is not falling as this report might suggest.

  • Tom Burgess

    There is something fishy here. We are behind New York (with NYC) and Mass (with Boston)? In our area here the schools are good. I would need to see the metric they measure by before I took this at face value.

    • Awesome

      These are liberals who mistakenly think that a low family income causes scholastic problems, when real test scores prove the opposite.

      There are many Kansas farm families who have low incomes, yet they have adopted foster children and their students are getting straight A’s in school. According to liberals, this is impossible. To their “liberal” minds, low incomes bring low paid teachers and nothing but failuring grades for students.

      This is why “liberal” is a mental disorder – it has absolutely nothing to do with reality!

      Standardized test scores should be the only measure of success in school and I’d like to know where Kansas stands on the ACT and SAT tests.

      • skydvrboy

        KS was 8th in SAT scores in 2011 (most recent available) and 6th in ACT scores among ACT states in 2012.

      • Awesome

        correction: “failing (not failuring) grades for students.” The rest of the statement is 100 percent correct.

      • AmNotAmused

        First off: I’m a liberal that was raised on a farm, with a low family income. My grades in High school and College were excellent. Real test scores went out to the window with No child left behind. What is proven by tests scores is that children can regurgitate what they are told. That is all.

        According to liberals nothing is impossible. As a liberal I want people to be educated. I don’t care if others form opinions that differ from mine, so long as they are educated opinions. Does a person have to have a college education to form educated opinions? Of course not.

        Liberal is not a mental disorder. Neither is being Conservative. Being closed minded to all things that differ from your opinion is a mental disorder. Both sides, from the way left, to the way right, have their share of crazies.

        My education from a Kansas school was fantastic. I had excellent teachers that loved to teach. I’m a fan of having teacher reviews. I am a fan of basing a teachers pay off of performance and not how long they have been with a school. I am however also a fan of paying teachers more. Farms are subsidized a lot. The price of crops, the tax breaks for farm equipment and personal property are excellent. These things are in place so that people who farm, continue to do so. It’s a business. Teaching prepares people for the world as well. Farmers feed bellies, teachers feed minds.

        The moral of this post is this: Yes, Kansas has room for improvements in our schools. To answer your question Kansas seniors graduating this year was 22 on a 36-point scale. The national average was 21.1. However; I feel that a good portion of the nation does. As a nation we are ranked 17th in education against the world. As a Liberal I feel that educated citizens are far more important that fearful ones. People fear what they do not understand. People latch on to “leaders” that tout rhetoric and nonsense because those “leaders” do so with veracity and are sadly correct in their assumption that people won’t investigate their claims.

        Question your government, question your teachers and question your leaders.

        • scab scratcher

          Good read

        • Awesome

          I’ve met dozens of highly educated Iranians and Iraqis who have college degrees in engineering, mathematics, and computer sciences. Yet the only jobs they can get are driving a taxi.

          So education alone cannot make a better society or a better America.

  • Nanny P

    Those other high ranking states are progressive states are they not?….point to be made…..

  • joe smith

    Considering that half the kids in Kansas schools live in Lawrence and points east, the easy solution would be to put KC in Missouri. Then Kansas would be in the top 5.

  • Wow..

    Three cheers for teaching to the bottom half!!!!

  • Awesome

    New Cheer for Kansas Schools: “We’re Number 37 Yay!!!”

  • saywhat?

    I have lived in many different states, and no I am not in the military, but sorry to say it really is clear that Kansas schools do not do a good job of educating students. I’ve lived in places where the school buildings were old as are the supplies, they had no computers or “in-service” days yet the instructors were not complaining they were teaching with enthusiasm. Every time I come back to Kansas all you hear about is teachers wanting better “stuff”. Stuff doesn’t teach students the old 3 R’s will do the trick.

    • skydvrboy

      In the teachers defense, they are 41st in average salary. It just goes to show that more money doesn’t equal better teachers.

  • scab scratcher

    There’s that family income thing again!!! Boy we look good now.

  • My Opinion

    Go teachers unions!

  • Anonymous

    Remember that these “Studies” are done by Uber Libs and NEA Union thugs.

    Thus they will always “be creative” with categories and scoring so that Magically the Uber Blue states look best, Maryland, New York and Massachusettes.

    Of course it simply isn’t possible to lie hard enough to try and claim that the LA schools in California are not a complete disaster, so ranking California high would be indefensible on the BS meter.

    • Ice Road Trucker

      But the Red states are ranked low on these, even though so many go on to be successful in college and the real world, while the Boston graduate is working at Starbucks as a Barrista with a Masters Degree

      • Anonymous

        they are working and paying taxes…farm boy goes to KSU and sits on a tractor…and inherits everything from mama and dada

        • Ice Road Trucker

          Farm boy puts food on your table… vs making 9 dollar Mocha Maciatto’s for yuppies and clackers.

  • E

    Some people need better hobbies…

  • Open mind

    No surprise here; not only do many teachers still teach from textbooks primarily (while there are several other instructional methods available), but even those textbooks are outdated. My nephew’s books are twenty plus years old. The best chance for a rewarding education is to teach your own kids or get outta this state. Neighboring states fare way better. It’s truly sad, but our educational system here is failing our kids!

    • Ice Road Trucker

      Yeah – but learning about the constitution and civil war, the Depression, and Vietnam really haven’t changed in the past 20 years.

      Nor has Math changed.

      the problem isn’t old textbooks.
      It is the “new wave – Team teaching” that took us from #1 in education as a country to 23rd place.

    • Ice Road Trucker

      So Open Mind
      Who do you mean by the Neighboring States fare Way better…??
      Kansas was #37

      Missouri – 41
      Nebraska 46
      Colorado – 32

      Seems to me we are in the thick of it in the Midwest.

      Grading Summary
      1. Maryland 87.5

      2. Massachusetts 84.1
      3. New York 83.1
      4. Virginia 82.9

      5. Arkansas 81.7
      6. Florida 81.1
      7. Georgia 81.0
      8. New Jersey 80.8
      9. West Virginia 80.8
      10. Kentucky 80.1
      11. Vermont 79.9
      12. Ohio 79.6

      13. Wisconsin 79.4
      14. Texas 79.4
      15. Louisiana 79.0
      16. Connecticut 78.9
      17. Rhode Island 78.7
      18. Pennsylvania 78.2
      19. Delaware 78.0
      20. Indiana 77.8
      21. North Carolina 77.7
      22. Tennessee 77.6
      23. Wyoming 77.5
      24. Michigan 77.3
      25. New Hampshire 77.1
      26. South Carolina 76.9
      U.S. Average 76.9
      27. North Dakota 76.8
      28. Illinois 76.7
      29. Hawaii 76.7
      30. Alabama 76.6
      31. Oklahoma 76.5

      32. Colorado 76.1
      33. Maine 75.9
      34. Iowa 75.9
      35. New Mexico 75.9
      36. California 75.5
      37. Kansas 75.2
      38. Utah 74.6
      39. Minnesota 74.2
      40. Washington 73.8
      41. Missouri 72.8
      42. Oregon 72.7

      43. Arizona 72.2
      44. Montana 72.2
      45. District of Columbia 71.5
      46. Nebraska 71.2
      47. Alaska 71.0
      48. Mississippi 71.0
      49. Idaho 70.9
      50. Nevada 69.7

      51. South Dakota 69.3

  • Anonymous

    So its safe to say KS doesn’t really need schools west of Lawrence….

  • oh my

    Wow thank God we arn’t 38th
    Because then we would really be DUMB

  • Dumb Question

    Why is this all falling on the teachers as a fault. Where is the parents responsibility lie in all of this. I have 3 children ranging from kindergarten to sophomore in high school. We live paycheck to paycheck just like alot of people in this town. Every tuesday and friday I go onto the usd 305 website and troll my oldests grades to make sure he is turning in his work cause he is lazy and I have to ride his arse to make sure he does what he is supposed to.

    How many parents out there just treat school like a 7 hour free daycare and do not get involved in the grades other then to yell once a quater when they see their child is failing several classes? This is really a collective effort on everyones part parents and teachers alike. I support the teachers 100%.