Saline County Jail Booking Activity- Friday

Recent Booking Activity for Saline County Jail.

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  • Anonymous

    Someone take Hoffman back to the retirement center.

    • Awesome

      Looks like Barney Fife raided a nursing home to bust Grandpa Hoffman.

      Next up: Barney busts the church ladies at the bingo game.

  • Kiki

    Slow day

  • Mental

    seriously?? You arrest Gramps for Failure to appear, and place his bond at $75.00? Now how will he afford his meds?

    • geez

      That’s Salina…

  • Itlbokay

    Nice one mumbles, taking care of the kids! What a joke.

  • wow

    Oh Salina court system, you have outdone yourselves.

  • Anonymous

    Fo real… They cudnt just ask Mr.Hoffman to come give them 75 dollars tomorrow morning wowww salina is to much

    • Wizard of Oz

      Because they should do that with everyone? Crimes don’t matter when your old? Stay out of trouble…

      • http://google Raven

        Mr. Hoffman is a VERY nice man!! He has taken it upon himself to help his family in SO many ways. It would be my guess that he maybe got accidentally overdrawn and didn’t get a check picked up in time. He is dependent on his kids and grandkids to take him places as his health, eyesight and hearing aren’t what they used to be. Until recently, Mr. Hoffman was a helocopter mechanic at Fort Riley.

        • http://salinapost giggity

          Salina’s so full of it’s self, they probably used S.W.A.T. for the old guy. Had to brush the cob webs off the ol’ equipment.

  • http://goggle checkitout

    Has grandma posted bond? I would be more than happy to spring her.

    • SMH

      Its grandPA…. James Hoffman doesn’t sound like girl name

      • Anonymous

        … …. …. Did it ever occur to you that maybe they were talking about Hoffman’s significant other? Saying his wife, aka grandma if they were following the trend set above, bailed him out..

        • opie

          Shut up

  • Saznak

    Ah Wes, I always thought you were the nicest guy..

    • Ruserious.

      Right this is slightly shocking

  • tiredofsalina

    Salina sure does like to stack the charges..I guess when they aren’t sure what they are doing or why they arrested you, stacking charges will almost ensure a conviction. Also, I guess they raid retirement homes now.

    • Anonymous

      You are so right about sticking people with charges when they aren’t sure!!

  • Granny

    WOW!! Arrest an 80yr old man for failure to appear??!! SERIOUSLY!!! Talk about overkill, I would understand if he was a REAL criminal, murder/child molester/thief etc….Talk about stooping to a new low. Ok, I guess I understand in some respect, can’t have different sets of rules because of a persons age, but, wasn’t there ANYONE they could have talked to and collect this money without taking the old guy to jail??!!

    • Anonymous

      Weren’t you the one complaining a couple of days ago how it doesn’t matter how harmless the offense, they’re still breaking the law. But someone in your age group gets arrested for something “petty”, and you’re the 1st to say it’s overkill. Someone young, you say they should know better than to break the law. You are a hypocrite.

      • ha

        So true Anonymous. If that were a 20 year old, he’d be the biggest piece of crap around and people would be saying he should be behind bars because he broke the law by not showing up for court!!! LOL

        • DeletedByAdmin

          Thats Granny(aka getumgranny on ksal), she says something, then retracts her statement several days later. They really should up her meds so she will sleep more…

  • geez

    Just imagine for a bit, being the guy who arrested him. What do you think he was thinking ? No. Shame. At all.

    • What it is

      that’s the job….

  • Really?????

    The street’s are safer in Salina now rest assured.

  • Wow..

    “Blue, you’re my boy! “

  • http://salinapost Iseenit

    We have no shame in the shadow of law. good luck hoffman

  • DeletedByAdmin

    Is Kajun Kerr Aldrich any relation to Olive Oil???

  • Fletcher Reede

    In regards to “innocent” people being arrested for contempt of court or parole violations, I’ll pick up the conversation I was unable to respond to yesterday because…. well,,, I have a job that doesn’t allow me to be online all day….

    @Brittany and wow – Rocket Surgery… It’s a joke.. ya know humor? Try it sometime.

    You said “Oops. I just threw a candy wrapper on a Salina sidewalk.”
    – Shame on you… is it too hard to put it in your pocket or find a trash can? And if you are stupid enough to litter in front of a police officer then you deserve to get a fine.

    You also said, “Fletcher Reede, if you really believe your own statement, I’ll bet you’ve got a lot of crimes you’ve never been sent to jail for – crimes of littering and exceeding the speed limit that you’ve never been caught. Better turn yourself in now so you can serve your time.”
    – I don’t litter… I think it’s completely irresponsible but you know what? I have gotten a speeding ticket or two… but here’s the difference…. I PAID THE FINE. And I paid it on time. Therefore, no arrest. It’s really not that difficult to wrap your head around.

    – This notion that the police are out to get people is insanity. Don’t break the law… and if you do then don’t be surprised at the consequences. I’ve managed to stay our jail my entire life… it’s really not that hard.

    – And if it’s a single mother who can’t afford daycare so she can make a court date… My question is why the hell did she commit a crime then? That’s some good rolemodeling right there.
    – Or that hard working person who can’t get off work to see a probation officer… It’s called a phone. Pick it up and call said probation officer and let them know…. it’s not a rigid system they are working with there.
    – Or the person who has to choose between the water bill and court fines…. DON’T BREAK THE LAW and you will have no fine.

    • DeletedByAdmin

      I’m just going out on a limb here Fletch…. but…. Are you… like…. a cop… or something? A wannabe… Salina’s Finest Police Offither(yes, I did the spelling on purpose)? I’m just wondering…. Because your speech didn’t deter me from my life of crime any…

      • Fletcher Reede

        Not a cop or a wannabe… but I’m also not a criminal apologist.

        I could give to craps if you want to break the law, get arrested, go to jail,pay a fine or get put on probation… that’s your choice. Just don’t complain when there are consequences to your actions.

    • SMH

      Thank you!! I feel the same way! I have gotten into some trouble a time or two, never have I blamed the police or anyone else. I am the one that did it.

    • oohok

      So in other words Fletch, your theory is FRY EM ALL. That’s all you really had to say. You’ve made your point…. you are perfect, you look down on people, you are judgemental,you are lonely and have NO friends! got it.

      • Fletcher Reede

        Okay I’ll bite… Where exactly did I say to put these people to death? I didn’t. I said to give them the punishment not only that they deserve but that they EARNED.

        Wow… You simply try to open a conversation and instead of others engaging that conversation they reduce themselves to juvenile insults. How about some counter points instead of poo flinging?

        So I’ll try to engage again, how do these people learn their lesson? By giving them a pass when they ignore a court order? Or skipping their meeting with their parole officer?

        It’s like kids… Do you (if you have kids) let your kids get away with everything? Nope, didn’t think so… at least I hope. You punish them, how ever you seem fit, so that hopefully they learn something. Same thing when people break the law.

        I’m all for second chances in life but most of these people are being given a second chance and refuse to abide by the rules that come with that second chance.

        • Ruserious.

          Fletcher…you’re awesome.

  • thats awsomek

    Fletcher get over yourself. You sound like a very narrow-minded person. I think maybe you got picked on a lot of growing up. you definitely weren’t popular the 1 in high school at least.

    • yo

      How does your statement coinside with what he said? It makes no sense.. picked on growing up? popular at school? Did you even go to school “thats awsomek”???

    • Fletcher Reede

      Thanks for the thought provoking comment! (insert sarcasm here)

      I would say you are the pot calling the kettel black…. seriously, how narrow minded do you sound?

  • hmm

    Very well said fletcher. It is much easier for most people to blame others than to accept responsibility for their actions. It is not difficult at all to follow the law. It’s not that people like us are smug or anything of that nature we are just mature enough to make better life decisions. I by no means judge anyone who is on here we are all imperfect but they know right from wrong so they must deal with the consequences.

    • what??

      How did this get turned into people not taking responsibility for their actions!? That doesn’t seem to be the issue here. I’m pretty sure that there isn’t a soul on here that doesn’t believe if you screw up, you pay the consequences! duh

      • Ruserious.

        I’ve been in the salina jail once. Why? Cause I didn’t pay a fine. Whose fault is that….mine. How about all of you who want to put blame on everyone else get over yourselves. Life isn’t that hard…it’s not easy but it’s not that hard..every action has an equal but opposite reaction. If you don’t like the reaction don’t do the action…simple..


    I Agree with Fletcher Reede!! It doesn’t matter if he is in law enforcement or not, he is right about everything. I have no idea who he/she and don’t care. Our society blames the cops and justice system on everything. I am wondering why Mr. Hoffman was arrested to begin with. What were his charges that caused him to be arrested then no show up and have a warrant??? Our law enforcement is NOT the ones to blame here. They have job to do!!! I was in trouble when i was 18, I went to court and did “my time”! It was MY FAULT and i owned up to it. A quote i have heard several time and love “the police are here to protect our asses not kiss them”! 😉

    • Smartest comment you will read today

      Um ever heard of…. Come on it obviously can not be that serious..

  • Mr. Bill

    Kajun, when the hell are you going to grow up? Way to set a great example for your kids.

    • DeletedByAdmin

      Kajun. Has. Kids? Oh boy……

  • D

    I feel sorry for James Hoffman. :(

  • Just Saying…

    I don’t know what Mr Hoffman legal issues are. I have never met him. So I am not judging him personally at all. Regarding his age, I have met some creepy, nasty, touchy 80 year old men who could benefit from some time behind bars. Age is just a number.

  • H

    With only a $75 bond, I am sure he didn’t do anything serious. :\

  • Anonymous

    Mr.hoffmans was a parking ticket his grandson got while driving a car in mr.hoffmans name and he was not informed of this ticket and so therefore he didn’t pay the 25 dollar ticket that’s his failure to appear

    • yo

      well then thats on him, he would have got something in the mail telling him the citation was not paid and needed to respond to court. If he allowed a non responsible person to use his vehicle then that is also on him..

  • Just say “Know”

    Michelle Stanley is Michelle Hoffman. James Hoffman’s daughter.

  • ku for life

    James you really need to get your life together

    • Abbie Lynn Hoffman

      if I hear one more person say anything bad about my grandfather there will be hell to pay. You guys think that because you hide behind fake alias’ that you have a right to say things about other people. My grandfather lost his wife three years ago and has been living with my aunt for a while now. He has never been in trouble with the police before and this was an unfortunate incident in which he was in the hospital during the time of the court date. You guys need to get a life and stay out of everybody elses.

      • ummm wow

        Hahahah blah blah blah….he did something to have a cour date. and didnt let the courts know he wouldnt make it…= criminal