Clerks Cited For Selling Alcohol And Tobacco To Minors

Four clerks were cited for selling alcohol and tobacco to undercover minors during a sting in Saline County Saturday.

25 businesses were checked for compliance in sale of alcohol, and 11 for tobacco sales to minors by the Saline County Sheriff Office and The Kansas Alcohol Beverage Control and State Tobacco Unit.

Cited for alcohol sales were:

  • 18 year old Garrett Redeker a clerk at Dillons at 2012 S. Ohio,
  • 47 year old Toni Myers a clerk at the Pilot Travel Center at 1944 N. 9th, and
  • 22 year old Brittany Green a clerk at Brooks Liquor Store at 1845 S. 9th.

Cited for tobacco sale to a minor was

  • 38 year old Delano Poole a clerk at the Corner Store at 220 W. Crawford.

The compliance checks are paid for with a grant from the Central Kansas Foundation.

  • Ice Road Trucker

    I wonder if Garrett at Dillons was tagged for selling to a minor, or for selling AS a minor?

    Usually the clerks have to have someone over 21 come and scan the beer at the grocery store.
    Should have been covered in the training, but right now the new Dillons is a Zoo, and this guy is brand new – since teh store only opened this past weekend.

    • Duh

      You, idiot – it was the old Dillons. The new one didn’t open until Sunday morning!

      • Ice Road Trucker

        If you are calling me an idiot, there should not be a comma after “You”

        But then again I finished school.

        To your point, yep I missed the mention of Saturday… ya got me! feel better.
        While you misuse the comma, when i picture you, I see a colon.

        • smdh

          Wow calling him an idiot is harsh all because he missed a minor detail. why are people so rude?

        • barb shirley

          You spelled the wrong in the last sentence. maybe you should not be the grammer police.

          • scab scratcher

            If we’re nit-picking, you forgot the quotation marks around “the”

          • barb shirley

            Hahahaha “the” scab scratcher made me giggle. :)

    • Mama

      You have to be 18 to sell alcohol and tobacco, not 21. Or at least that was the case a few years ago. I haven’t seen anything that it changed.

      • Madness

        Can serve alcohol at 18 but can’t sell it unless you’re 21. This may not apply to 3.2 sales though not sure of the law on that.

        • Captain Obvious

          It does not apply to 3.2, which is why Casey’s and Kwik Shop can hire 18 year olds.

          You have to be 21 or older to mix drinks, open drinks or sell drinks with higher alcohol content.

      • not so fast….

        actually, KS doesn’t have minimum age for clerks to sell tobacco.

    • …..

      You can sell alcohol at age 18.

      • Ice Road Trucker

        Really – because I bought beer at walmart, and the clerk had to call someone older over to ring it up.
        So is that just the company policy, or state Law?

    • You don’t know Jack

      It is funny how so many people are so misinformed When they make comments like you just Did the address of 2012 S. Ohio is the old store, Also Garrett has been there for at least a few years that I know if it’s the Garratt they’re talking about Sometimes mistakes just happen especially when the Salina police department has false IDs made for these people going in for these undercover stings that look just like the real drivers licenses And since it was on Saturday you are correct about the chaos but that was the last Saturday for that store to open and the new store did not open until 6 AM on Sunday

    • Worker

      you have to be 16 to sell tabacco products 18 to sell alcohol

  • My 2 cents

    Isn’t there a better way to use the police. Like finding people who shoot at other people. Another stupid feel good idea.

    • neosysus

      Hopefully they waited till the entrapped were in a car so they could get them for seat belt violations also

      • Catch 22

        LoL I knew it was only a matter of time before I seen entrapment thrown around. Better look up the definition. Besides the point the state has rules and the stores have rules. If the employee choose to break them now they are facing the concequences. No one held a gun to their head and said do it or else.

    • justgettinby

      Wrong is Wrong, thank you whoever is enforcing rules and regulations, cause a lot of people out there don’t seem to think it is necessary…..and if it is SPD, thank you, thank you!

      • justgettinby

        ooops… thank you Sallne County Officers……!

      • My 2 cents

        If you don’t want your kids to drink and smoke teach them not to do it. These laws won’t stop underage drinking and smoking. The police are not nannies, they should bust criminals not babysit kids. State agents of local police both.

        • Someoldlady

          Law breakers are criminals. Selling to minors is against the law, therefore when they bust clerks for selling to minors, they are busting criminals.

    • http://salinapost,com really

      the police don’t do these undercover checks the state of Kansas does them

  • Cindy H

    Speaking as one who was caught in a police tobacco sting, things are not as they seem on the surface. I was back up cashier in a company as well as bookkeeper. We had just gotten a new computer/register system installed and were being taught how to use it. I was also learning a new bookkeeping system. I don’t use this as an excuse for selling to minors but it definitely affects how much your mind can take in at one time. The day they sent in the kid I couldn’t add to save my life with all the other stuff going through my mind. I’m the last person who would ever want to have kids or anyone smoking and was so upset about the situation that I refuse to work anywhere where alchohol or tobacco are sold. I never want to be in that situation again. The majority of people caught in those situations would never knowingly sell to minors. The fact that people think that anyone who does under any circumstances whatsoever need to think of both sides of the coin. Get caught on a bad day and anyone can make a mistake that will follow them for life as a police record that doesn’t ever leave your background. Things are not all black and white like some people seem to think, there are things that happen that are not all instigated by evil people.

    • Ice Road Trucker


    • My 2 Cents

      Amen from me too.

    • Catch 22

      Funny thing was there was a time I was tested and my name did not end up in the paper. It’s not that hard to slow down. God knows some of the cashiers at Walmart should be a role model for taking the time to verify everything is scanned, and actual date of births are checked and licenses are compared to signatures on credit cards.

    • janetfromanotherplanet

      I agree, used to work in a Liquor store in Wichita, in 6 years time they got me twice! Tried to put another one on me, but their info. was totally messed up! Went to court on that one and won!!

    • You don’t know Jack

      I agree with you completely

  • Tired of this!

    Cindy h. I agree with you to the upmost! Why don’t they spend time and money finding the underage kids who are drinking and smoking. If they got caught more and punished more severely there would be less trying to buy. Across the street from central high every day they could issue a full book of citations. Clerks lose their jobs and businesses pay thousands in fines for honest mistakes and kids get their hands slapped!

  • ehhh

    Cindy I only sort of agree with you, it takes a simple calculator or one of them calendars that tells what age people have to be in order to sell to them — it’s not rocket science!

    • Cindy H

      Those tools would definitely make things easier, but with the store reset and new computers etc being installed it was all moved. Unfortunately I ended up paying for the company’s error and was fired on the spot. I just firmly believe that most of the stings catch people in similar situations. At over 40 years old I ended up with the first police record I’d ever gotten and it’s one that never drops off the record.

      • Catch 22

        Okay many people will not know how or may not know what it is but… take a blank piece of paper. Now take a pencil Put todays date, now subtract 21 or 18 and if the date on the driver’s license is less than that date don’t sale. I am sorry but I don’t buy an excuse. It’s simple. We do not excuse a truck driver if he kills someone on his first day on the road, we don’t excuse an officer if he shoots someone wrongly because he was overwhelmed… the list goes on and on. It’s about priorities and learning to take charge. If things are going to fast say something and do it right!

      • Face in the Crowd

        Sorry for your situation Cindy.. I hope better things come your way.

  • Ice Road Trucker

    Í do have to laugh when the high school kid goes to try and buy booze, but wonders why he was carded while wearing his class of 2014 letter jacket.

    • Brianne

      I used to just borrow my older sister’s letter jacket and flirt a little, worked like a charm!

  • Mike

    New Dillon’s not even on ohio any more

  • http://clerkssighted me

    That Ohio Dillon’s was busted just before they closed down.

  • My 2 cents

    I have also never understood how it can be legal to have someone do something illegal to make someone else do something illegal. If you are under age and buy alcohol as an undercover person, why are you not charged with breaking the law? Seems immoral and illogical to me. Don’t set people up to break the law.

  • ksdad

    Wheres Janice and the pro-sodomy crowd to protest the discrimination of those under 21 from buying alcohol or under 18 from buying smokes? All discrimination is bad right?

  • 123

    It is called bars it is through the police department. They get under age kids to try and buy beer and smokes. A lot of companys tell the employes about it when they start thats why some companies in this town card every time you ask for something because it has happened to that company before. It just takes one employee to mess up and look the companies name is in the media. I worked for a company who gave us $25.00 if we passed it was a big thanks to doing your job riggt.

    • ksdad

      They are only considered “underage” because they are discriminated against….. Janice Norlin, where are you Janice?

  • 123


  • http://salinapost Iseenit

    Peepol misspell awl thy tyme hoo kares its thee mesige that kounts,.”

  • notanidiot

    Angela is that you? Idiots calling people idiots again? ya gotta love it

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