Saline County Jail Booking Activity -Friday

Recent Booking Activity for Saline County Jail.

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  • taylor2000

    did they bust a little party or what. god im glad those days are in the past. four years and going strong. ill take my jet skis and motorcycle over that crap any day

    • Jeffrey Lebowski

      Hey, SPD caught themselves a boy band! Seriously.

      • Karma

        Bahahhaha. I didn’t believe it but yesss it’s true! That’s funny. I wonder if they performed to get out!

      • Really?

        That is HILARIOUS!

      • ha!


      • Sigh…

        They can change the name of the band now… “I See Bars”

    • Awesome

      I was thinking the exact same thing…birds of a feather get the same haircut.

  • cooldude

    To me it looks like the cops had a competition to see who could arrest the dude with the craziest hair….

  • taylor2000

    lol the crazy hair gang

  • taylor2000

    that or they busted them all while they where all in bed

    • Wait……


  • southerngirl

    Knepp reminds me of the Guy who plays on American X.

    • Clayton Bigsby

      well look who it is.

      • southerngirl

        I love you.

  • princess

    They look so young.

  • Anon

    I’m always a little disappointed when I don’t recognize anyone on here…

  • IamMe

    Looks like another drug bust.

  • I_See_Stars

    Those guys are a post-hardcore band from Michigan named “I See Stars”.

    • KhemikalFree

      I didn’t believe you until i looked them up on youtube… wow….!!

    • Wonka

      The whole way down the page I was so excited, thinking I had a really good joke, “What, was it boy band night at the jail’. But it actually was. Damn.

    • johnny y

      Guess they can change it it “I See Bars”

      • johnny y

        *to. Nothing like a typo to ruin a perfectly good smarta$$ comment

    • SMH

      LMAO they look about as hard core as just beiber after an energy drink

    • hmmm

      According to their facebook page, they were in Wichita on Wednesday and will be in Colorado tomorrow night. One member wasn’t arrested though. He must have been the Designated Driver.

  • Anonymous

    Am I seeing double this morning or is Joseph James Campbell listed twice?

    • crazy

      you mean “mumbles”? He probably got busted, bonded out and got busted again!

  • SMH

    I bet the bot band was a BIG hit in jail lololol

  • SMH

    Knepp I give you kudos for trying to have the hard core jailhouse stare down… but sorry man it is a FAIL

  • Honey Badger

    Ha! Got Officer Furbecks nephew. He must be so proud.

  • Anonymous

    Tuesday or Wednesday night there was a helicopter with the spot light on. Police patrolling in numbers. Anyone know the story behind that? The helicopter was going over west part of Salina.

    • Awesome

      They were looking for a man who is responsible for theft, treason, abuse, exploitation, money laundering, and corruption. Last i heard they were headed to the white house.

      • No…..

        Romney isn’t there yet! You will know when he is, you’ll be paying an extra $2,000 in taxes, so he can give himself and other billionairs a tax break!

        Rommunism: Work harder. Wealthy people and Corporations need their tax breaks and subsidies!

        Romney 2009: “Rescuing the car companies is the road to socialism – it’s a war on capitalism!”

        Romney 2011: “A Federal Bailout for the Auto Industry was my Idea in the first place!”

        SO WHICH IS IT MR. “Flip Flop” Romney?

        Romney: I understand the unemployed. After all, I’m the one who made many of them unemployed in the first place. Do you realize how much more money I made by sending their jobs overseas! I can’t be concerned about them loosing their jobs and homes!

        Romney: We need a businessman in the White House, because Corporations don’t have enough influence in Washington.

        Mitt Romney lent himself $45,000,000.00 to run for President in 2008. He lost big time. Mitt asked the FEC to let himself ‘forgive the loan’. Mitt later reclassified his loan as Contributions. #paytaxes?

        Learn the Truth before you vote for someone you don’t really know!!!!

        Republicans make me laugh!

        • Oy vey

          Im doubled over laughing. Are you really serious?

        • Awesome

          I’m laughing too…seriously… Just because your kool-aid tastes good dosn’t mean it’s good for you.

  • Wondering

    Just wondering if these peeps take the time to fix their hair and put on their best face cuz they know they about to go public. Haha, Bet it would suck to know everyone going to be judging you! This Post thing is a Great reason to BE GOOD, Law abiding Citizens!!

  • Kelly Kapowski

    HAHA! Methany Garcia its never a surprise to see your stupid ass on here!! Why dont they throw you in prison already your a menace.

  • snotface

    everyones comment today is so hillarious thanks for a good laugh

  • Bananas

    Mr. Rogers called. He wants his children back.

  • Neat-o.

    I wonder if they signed autographs in booking…They must be pretty hard core if they were drugging it up in Salina Kansas. Yeah…

  • Bb28

    Why would someone call the cops on someone just for smelling like weed. Come on people mind your own business. They weren’t hurting anybody. They just wanted something to eat.

  • ebrans

    Now they can do American jail Idol.

  • wow

    Sharon I love you!!!! hope you are ok!

  • Snoop Lion

    Ahh! Salina’s first boy band. rule #54 stuff a towel under the door when smoking a J at a hotel.

  • http://moderatedsitesarelame Duder

    The band probably had a joint or two. Marijuana needs to be decriminalised……. what a joke.

    • amy

      why? not as many people would be getting arrested and their faces wouldn’t be on the salina post for us to get our daily chuckle. I mean, how else would you have known that a semi famous band was in salina?

      • http://moderatedsitesarelame Duder

        Like oh my god! This must be such an exciting day for you, for sure……If these are the types of things you look forward to…i feel sorry for you

        • Awesome

          Wow and i feel sorry for you. Being bitter and mean for no good reason isnt really a sign that your life is resonating sunshine either duder.

  • It’s his nephew if you didnt read the comment above. And wife beating? I’ve know Sean for a long time now and that never happened, hate to burst your bubble.

  • http://salinapost Iseenit

    they will be on the cover of rolling stoned and bars @ strips togather

  • infamousNsalina

    Way to go Steven. Bet ur mommy your mommy is so proud of Loser get a job.. And quit b n a leach.. hopefully Tara is next. Lol.. and then u all can b infested together & convicted together.. Lmao

    • Bananas

      And your brilliance is astounding…

      • Bananas

        Said nobody, ever.

        • hithere

          Eh who cares the gist is true, Furbeck is terrible

  • Anonymous


  • http://salinapost gypsy

    Actually I listened to their song “What you mean to me” and I’m sorry The Muse didn’t book them instead of the cops!!!!!!! Seriously, what ever happened to ppl minding their own business?

    • Inspector Gadget

      Agreed. I instantly started listening to some of their stuff on You Tube and liked what I heard. They’ll probably get a few more iTunes downloads off their stint here.

  • OhYouKnow

    Was there an As I Lay Dying Concert in town?

  • Inspector Gadget

    I’m curious…how did Willie Nelson not get busted for pot when he played here but this band did? Profiling? Favoritism? I don’t care either way but at least these kids have jobs.

  • jw

    Didn’t Bethany sneak some stuff in to jail about 6 mo ago?

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  • Nazaret Goebel

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  • Daph Manson

    Devin Oliver from I see stars?! Come on all the guys from I see stars are in this. I expected more from them.