Kansas Child Molester Sentenced To Life In Prison

The former manager of an eastern Kansas mobile home park has been sentenced to life in prison for molesting four children from November 2009 to May of this year in his trailer.

Sixty-one-year-old Lawrence McDonagh II, of Tonganoxie, was sentenced Thursday in Leavenworth County District Court on multiple counts of aggravated indecent liberties with a child.

McDonagh pleaded no contest in August. He was arrested in May after deputies served a search warrant at the Paradise Mobile Home Park and seized several items from his home.

Prosecutor Todd Thompson says McDonagh initially was charged with eavesdropping for secretly videotaping children, but the charges were amended after evidence led to the molestation charges.


  • Anonymous

    I bet the look on his face will change
    Getting raped by BUBBA will do that !

    • Angela

      What would be a good deterrent? What would send a strong message to all child molesters? Would castration of the perps give a warning against all future child molesters? It might be worth trying. If a perp thought he would be castrated after molesting a child, he would probably think again and keep his hands to himself.

      • Aneserman

        I have always thought that putting this kind of vermin in stocks, in the city park for 24 hrs and giving any parent the right administer justice would be an effective solution.

      • nonya

        castration wont stop them. its in the mind of a child molester. they need to be labotomy’s

    • Lord Valencia

      Unfortunately, that won’t happen. How they have the prison systems set up now the Sex Offenders aren’t housed in the same unit as regular population or else they would be getting all sorts of shanked up…

      • Hike Munt

        Really? You really think you know the prison systems? You should really get out more and ask for a tour of one of your local prisons, and THEN ask about that from the staff working there. You might receive an education.

      • nonya

        yes they are housed in the same as general population in kansas. they are protected by the guards from the gen.pop…if anyone from gen looks at them wrong the gen. inmate gets put in the hole and written up. that is a fact

  • My 2 cents

    Thank God! Hope they really keep him there for life!!!

  • Steve Orr

    Hang ’em high!

  • yuck!!

    This is sooooi sickening! I hope he doesn’t have a chance to pc up and gets what he deserves!!!!

    • skydiver

      we can only hope bro

    • skydiver

      speedy trial arrested n may sentenced n sept and got the time he deserves id like 2 c this outcome n more of these nasty c$#ksu&*in scum of the earth mfers trials only thing thatd make it better would b that we start usin death penalty n ks and put an xpress lane n 4 chomos

  • Emily

    I wonder if the kids lived in the trailer park, if the parents were ever told, etc. seems crazy it was several kids and no one told their parents. Either way how devastating for those children.what a scary creep! Thank God he got life

  • Ninja

    At least when this guy only does twenty years it will be because he died.

  • djenn

    Finally! all child predators should get life in prison no matter what! Although i still think they should all be put on a secluded island and hunted by a firing squad

    • My 2 cents

      I like you idea about a deserted island. However, instead of a firing squad don’t leave them with any food and see who is the first one invited to a BBQ.

  • Ice Road Trucker

    May his sentence be a Pain in the A$$. And the “life” part be short.

  • smh

    I will always believe that child molesters should be shot in the head. Alive they will always do it again or have the sick thought. :( Parents need to stop being so trusting.

  • GB

    I could not imagine spending the rest of my life in prison. You would think other “to be” child molesters would think about that! Molesting a child is the worst thing a person could ever do to an innocent child!

  • lostnot59

    so this creep does this and gets life in prison. Im sure he will be put in a safe area for quite a while. for his protection of course. his protection. are you kidding me
    .people that do this to kids need to be strapped face down spread eagle on a table
    and let inmate to inmate do as that want ,day in day out over and over, if he survives
    take him to another prison so on and so on. but dont give him 3 square meals a day, a roof over his head and make his stay enjoyable. all people that are in prison are there because of the life and the decisions they chose to make. they should not have it so easy, and the american people should not have to pay to take care of scum like this for the rest of his life…

    hell take all the lifers or the ones on death row send them over to fight in our war
    and when the war is over if you survive you will be set free.

  • Anonymous

    now we have to feed him, what a sicko

  • http://salinapost Iseenit

    Depends on what the court call life it could be 71/2 yrs or 21yrs or till the day he dies. bet you will see him up for parole in 5 or 6 yrs. Not my wish but how many ever served life full term in the last 20yrs

  • nonya

    he looks like Dick Cheney