UPDATED BREAKING: Body Found In Lincoln County Identified As Missing Salina Man

UPDATED: 1:40pm Saline County Sheriff Glen Kochanowski says fingerprint comparison has been used to identify the body of a man found in Lincoln County Wednesday evening as that of 37-year-old Jeffrey Powell.

Sheriff Kochanowski says the family of Powell has been notified.

UPDATED: Saline County Sheriff Glen Kochanowski says a body of a man, that could be the victim in a 2nd degree murder case has been located in Lincoln County just outside of the northwest Saline County boundary.

The sheriff says the Kansas Bureau of Investigation contacted the Sheriff’s Office about 7:00 Wednesday evening, and informed them that a body was found and could be that of 37-year-old Jeffrey Powell, who was last seen late July 31st into the early hours of August 1st.

Kochanowski says an autopsy is being conducted in Kansas City and that a positive ID could come as early as Thursday.

29-year-old Kyle Nelson of Salina was arrested on August 2nd on a 2nd murder charge in connection with the disappearance of Powell.

Authorities believe that Powell was killed east of Salina on North Street.

No other details on the case have been released, and all questions concerning the case have been referred to the Saline County Attorney’s office.

Nelson was in the Lincoln County Jail on charges unrelated to the murder case, and was brought back to the Saline County Jail on August 2nd.

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation, Lincoln County Sheriffs Office, Saline County Sheriffs Office and Salina Police Department continue to investigate and gather evidence in the case.

ORIGINAL 10:11 AM: According to Saline County Sheriff Glen Kochanowski, a body was located at 7PM just northwest of Saline County, in Lincoln County.

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation is currently working the crime scene.

Authorities had been searching the area in connection with missing Salina man, 37-year-old Jeffrey Powell, who was last seen in the early morning hours of August 1st.

29-year-old Kyle Nelson of Salina was arrested Aug. 2 on a charge of second-degree murder in connection with Powell’s death, and is currently being held in the Saline County Jail on a $500,000 bond.

Kochanowski would not comment on any connection to the missing person case, saying that the investigation is ongoing.

The body was transported to Kansas City for an autopsy and a positive identification could come as early as today.

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    That’s to bad.

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        Give me a break ….. go teach english to highschool students if you feel the need to correct someones’ grammar.

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          high school*

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          There will always be nitpickers on here. They have nothing better to do.

  • AdamMan

    Why did the remains go to KC for an autopsy?? Kinda like when that guy got choked to death by Salina cops then they sent the body to Wichita so the Saline County Coroner would not say he was choked to death by Salina’s finest.

    • Joe

      All forensic autopsies from this area go to Frontier Forensics in Kansas City. They do most of the north half of the state. Sedwick County and Wichita do most of the southern part of the state. No grand conspiracy, just standard opertating procedure.

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          There is a dead person found and you want to worry about spelling? Get a life you heartless cun+.

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            You spelled “I am trying to sound cool but fail at life” wrong.

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            People die every minute,,,get over it!

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      Let me guess, they flew the body there in black helicopters and covered it with tinfoil too, right? Dude, you need a good nights sleep. Salina cops really aren’t that bad.

  • somebody

    This is so sad. Jeff Powell may you Rest In Peace. God takes us all at different times in our lives. He’s telling us to slow down. I’m sad for your loved ones and friends as well as now maybe they can be at Peace. You will be missed.

    • Kit

      This had nothing to do with God. Another human being took the guy’s life away from him.

      • Kelly Kapowski

        Everything in this world has to do with GOD. You are very wrong Kit.

        • http://salinapost Sayitaintso

          HA,HA,HA, you made a stupid funny

        • Kit

          No Kelly, YOU are very wrong! God does not take people in this way. He is not responsible for everything we humans do or say.

          • http://salinapost Sayitaintso

            Their is no such thing as a god . Some people just need a excuse for everything that happens in their life, be it good or bad. It’s all gods doing.

          • DBLTRBL98

            If he doesn’t take them does he kicked them out. The end of your life is written before you take your first breath. This man’s lifestyle played a huge part in the way in which he died. No one deserves to die at the hands of another, but “life” is all about choices! Your life is only worth the Value YOU place upon it!

        • I will teach you

          Its called free will. You know, the thing God gave us. Read your Bible Kelly or maybe Zack could loan you one. His family seemed pretty normal.

        • uhhh duh

          Maybe that’s true by your point of view but not everyone shares it.. the old bible vs. evolution argument. How can you prove it had to do with GOD? It can be scientifically proven that a human held the gun to the victim and killed him.

        • Anonymous

          If you believe in God, then you know his nemisis: Satan. This is his doing.

    • ironic

      God is telling you to quit, not slow down.

  • how much

    People need.to leave other peoples stuff alone….theives maybe they wil.learn..

    • Anonymous

      If you think he was shot over a theft you are wrong.

      • how much

        Jeff and joe both are theives….well jeff was a theif….and yes it over something he took that was not his…im just suprised it didnt happen sooner….

        • Anonymous

          No that might have been the excuse, but the toy was returned before the shooting. Maybe it was over 2 dogs peeing on the same tree.

          • what?

            No the toy was at the married girlfriends house and her husband was home so Jeff could not get the toy.

  • Hmm

    Hmmm, i knew of this guy, didnt like him very much, but this is a sad story and even i can feel sorry for my enimeis. RIP Jeff Powell.

  • well…

    I can’t believe the SO hasn’t hired any of you top notch CSI’s to crack their cases for them.

  • HaveMercy

    I will miss my friend very much. He could provide a laugh when no one else could do that for me and he was one of the few who believed I deserved better things(read people) than I have had in my life. My sympathy to his mother and his son as well as his extended family.

  • teen momma

    How were they arresting the guy on murder before a body was found?

    • Snoop Lion

      I think they had enough evidence to charge him without a body. Maybe they found Mr. Powell’s id when he was arrested or something like that. Not starting gossip just say’in they must have had probable cause and that could be anything that would have linked the two together.

      • Vikki

        There was an article when he went missing (don’t remember if it was here or on the journal) that said that Kyle Nelson confessed to murdering Powell. Body or not, if you tell law enforcement that you have murdered someone, you are being charged with such.

        • HA HA

          and supposedly he killed him east of Salina on North St…..and then took his body clear to Lincoln county to dump him out..should get charged with malicious something for that..what a scumbag

          • or

            Maybe they had a crime scene like his car.

          • Vet

            Maybe they had a witness that bailed out of the car and ran back to town and told them what happened. We will wait and see….

  • ReaLLy

    Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character”

    A true fact of life, we are associated by the company we keep. We all have choices in life: a path that leads us into harms way or a path that takes us away from harms way.

    My sympathies to the families involved in this senseless act. May it be an example of what choices to make in life.

  • 2good4ewe

    So true!!!

  • foeshow

    RIP Jeff. I hope your family can find some peace now knowing your in a much better place. You will be missed.

  • nonya

    Rest in peace uncle Jeff. Maybe I can get some sleep now knowing that your body has been recovered and your not laying somewhere dead waiting for some one to find you. I Love You.

    • wonder

      So sorry to hear about your uncle Jeff. Prayers to the family and friends.

  • Anonymous

    Now the family can give this man a proper burial. Peace.

  • flip side

    So Salina and Lincoln county has been subjected to the horrible effects that drugs has on people. not only on the dealers , junkies but on the innocent victims and familys destroyed by this scurge ! Drugs are illegal for a reason!!! I hear that Lincoln county will have a new Sheriff in January. he is going to give a concentrated effert to get rid of this scurge. Also the low life’s that live off of this misery! I have no compassion or tolerance for these people ! God’s speed Lincoln county to rid us from these people.

  • http://salinapost native66

    My prayers go out to the family n friends who I know will miss you Jeff R.I.P. everyone involved in this will be caught n punished I hope they get the book thrown at them and spend the rest of their lives in prison

  • animal

    the company we keep ? kyles address of 1404 lakeview also is address on kbi sex offender registry …..do you know who your neighbor is ?

    • getitright

      The lakeview address isn’t kyle’s address smart guy.

      • animal

        IF you know so much einstein then you know it was what they published AND get this , its his mamas address who raises his kids ! NEVER said kyle was an offender . REreading will help you in the future to make better defenses . IT IS public information ….go look it up 1404 lakeview !

        • Ur wrong

          Sorry to bust ur bubble “animal” but Kyle has been a single father taking care of his kids since they were 2 and 2 months. Not mama. You should know that since you know so much.

          • animal

            yeeep single indeed , cant keep job , and have personally seen WHO raises those kids , as in grandma takes em to work and buys the groceries and they live in HER rental house , all while he loses jobs and steals and drugs , beings you know him so well you should know hes NEVER had the same job over 16 months . . . and that was laying blocks . . .but what do i know ? KBI KBI KBI KBI , , THAT website will tell you who lives there . i would write some names and info for you murderer supporters but everytime i do they wont post it . . . so keep believing and supporting , youll have about 30 yrs to do so . . .

    • what?

      Kyle is NOT a sex offender. None of the addresses that have been published; Jeff/Kyle, were correct. Some of you THINK you know Kyle or Jeff soo damn well, you really don’t.

      • Anonymous

        Who would want to. I know a little, and that’s more than enough for me.

    • how much

      I just rode by 1404 lakeveiw..thats a nice house.i dont think that was kyles house .there sits a newer looking harley there and a brand new toyota tundra with paper plates in back ..new.truck..i thought kyle drove a 65 pontiac..im confussed

      • what?

        Anyone can get on the computer and look up saline county appraiser and do a parcel search. You can see who owns every piece of property in saline county and all the info about the property. You can search by names, addresses, streets etc. For all nosey people. I had to look up info on property when I sold insurance many years ago!

      • ironic

        WOW, and I thought I was psycho!

  • Tera

    ReaLLy, I think you should make the choice to view your fellow humans with more compassion. Sometimes bad things happen to good people.

    • yeah

      And sometimes karma catches up to you and beats the he!! out of you.

    • ReaLLy

      I do view others with compassion. I also chose to not surround myself with people that make poor life choices. I am more than willing to help someone drag their life out of the ditch. Sad fact is most do not want this help or just go back to their old life. I have seen it too many times.
      Maybe a struck a nerve with my statement, which is exactly what I intended. You can chose to make poor life choices and as a result pay the price.
      It is much easier to do the right thing. It takes a lot of hard work, conniving and sneaking around to do the wrong thing.
      The fact is plain and simple: Both of these individuals chose poorly and as a result all can see where it ended.

    • ReaLLy

      good people do not make the choices these two individuals did!

  • just crazy

    But if you sleep with dogs you will get fleas….

    • Not so fast

      Or arrested and thrown on this site.

  • not suprised

    Jeff was a good person when he was clean. Problem is he got caught up with the love of the game. He was a dad & son. He did not deserve to have his life taken. Nobody does. He is in heaven with some of the most important people in his life. 1 of his own children & his grandma. He will face judgement from his maker & face whatever he has coming to him. He was loved, but love sometimes is not enough to help change a person. My prayers for peace to those who loved him & especially for Jeff.

    • not suprised

      I also pray for Kyle & his family. They are going through a lot. It’s a sad situation & so many are going to suffer from it all. Hope people who know these 2 take note of what can come from this type of lifestyle. Pain & hurting those around you!

  • animal

    why is his family hurting ? choices perhaps ? wonder if the dead guys family is also hurting from this same choice ?

    • not suprised

      I’m sure his parents & kids are going to feel the pain of his “choices”. & yes, I was with this dead guy for several yrs & lost a baby with him. Although I moved on a few years ago, I AM HURTING, as the rest of his family & friends are.
      I’m glad you have never made any poor choices in your life(LOL), perfection is hard to come by. Oh & you are delusional if you think you are perfect & never made ANY mistakes or poor choices in your life.

  • ck

    Animal, are you completely stupid??? Why would you think Kyle’s family would not be hurt or upset by this? We are all feeling it. You are just another moron who thinks they know what is going on, and makes comments on this site to make yourself feel better.

  • tinkertoes

    That is just so funny how people are saying Kyle didn’t do it, yet he was arrested IN LINCON, where they found Jeff’s body. Hmmm, he’s got MURDERER written all over him and I hope he gets what he deserves.