Saline County Jail Booking Activity – Sunday

Posted 3 years ago

By Post Staff

Recent Booking Activity for Saline County Jail.

All persons included in this post are innocent of crimes until proven guilty in a court of law. Courtesy Photos.


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  • Yup

    Danielle looks kind of like a dude. Js.

  • Really?

    They arrested Ric Flair!

    • Just say “Know”


  • LCN

    They arrested Ol’ Dirty!

    • Clayton Bigsby

      ooooooooh baby i like it raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw! lol

  • doyle hargraves

    When Anthony was born they turned him over and slapped his mama!!!

  • Jealous

    I want that mullet

    • Truth sayer

      That mullet is criminal!

    • really….

      some things are priceless…

  • Anon

    Lol, I knew you’re gonna get caught some day Nick. You stoner. ;]

  • Ex-correction officer

    OMG its Nicholas COLEMAN!! That’s the Ottawa County Sheriffs son. HA HA HA!

    • Harley

      What I can’t figure out is why all you idiots in Ottawa County voted Coleman back in as sheriff. He’s the most incompetent man for the job. First he has a jail break that made national news, now look how he raises his kid.

      • Lincoln MAN

        We had a lazy sheriff in Lincoln County and the voters here sent a clear message to sheriff Black, “find a new job”. Harley the idiots Ottawa County just don’t get it.

        • The Truth

          Lincoln Man can you explain what Lincoln County Sheriff Russ Black has to do with Coleman getting arrested? OK so the voters booted the lazy Sheriff Black out of office has nothing to do with Ottawa County.

          • scab scratcher

            New to the site huh?

          • The Truth

            scab scratcher. You are an idiot. No not new to the site.

          • scab scratcher

            Reading through this page, I think you proved my point

      • kindgirl

        i live in Ottawa County, and I did NOT vote to re-elect Coleman, so not all of us are stupid!

    • just wondering

      Way to point out something that is probably an embarrassment for the family involved. Thankfully his dad is working for the law while his son hasn’t figured out to follow the law. I’m sure you have broken laws just like this kid. You probably got caught for some and not caught for some. Don’t start casting stones until you can say that you are perfect. Let’s hope this kid figures out that following the law is easier than breaking it. Try saying something positive instead of laughing at him and pointing out who his father is.

    • The Truth

      To Ex-correction officer we all know who you are. Your the woman always causing trouble for the Sheriff. Like the time you got a ticket in May 2011 for no seat belt, coming to work from Salina and you wanted the Sheriff to call Salina PD to get rid of it and he wouldn’t. So you and your fat boy friend can stop bad mouthing the Sheriff.

      • just wondering

        Sounds to me like the Ex-correction officer is an ex employee for a reason. I hope you see now why casting the first stone isn’t the smartest idea. When you cast that stone be prepared to have a stone cast back at you. Nobody is perfect and pointing out the faults of others does no good and dragging their family into what the son does makes no sense at all. He is a grown adult and gets to make adult decisions with his life.

        To harley from what I understand Sheriff Coleman didn’t have the jailbreak, it was his officers not following proper security procedures that caused the jailbreak. Sheriff Coleman is responsible for his jail but he can’t be there 24/7 to make sure everyone is following proper security procedures. Unfortunately 2 officers not following those procedures caused the jailbreak, putting everyone at risk, and gave people like you a reason to blame Sheriff Coleman. The voters in Ottawa County cast their vote in favor of Sheriff Coleman and did so in a loud way. They understand that it wasn’t Sheriff Coleman’s fault the jailbreak happened but I guess you don’t understand that. I hope this helps some of you out. Have a good day.

        • Ex-correction officer

          To just wondering. Yes I am an ex-employee from the Ottawa County jail and yes I lived in Ottawa County for many years. After I realized that there were nothing but idiots like you living in Ottawa County I quit my job an moved to Salina. To The Truth yes my man is fat but you are not only stinky but also very fat and you have no man.

          • Just say “Know”

            what are we, in Jr. High here? Stop, you’re embarrassing all of us that still live in Ought-Not County

        • Someoldlady

          Grown adult or not, his parents had a hand in making him what he is today.

          • Seriously?

            Parents can raise their children the best they know how to raise them, once those children become adults, some make choices that have nothing to do with the the way they were raised!! I taught my kids right from wrong, what was good for them and what could hurt them…….but still they made choices to do things they knew could hurt them. So yes, his parents did have a hand in making him what he is today, but he still has a brain of his own and he still makes his own choices. This kid being arrested for pot has nothing to do with his parents. ONLY HIM!! That’s whats wrong with the kids today, they have no idea what CONSEQUENCES or TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTION means, because there is always someone else to blame!

          • For real

            I dont know why everyone acting surprised–daddy is a tweaker for god sake.

          • Someoldlady

            @ Seriously, This kid being arrested for pot does reflect on his parents, no matter his age.
            I am not the only one who feels that way. I am sorry if your kids made bad decisions, but good parenting gives them the tools to choose the right path. Kids today have no idea what consequences or taking responsibility for your actions means, because THEIR PARENTS DIDN’T TEACH THEM ABOUT CONSEQUENCES OR TAKING RESPONSIBILITY.

    • http://Salinapost Karrie

      I can guess who you are by your name… Moron! God gave us all this little thing called choice. Ever since Adam and Eve people have been making choices. Many times they are the wrong choices and we have to live with the consequences. Many people on this site have been raised by good people but their own bad choices have landed them on here to be made fun by us. but that’s their choice. Colemans are good people. (He was elected because he is the best man for sheriff. Do your research before you speak from your @$$. Or ask any intelligent person from Ottawa Co.)

      • Ex-correction officer

        To Karrie, your just jealous because I have a Better Job, Better Life than all you fat and stinky girls in Ottawa County. MORONS.

        • Anonymous

          childish much?? And you are supposed to be an adult with a job??? I’d fire you if I was your employer and read your posts on here. Really, resorting to High School antics calling people stinky and fat??? Wow that seriously makes me believe even more that bottom feeders are multiplying.

      • Huh

        He actually WAS the best option.. If you don’t live in Ottawa county then shut up!! You most likely don’t know everything going on there.

      • Anonymous

        God gave us “free will”

      • Brittany

        Adam and Eve? Lol that made up nonsense they call a bible…..

    • Huh

      If he’s busting other people for pot then that just isn’t right.. Not every good parent raises a good kid and this looks like only pot and alcohol but if his dad is arresting people for pot when his own kid is smoking it or what not then that’s not cool..

      • Seriously?

        This is the SALINA POST……… they post pictures of people arrested in SALINE COUNTY……..the sheriff of OTTAWA county can’t do squat in SALINE COUNTY.

        • SomeoneGreat

          Your right.. I’m sure he never smoked pot in Ottawa county…

  • scab scratcher

    Was Danielle growing pot in an RV?

    • cherry

      she probably had seeds in a seperate bag because its intent to cultivate plants

      • scab scratcher

        Why, Thank You

        • cherry

          your very welcome.

  • ribeye

    Dude with the dreads caught singing National Anthem

  • Bbbrrrrr

    He was makin out with a vacuum!

  • jed clampit


  • justlookin

    Can we leave Lincoln County, our election and our soon to be ex-sherrif out of these articles? Makes Lincoln County look stupid. Thanks

    • Lincoln Man

      Sheriff Russ Black is incompetent and Lincoln County sucks Bull Butter. As for the city of Lincoln its almost a ghost town.

      • justlookin

        I happen to live in Licoln County, and I really like it here. If you don’t then, MOVE you can take your negitive attitude with you. We don’t need you here.

        • Lincoln Man

          To justlooking you must be the sheriffs little daughter. Well sorry brat your daddy lost by a land slide.

          • justlookin

            No Iam not the “little daughter” of Russ Black-no relation at all. Why would I have to be related to the Blacks to say I like to live in Lincoln County? I just don’t belive in attacking other people and running others down to build myself or my friends up. Lincoln Man yu obviously have issues.

        • Just say “Know”

          Umm, I did. I lived in Lincoln County for a miserable year and a half.Groceries are ridiculously priced, gas is ridiculously priced, I don’t know how someone could survive shopping exclusively in Lincoln. It’s outrageous. Not to mention we were always made to feel like Rosa Parks over there (you get the analogy, i’m sure). We bought a house over here in Ottawa and were welcomed with open arms, and have thoroughly enjoyed our 2 years over here. We’re the same people we were over there, wonder what the difference is. Maybe friendlier people this side of the county line?. Given the chance, we’d probably never move back over there, even though I own property in Lincoln County still. Hopefully I can trade or sell it to someone like you who apparently knows no better :-)

          • Wow

            I live in Ottawa Co., but have no problems with Lincoln Co. They have done great things with their EMS, and it’s got a nice small town feel. I’ve never had anyone make me feel unwelcome there when I come to town. Don’t get me wrong, I love where I live, but I see nothing wrong on the other side of the county line either…

          • justlookin

            Why did you feel the need to insult me? Is it because we have a different opinion?

          • justlookin

            I was refering to Just Say Know when I made the comment about being insulted. I have an exellent education, by the way. I love all people even if they think differently or look differently than I do.

          • lovin local yokels

            I think the cops in Lincoln are amazing.. when I was a teenager, I could always count on getting out of tickets with a little bit of tit action.. I swear f-in Coleman on the other hand kept an eye out for my truck and handed me a ticket every time.. Too bad, we coulda been friends, buddy, but that first over-zealous ticket knocked you out of the weekend slideshow!

  • Sheep are people too!

    What is paraphenalia to cultivate? Dirt and water?

    • cherry


      • Sheep are people too!

        I think seeds are a possession charge.

        • cherry

          i just asked my stepdad and he said you can get both possesion and intent to cultivate

  • watupamerica

    Dax you lookin old

  • http://yahoo AlwaysRight

    Stop blamming the Parent’s!! It’s not how you raise them it’s how they turn out.
    I know the Preachers Kid And the Sheriff’s kid’s where the Bad Ass’ in our town. The Parents are good people! He’s an Adult the Blame goes to him and him only..

    • cherry

      ive always known people that had parents that were cops or priests and they rebelled by drinking and smoking pot.

  • Bubbles

    Ricky, they nabbed Julian!

  • me

    Keith Coleman is a great sheriff. You cant help what your kids do. What are you going to do hold their hands all the time. Look in your own back door before you go dogging people. I know the Colemans they are the nicest people to know.

    • Ex-correction officer

      Nice try Keith I know how you work trying to put a good spin on this. What a crock.

      • me

        Wharever Ex u r a crock.

      • just wondering

        Wow Ex- Correction officer it looks like your on her trying to smear Sheriff Coleman’s name through the mud. So far all of your post have had name calling and negativity in them which shows me what kind of person you are. If you can’t get your point across without calling names and attempting to drag someone else down with you. Keith Coleman is a great Sheriff and works many hours trying to keep a safe and secure jail. Again he can’t be here 24/7 to supervise every shift. He is like any business owner or jail supervisor that has to rely on its employees to make sure the place is ran up to par while they are at home with their families. Obviously you have a problem personally with the Sheriff and the county due to all of your negative comments.

        • cherry

          i thought we couldnt slander people on here?

  • ugh

    Dax, you have a problem. You need to seek help. You are a good guy, but obviously need to get help for your temper. This isn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last if you don’t get some help.

    • cherry

      the bad thing is they send people to those worthless anger management classes at ckf and people dont learn much. ive known people that had to go.

  • SMH

    Wow, who cares about Coleman! I am so tired of hearing his name. The entire town of Minneapolis is a lost cause. They all are backwards.

  • Awesome

    Am i still being moderated or can i actually post something now?

    • Who gives a flock

      IKR? I can see why I am under constant moderation for deleted my Email and changing my name to something close to another posters and then going back and reply to his post with hilarious material,,, But YOU? You’re a frickin angel!!!

  • GuessWho

    Unfaithful marriages, horrible parenting, etc etc etc. wouldn’t wanna name any nes or this post might get deleted! Goes to show some ppl can’t HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!!

    • justlookin

      Are you really Jack Nickelson?

  • Christina

    Wow Ex corrections…Are you still in 2nd grade? Or do you have a fat, stinky complex? You sound a little bitter to me.

    • Ex-correction officer

      Wow Christina if you don’t like what I write go back to your red neck little town sit in the middle of a corn field and spin.

      • Anonymous

        Yikes, ex….biter much?? I think it’s probably time for you to head to your night shift at McDonalds now….better get goin because we want our buurgers!

        • Anonymous

          *burgers….damn smart phones lol

  • Try this

    Instead of coming on here and bashing people left and right why not be thankful you didn’t (if you didn’t) go down this path. Most of these people I feel sorry for. Have a heart! And calling out a Sheriff and his family is just ridiculous. I don’t know the family from Adam, but I know I sure wouldn’t listen to your ONE SIDED account of them. No facts at all….pure hatred. It’s people like you that make our society the way it is. You should wake up someday and decide you are going to “nice”. You would be shocked at how much happier you are. I can tell you are not a happy person. I will pray for you. ha

  • SMH

    bahahaha I used Anthony Quintons mug shot as a screen saver on my phone lol it makes me smile…

  • Yousalinapeopleugh

    Ex-Correctional Officer—I see they need to start giving out evaluations to corrections officers, your so bitter I have to question did you do your job properly while your blaming and calling names?

    • just wondering

      I agree with yousalinapeopleugh. If Ex-correctional officer was a corrections officer then she or he definately needs an evaluation. That person couldn’t have done their job professionally without calling names. How do you work for someone you hate and do the job they expect of you? How do you deal with inmates and not look down on them? All of this persons post they are calling names to anyone that opposes their warped opinion.

  • Yousalinapeopleugh

    Just wondering–I’m just saying this chick is very childish and has the nerves to be watching over people something is wrong with that picture. I only say this is because I used to be a correctional officer in Ellsworth and I would never conduct myself in such a manner! She needs evaluated and I hope she isn’t working for Saline county that’s all we need is someone who says their boyfriend is fat but hates or bashes other “fat” people! Smh…..childish

  • http://stupid get a life

    U people should try to find something better to do with ur time! Its gods job to judge not urs! Sometimes people make mistakes pray for them! Dont criticism them our world is full of crooks everyone needs paid!!!! Jesus went to jail he must of been a bad bad guy!