State Says Poker Runs, Charity Tournaments Illegal

Kansas gambling regulators say an increasingly popular fund-raising activity is illegal in the state because gambling provisions don’t include charitable exceptions.

Racing and Gaming Commission spokesman Bill Miskell told The Garden City Telegram that poker runs and charitable poker tournaments are not allowed in Kansas.

That prompted the newspaper to cancel a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament next week that would have helped fund its Newspaper in Education Program.

Several poker runs – in which motorcycle riders pay an entry fee and drive to various locations to pick up playing cards – have taken place in Garden City this summer and in previous years.

Miskell says it’s up to the local county attorney to prosecute violators. Finney County attorney John Wheeler that’s not high on his priority list.

  • EP

    What next!?!?

    • whoa nelly

      Ya’ll can blame Brownback and Conservative Republicans all you want but it wasn’t them that decided that the state needed to be involved in gambling. Remember how you liberals pressed for the state to get into the lottery business back in the eighties to eliminate the funding problems of schools. How is that working out for you? Then ya’ll decided that since that abject failure worked so good ya voted in casino gambling. And now you piss and moan because the “greedy state gambling commission”, which you created, wants to control gambling. Well, what did you idiots expect? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. Ya got what ya asked for,

  • neosysus

    It is good to know our state is taking such an interest in our morals. You can bet that they have your well being in mind. Oh wait, no betting in Kansas unless the state owns the casino.

    The Finney county prosecutor gets to pick and choose laws to enforce based on his priorities?

    • Hmmm

      Selective enforcement. Isn’t that how it works in Salina too?

    • whoa nelly

      @neosysus right on. The state sponsors its own gambling business and we don’t want any competition. But just how is that looking after our morals? Are you saying it is perfectly moral to bet on Poker Runs but immoral for the state to sponsor “legal” gambling? Your logic is perplexing.

  • The Barnyard Mare

    I think they should rethink that ruling. Look at all the good that poker run funds do. I think it would be a detriment to the state if they stop poker runs.

    Not a good idea at all.

  • CrazyPPL

    You voted for these numbskulls. Hey when you vote for gawdly beliefs, that’s what you get, so quit whining.

    • hmmm

      You all voted against YOUR own self interest.

      The last 3 poker runs/gambling fundraisers I went to involved people who were raising funds to pay for their cancer drugs. I never knew it was a crime.

      What comes next? Fining and jailing cancer victims..

      • mplstrout

        That’s what happens when you elect brownbutt and his conservative nuts! And just who voted for him? Probably the ones complaining now!

    • whoa nelly

      Where was Brownback when the laws for the lottery in Kansas were written? Did Brownback sign legislation legalizing gambling and give power to the “State” to regulate it? Me thinks you libs are barking up the wrong tree. You screamed and hollered, jumped up and down, held your hands over your ears like a little child until you got State Sponsored Gambling. It is time to put on your “Big Girl” panties and live with what you asked for.

  • tml

    Im sure lack of taxation has a lot to do with it.

  • Granny

    I see nothing wrong with poker runs!! As long as the organization that is sponsoring it does not retain any of the money raised and they turn ALL the profits over to the charity they are having the event for. The state gets a little sideways on these things sometimes. They need to be more focused on the important issues!!

    • Stupid Republicans!

      All you morons out there just voted for an even more conservative group! If you think it’s bad now wait till they start voting on stuff! Kansas just became the stupidest state in the union, that doesn’t allow fundraising for the needy! Rich Republicans don’t want to give you any of their money, but don’t try to give your money to someone in need, cause they sure as hell will want part of it! Congradulations! Repulicans are just so great……at screwing up good things! Stupid is as Stupid does!

    • whoa nelly

      Stupid Democrats! I want to sponsor several worthwhile ultra right wing charities by opening a gambling casino and bordello next door in some of the vacant buildings in downtown Salina. Will you help me out on that? Or will your “morality” prevent that?

  • A Wolf among the Sheeple

    I so agree with “hmmm” every poker run I’ve been on is to help families, the sick or the poor, basically, to come together and help those in need! Our government, ie; politicians are idiots! Flat out self serving IDIOTS!! The bad thing about it is we vote an idiot out and an idiot takes their place!!! I am so sick of the SOB’s, it’s all about their inability to regulate and tax it!!! True P.O.S.!

  • Matt

    Next March would have been the 3rd annual Papa Bear, Big Daddy Poker Tournament. 1st year we raised $1,800 for a charity. 2nd year over $3000 for the food bank. This year I was hoping to raise enough to built the greenhouse they could really use. This is sad, I never knew it was illegal.

    • Republicans!

      You just voted for an even more conservative group of Republican! Welcome to the Rich Repulican Greed! They don’t want the poor to have any money, especially theirs! But they will certainly take it from the poor! When will you learn! So if you don’t like it, vote differently next time! Better yet, get off your lazy asses and go vote! Only 23% voted this week, I’m sure the rich republicans were there to make sure they got what they wanted!

      • Matt

        I did not state my afffiliation of party. I was upset about not being able to raise money for a charity.I did vote in primary! I always vote. I am talking about raising money for a charity. You have have a problem with that?

        • Helen

          What is really sad these poker runs did so much good to help others in need or for good causes. It is just crazy. I understand that 9 times out of 10 most that win give the winnings back to the group or charity they had the run for anyway. Something needs to change on this rule.

      • sirobvious

        Yes and your presidents healthcare reform is gonna pay for itself. You are an idiot and your responses here have proven that.

    • Wow!

      And how much did you give away as prizes. if the only reason someone is donating time or money then its not a donation its a purchase.

  • IamMe

    And republicans who want less government control, controls Kansas laws.. Is this any surprise? Get a clue sheep!

    • http://salinapost Sayitaintso

      Sheep? Who’s your Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaady

      • IamMe

        Yes you are a sheep, now bend over!

  • snipe your comment

    No need to panic and go political. Do like other states do,I was on one last year,”Raffle run”,legal,up front fee,buy raffle tickets instead of cards no big deal.Ya could set it up like Pheasant forever,instead of a raffle at each table,make at it each stop then a main one at the final stop,simple.No need to go stupid.(immme)

    • Anonymous

      Rafflles are illegal in Kansas as well. Even school PTA’s have to be very careful as to how things are worded.

    • IamMe

      No need to go political? Kansas is a republican state and always has been. This is what you get.

  • brijohnson

    Since when has this been illegal.

  • doyou

    So illegal gambling is not high on his priority list so those accused of committing this crime may or may not be prosecuted? What happened to right is right and wrong is wrong. In the law there cannot be a grey area, you ar either innocent or guilty, that’s it. While, in my opinion, poker runs should not be illegal, they are and those in violation should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    • Salinaksm

      So I guess, using your train of thought, the traffic officers should no longer issue ‘fix it tickets’ and should just ticket people for burned out bulbs, and never give friendly warnings to slow it down, etc. etc. etc..
      Discretion has always been a part of the enforcement of laws in this country. The Poker Runs, along with raffles and other events, have been ignored for ages as those involved in the enforcement of laws don’t really view them as forms of gambling (even if they are considered as such by some obscure and poorly defined law); nor would I place these events in the same category as illegal gambling (IE: The backroom poker games).
      As too everyone else, this isn’t a new development and has been on the books for ages; it has only now been brought to light by a few morons (for whatever reason). As someone else pointed out, instead of sitting here whining about it, get to sending emails and making calls to our reps and get something done about it.

  • http://salinapost destiny

    Its all about changing the name.. if you dont like raffle.. suggested donation… the government wants to play stupid games for things that are good for charitable causes then play games back with them.. find the wording that alllows these to slip through the cracks and happen

    • scab scratcher

      Well said !! Churches used to have fish fry’s for benefits. Those too now are illegal as you can’t sell wild caught KS fish. So, many ask for a donation or charge for a cup/plate. But charging for dinnerware is another can of worms.

  • WhyTheAngryEmoticonGiveMeSmileyFacePlease

    What a bunch of IDIOTS! Bickering and blaming because he made a statement. If you don’t like it, shut up and do something about it. Get a provision to allow charitable events. Call your representatives and make a change. Or you could just stay on these kinds of sites whining like IDIOTS!

  • bug

    ya can set it up as a npo,like Pheasants F,Ducks U or friends of nra,lots of lawyers attend these.they all have inside raffles or drawings.

  • Granny

    So it seems we all pretty much believe the same thing on this issue, making these events illegal is ridiculous!! We all need to send letters to the senators and congressmen!!

  • lil-boy-blue

    what is this state coming to it is some b.s i do think there needs to be a letter and more done most Charityes need the poker runs to stay around and to help the kansas people and familes in need or the sick like to put a stop to it

  • Anonymous

    If you think we are riding our bikes all over to help someone you are crazy. If that was the case there wouldn’t be any prizes or incentives. If you can’t be honest with yourselves then find something else to comment on. Let’s ride to put money in jars that are setting by registers at the gas stations. I won’t even concider it. How about you?

    • Edumacated

      I guess I don’t require any payment to do something I enjoy. I will ride in a run just to be among a group of enthusiasts. If i happen to win something so what, I don’t care. Might even turn around and donate that back. True charity is giving and not expecting anything back.

      Sorry that you do not have any better values than to expect something all the time. Must be a liberal!

    • Wow!

      No one wants to just help someone in need out anymore.. always worry about whats in it for me me me me

  • ksdad

    The state hates competition. The KGC thinks that if they eliminate poker runs, that those people will seek out State run Casinos and spend that money. This is what happens when you have people in govt that lack common sense. Just how hard is it to use a bit of sense with this and bake sales and lemonade stands…??

  • http://salinapost Iseenit

    Be careful what you wish/vote for there is always a double edge sword law makers well tell you its a good thing then next thing you know there sticking it in your donkey breaking it off.

  • Bimbo

    In the article it stated that it is up to the ” local county attorney to prosecute violators”. Each county need so ask the county attorney if they will prosecute this and if they will they needed voted out.

  • Yep!

    Hey, how about changing the name of “Poker Run” to “Charity Run” and see how far it goes. Just an idea! Rename it!

  • Triple B

    Is this maybe we some use “Chips” instead of cards, or why raffles are called Opportunity tickets instead? I think we need more research on what exactly is and is not illegal.

  • bdea

    Did I miss something? Is Bill Mikesell the attorney general now?