Man Arrested After Stealing Vacuum From Walmart

arrest3A Phillipsburg, KS man was arrested Thursday after stealing a vacuum cleaner from the Salina Walmart.

28-year-old Michael D. Heitshusen was arrested on charges of criminal trespass, theft, driving while suspended and transporting an open container.

According to Deputy Police Chief Carson Mansfield, Heitshusen allegedly entered Walmart, picked up a vacuum cleaner off the shelf and then attempted to return it at the customer service desk.

After employees refused the return, he left the store with the vacuum.

Heitshusen was pulled over by police after leaving the store and was found with the stolen vacuum and an open container of vodka in the vehicle.

  • Waynes World

    Well Dang! That SUCKS 😉

    • Anonymous

      I got the joke
      I wonder how many didnt

    • Granny

      LOL :)

    • Awesome

      Dude was obviously from out of town. He doesn’t know how it works here in the big city. If he had walked out with a TV set, he would have been home free. All the way to Pburg.

      Just as long as he was wearing his seat belt when he went through Checkpoint Chickie manned by Deputy Barney Fife.

  • gottohaveasay

    guess he should have stole a T.V that seems to work everytime.

    • Just a girl

      Seeings how everybody walking out with a TV has been caught, how does it “work every time”?

      • RockandRollJesus

        @Just a little girl…. if everyone has been caught, how come we haven’t heard about it? Is it a top secret operation with the SPD? Don’t think so…. unless donuts are involved….

        • Me

          MMmmmMMm donuts…

        • Just a girl

          Actually, they have… Salina Post always covered it…

  • Chip

    Yes a TV. That works every time.

    • Me

      I hear it works every time when you take a tv.

    • Awesome

      Hey everybody! They’re giving out free TVs at Walmart!

      But don’t take no vacuum cleaners or you’ll get busted and dusted!

  • Granny

    So basically, this guy, but for his own stupidity, would have never been caught had he not tried to return a stolen item!!! Put him on the dumbest criminals list :) I would have loved to hear how that went when the cops pulled him over–Officer: Sir, we need to see your license and registration, and do you have a receipt for the vacuum? Criminal: Well officer, if you would hold my beer, I can get you the registration, but no can do on the receipt and license!!! :)

  • Christie

    So apparently we have nothing better to do now a days…. We sit in front of our computers or on or phone and talk smack and gossip on things that really don’t pertain to us!!!! Really what is becoming of today’s society? Oh dear me grow up and get a life…. I know every single one of us has made a mistake or done things that weren’t so smart, so who are we to judge and act like we are any better…. Those solders are surly not over there fighting for our lives so we can spend our freedom judging others! Unless we are Michael Heitshusen we don’t know what was going on in his life or the circumstances of his decisions. It’s Christmas time and think he’s going to spend that in jail how sad for his family… I think we could absolutely spend out time more wisely and lets pray for every single person who was affected by the awful unthinkable tragic events in Conneticut. My heart thoughts prayers and love goes out to the family of those innocent victims!
    Sissy Spacek

    • Honey Badger

      ^^^^^ Must be his “baby momma”. Waa waa waa. Go bail him out, and have him BUY you a vacuum for Christmas next time.

    • 4real?

      First of all it appears you have nothing better to do than sit on the computer either. It’s not like he was stealing food or clothes for a child. And pulled over with an open container. Thank god he’s sitting in jail. Or someone else may be without a family member this holiday season. Not because thru are in jail but because they were killed by a drunk driver.

    • Granny

      Oh please!!! You can bet we are ALL praying for those poor families and babies!! This HORRIBLE tragedy has NOTHING to do with this MORON that stole a vacuum, then tried to return it for money. Yes, we all know it is the Christmas season, but there is NO GOOD REASON OR EXCUSE FOR BEING A THIEF!!!!! Regardless of what his circumstances are in his life, I know MANY people that have suffered through some terrible times and did not resort to stealing ANYTHING!!! I’m not sad he will be spending the holidays in jail, that’s where criminals belong!! I do feel bad for his family, but he made a CHOICE, noone forced him to be a criminal. As for our WONDERFUL soldiers, they are over there fighting for our freedoms, one of which is to feel and speak what we choose, stealing is not a protected freedom. We have all made mistakes, stealing is not considered a MISTAKE, it was a choice, he had the choice to steal or not steal, he chose to be a thief!!!

      • RockandRollJesus

        Hands granny a tissue….. If you have an issue, here’s a tissue….”

  • sandman

    all mama wanted for christmas was a new vacuum.

    • american

      now whos going to clean the carpet?

  • IamMe

    He should have known not to be drinking and driving in Salina. If he would not have brought the bottle he coulda been doing his carpets right now.

  • http://clerkssighted me

    I picked up 50inch flat screen tv off layaway Thurs walked out from lawyay out front door…NOT A SOLE STOPPED to see if i paid for it. 6 pm they were slammed

    • http://ksal Pi-Wacket

      Now in a day or two we will see reports of MORE stolen tv’s becase you just told them how to go about it! “oh this? yeah i just picked it up from layaway…my hands are full or i’d show you the receipt.”

  • John Gray Wolf

    I’d say he had best suck it up.

    • Bryan weil

      He needs to clean up his act.

  • My 2 cents

    If you think about it, the way he did this was pretty creative, not smart but creative. He took the vacuum off the shelf and went over to the service counter to try to return it. Then he took the vacuum and left the store, which would then be shop lifting. Should have left the vacuum in the store. I guess he had some drunk vacuuming to do. I have heard of vacuuming naked but not drunk.

    • IamMe

      Too funny My 2 cents! When has anyone heard of a guy actually knowing how to operate a vacuum cleaner?

      • Steve

        Wow! What a sexist remark.

        • IamMe

          Yup! And I am red-blooded american male! Hey My 2 cents, there is something you should write up for the opinion column! And yup my wife knows I am alergic to vacuum cleaners. I get the weirdest reactions every time a vacuum cleaner touches my hand. Usually from the wife!

  • AmericanIdiot

    According to the booking activity, one of his charges is “Theft of property or services; From 3 businesses within 72 hours.” Is there more to this story?

  • unknown comic

    I hope the judge gives him a good dusting up.

  • http://ksal Pi-Wacket

    Ok, so they said they had no record of selling it to him( that part was posted in another story abou tthis) and he wanted his money back. So then tell me, why did they let him take it with him?? Did they think he was going to prance right over to a check out lane, pay for it and then bring it back?

    • hokie

      Because it’s not theft until he passes the last point of sale and leaves the property. The returns department did their job in refusing to refund money without receipt.
      The salina post does not report all arrests made from people caught shoplifting from walmart, dillons, or anywhere else for that matter. They simply ask for assistance from the public during the investigation. They would be listed in the arrest logs with minimal details about what they stole.