WATCH: Police Seek Help Identifying Man Suspected Of Stealing TV’s From Walmart

On October 16, 2012, a white male suspect in a striped shirt is suspected of stealing two flatscreen televisions from Wal-Mart, 2900 South Ninth Street. The suspect arrived in a dark colored vehicle.

If you have any information concerning who committed this crime, call Crimestoppers at 825-TIPS, text SATIPS to CRIMES (274637), or visit and follow Crimestoppers link to submit a web tip. You may receive a cash reward of up to $1,000 and you are not required to give your name.

  • got2havasay

    If walmart is going to keep letting people walk out the door with TV’s why should the public help them? Let them do their own job and stop them before they walk out. That’s bull wanting the public’s help.

    • John

      What a lame comment. I’m sure if someone stole something from you, you’d want some help finding out who did it.

    • Hmmmm

      Hmm, yesterday they said he was Hispanic! Welcome to Walmart, here is your free TV!

    • Sara

      There’s a reward. It’s not even like they’re asking you do it out of the goodness of your heart.

  • Eagle_Eyes

    Walmart has gotten cheap little cashiers if they would quit being so cheap maybe they would catch the thieves have the greeters back at the doors than maybe this wouldn’t happen as often ….kind of looks like the tire department maybe a inside job because the clerk working the desk has to push button to let them out !

  • NI4NI

    Didn’t look like he was trying to be low key with that flashy look he had going.

  • Chris

    Im with got2havasay! Lame comment? Or the cold hard truth. Looks like the last guy who stole one to me. Get for real John. Maybe the first time not the 5th! It’s not like Walmart is a little old lady or your neighbor. They are a multi-billion dollar business. Walmart can figure it out on their own. Get a clue already. Then maybe get some real security. This is getting old!!!!!!!!

  • got2havasay

    To John I sure as he** won’t stand and watch someone walk out my DOOR with MY tv.

  • http://buyonegetonefree *Mr. Byron Green

    Watch the return counter! Prob. just carryed it up there and got the cash for it! THATS good for 3 trips! AFTER THAT they only give you gift cards. NO RECIEPT POLICY. should invest in Dillions cameras

  • Ha

    White people now days, no respect for themselves. Smh….

  • Catch 22

    I am about sick of Walmart! They pull millions of dollars in sales a week in Salina alone yet they don’t upgrade their damn video system and the police always need the public’s help because their video sucks so much! Slow the door opening speed, and at the very least if your not going to get someone with enough kuhonas to approach them and tell them to get back in the store get a superb camera at the door entrance. I’ve seen cell phones with 3mb take better pictures.

  • i keep saying

    Yep most of you hit the nail on the head. Wal-Mart has made a very conscious financial decision: security and upgraded cameras (monitoring etc) costs more then their losses. And, 100% right too that when the dollar amount is over a certain threshold–and again keep in mind they use a formula based on the market –they will then count on the local community to do their loss prevention. Wal-Mart is a machine. You don’t become a multi-BILLION dollar organization by leaving anything to chance! But then on the other hand you have Dillons who tends to believe every customer is out to rip them off. Pick the poison that’s easier for you to swollow.

  • Inevitability

    Update…. This person was arrested over the weekend after trying it again. Now he will be charged with all counts of theft, making it a felony. Good luck and good riddance