Two Arrested After Alleged Armed Robbery Saturday

800 block of W IronAn Abilene man and Junction City man are in the Saline County Jail on aggravated robbery charges.

29-year-old Marcus Grant of Junction City and 34-year-old Jerimy Carlson of Abilene, are alleged to have gone to a west/central Salina home in the 800 block of W. Iron about 5:15am Saturday morning, knocked on the door and ask the occupants if they knew where they could find someone.

During the conversation, one of the two pulled a shotgun from underneath a coat and made a 40-year-old man hand over his wallet with $70.

They left the home in a blue Camaro with a white hood and were pulled over about an hour later on old 40 highway on the west side of Solomon.

The shotgun was recovered and Grant and Carlson were booked into the Saline County Jail.

  • Lord Valencia

    what a bunch of idiots! you’re going to rob someone, at gunpoint, for $70 and you got caught an hour later? hah wow, meth is a hell of drug!

    • redneck

      get ur facts straight before you rant jeremy dont use drugs

      • SMH

        no he just robs people at gun point!!! that is soooo much better!

      • fools…

        maybe he should start!!!

        • umm yea right

          u must be on drugs if u dont think he does drugs. he has been on a train waiting to wreck for a while now. then he was out at 5:15 in the mourning robbing people? that has crackhead written all over it.

  • ??

    What was there race?????

    • Why??

      Why does it matter? They were booked into jail. Don’t answer the door for people you don’t know…especially if there is a blue Camaro parked at the curb.

    • Outerspace

      What difference does it make? It says they were caught. It may have been relevant had they not been caught, but they were so it doesn’t matter.

    • Salinaksm

      Not that it matters, one is white and one is black, according to the jails housed inmate listings. Which just proves what we all know, screw ups come from all races and race has little bearing on crime.

  • redneck

    they were’nt on meth and both were white i know jeremy personally and am shocked he did this but i know he dont use drugs.

    • Rob

      You obviously have no idea what youre talking about. Look at the booking pictures numbnuts.

      • SMH

        HAHA you said numbnuts!!!!!

        • Why??

          Literally LOL!!

      • redneck

        wow u just show how intelligent u really are by resorting to grade school name calling. get a life loser

    • Ron

      Hey redneck! Looks like you don’t know him that well…I KNOW for a fact he is not always clean!

      • redneck

        well mabey u should give your real name so when he bonds out he can come talk with you about that

        • fAT gUY

          LOL will he also bring his shotgun?

          Watch out Ron…we got us a internet tough guy!