OPINION: Truth About The Newtown Shootings

police-car-lightsBy Richard D. Fry

Progressives really won’t let any “crisis” go to waste.

“Don’t let a good crisis go to waste” Rahm Emmanuel, Former White House Chief of Staff to President Obama, Mayor of Chicago.

It is sad but shamefully true that the Progressive Secular Humanists will not let any crisis go to waste even if they have to create it themselves.

The shooting in Newtown, Connecticut exemplifies their total embrace of this pathetic strategy. Before the bodies of the victims were even cold they and their media lackeys started whipping up this unimaginable tragedy into a “crisis.” Several of them early on began the attack on those who support the Constitution’s Second Amendment who have largely been silent following this tragedy.

Some of them have indicated “we” must address this national crisis of gun violence without listening to the voices of the “pro-gun lobby” which according to them are already arrayed to defend “gun rights” i.e., anyone that supports gun rights is a “lobbyist” in their minds. Sen. Dick Durbin (D –Illinois) along with his anti-gun pal Senator Lieberman appeared on programs this weekend with just such a message.

What they call a “culture of death” or a “gun culture” is really a culture of self-defense, self-reliance, independence and Liberty; it is the very foundation of America. The real “culture of death” lays at their feet in the form of abortion and disregard for the innocent, infirmed, and elderly which Obama Care (Brownback Care) will shortly start to deal with.

Nina Easton on Fox News (also whipping up the hysteria) compared the Newtown tragedy to the 9-11 attacks and noted, “We decided to give up some of our liberty for security then;” and she believes the Newtown shooting offers another great opportunity for “We the People” to repeat that mistake.

First Ms. Easton, “We the People” did not “decide” to give up our rights for security after the 9-11 attack. We had such usurpation shoved down our throats by GOP and Progressive elitist in the form of the PATRIOT Act, the Military Commission Act and several of the NDAAs including the 2012 NDAA. Each Act has gotten progressively worse just like a liberty-eating cancer. I adhere to the Franklin rule in this regard:

“People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security
deserve neither and will lose both.”
Benjamin Franklin

Of course these ideologues have little concern for the truth. In reality “mass shootings” have been on the decline for some time. Criminologist James Fox with Northeastern University in Boston, reports regarding mass shootings: “There is no pattern, there is no increase.” (Note 1.) Another student of “mass shootings”, who is with the Minnesota Department of Corrections, says mass killings reached a peak in 1929 and dropped from the 1990’s through the first decade in the 2000s. (Note 1.) Mr. Fox notes that random mass shootings, which are the rarest, get the most media attention and such affects public perception. (Note 1.) He also notes most people who die from gun shots knew their assailant. Can you say Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins?

You even have idiots like Bob Costas saying Kansas City Chiefs’ player Belcher and his girlfriend Perkins would be alive if only he did not have a gun. Really? A six foot plus brawny professional football player weighing 200+ a pound versus his skinny girlfriend is not much of a match. Belcher did not need a gun to accomplish his dreadful task but Perkins surely did if she had any hope.

In Costas’ failed attempt to get back some of his credibility on the O’Rielly Factor he mocked those who suggested if someone in the Aurora, Colorado theater had a firearm there would have been far fewer victims. At least one of the students present at the Virginia Tech shooting suggested the same.

Again the media coverage of Newtown is a prime example of this non-objective, agenda-fueled, overly emotional coverage of such crimes. Some stations are giving it 24-7 attention.

Every day the media has been correcting its erroneous reporting from the prior days. The first few days it was reported that the Newtown shooter’s mom was a teacher at the school where the shooting took place. Today they are now correcting that and saying she was not a teacher at the school and he had no connection with the school. (Note 3.) Initially they said law enforcement indicated the shooter used a couple of pistols for the shooting but that they had recovered an AR-15 from the shooters car. But by 12/ 18 the story changed and now he was blasting away inside the school with the AR-15.

I was amazed when Fox News had several “experts” on who indicated that “mass shootings” often provoke copycat crimes and that the recent mall shooting in Portland, Oregon may have triggered the Newtown shootings. If that is true we can give the media some credit for contributing needlessly to such shooting. Since they have increased their emotional coverage of the Newtown shootings perhaps we will get another shooting or two.

Even worse some reported that one of the teachers was a hero (yes she was) because she had her students hide in closets and then told the shooter, before he shot her, that she had told all her kids to leave the room. Why do we need to know that!? These shooters are insane but they are not stupid. Now perhaps the next deranged shooter will check the closets after he shoots the teacher rather than moving on down the hall.

The mainstream media is part of the propaganda machine used by the secular humanist to promote their agenda including undermining the Second Amendment through misinformation and social conditioning. And, all this emotional whipping is good for business even if it might increase the risk of a similar incident.

Are these folks really concerned about stopping violence being perpetrated upon people in America? No! The media doesn’t believe in responsible journalism; the politicians don’t believe in the right to life, liberty and property. If those such as Senators Durbin, Lieberman and their globalist buddies such as John McCain and Lindsey “you don’t get a lawyer” Graham really cared they would have stopped the ongoing slaughter of American citizens. As of August 24, some 100, 000 U.S. citizens have been killed in the U.S. by criminal aliens. About half of these are through murder and violent crime and the other half by driving while impaired. As noted in the American Legion;

“To further illustrate the effect that the illegal population is having on our society, consider this: more Americans are killed by illegal aliens than die in the Iraq War.” (Emphasis by the Legion) (Note 4.)

This comes to about 25 Americans per day every day since 9/11/2001. (Note 5.)

The reality of the situation is that those shot at Newtown were more likely to have been killed in an auto crash, in a fall, or hit by lightning than being shot at school. But these “crisis” promoters want parents to believe that they need to live in fear over the safety of their kids while at school because such will fuel their control agenda. This needless and unjustified infusion of fear is itself a form of violence. As it has a political objective it is properly classified as terrorism. It supports their masters’ agenda of control and eradication of the Constitution and our Liberty.

The founders were very accomplished historians. They knew from their study of history that the greatest danger to our lives, Liberty and property was by our central government, not by a foreign aggressor. Consistently throughout history more citizens have been killed by their own government than by an invading army. We need only look at the tens of millions killed by the Nazi government (12M), in Russia under Stalin (6-20M), and Red China under Mao (49- 78M).

As one observer of gun control noted the gun control instituted in post WWI Germany to “stabilize” the country contributed to the rise of the Nazis and once they came to power they used gun control to their advantage by arming their proponents and disarming those who might oppose them. The observer warns about the real danger of the Nazis:

“…the Nazis were master manipulators of popular emotion and sentiment, and were disdainful of people thinking for themselves….”

(Note 6.) Sound familiar?

Disarming those who do not agree with you is historically not an uncommon political / social tool. Its use in England by King James, who disarmed “protestants” but not “papists” who supported him, lead to the Second Amendment to our Constitution. (Note 7.)

The one causal factor in all these mass shootings is mental illness. But the elitist don’t want to discuss that issue and it is only mentioned tangentially. The reality is that most of the mass killings were done by young men who were on prescription psychotropic drugs. (Note 8.) When I was a kid everyone had to have their tonsils removed now it seems every kid needs to be on Prozac, Zoloft or Ritalin. Perhaps we should ask why. And, Autism has gone from being none existent to skyrocketing. Curious.
As I recall it was the liberals who turned the mental health sector on its head in the 1960s resulting in making it harder to protect the mentally ill.
As these tragic events are discussed my best advice is to beware of elitist bearing solutions.
Richard D. Fry


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    I am very encouraged as I begin to see more and more people everyday that are beginning to wake up and see the “matrix” around them for what it really is..there’s still hope.

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      Richard D. Fry is right on target with this piece. God bless you
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    “People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security
    deserve neither and will lose both.”
    Benjamin Franklin

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    My favorite Franklin quote. True today as it was after 9-11. It was true 200+ years ago and still is today.

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    I think this was well written. Facts to support your claims made it one of the best pieces I have read in awhile.

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    God Bless Mr Fry I’m still trying to figure out why Anti gun DHS is buying 1.6 Billion, yes ”Billion” rounds of citizen type ammunition, with Taxpayer money. At $1 a round plus storage, thats a lot of Taxpayer money!