Saline County Jail Booking Activity – Tuesday

Recent Booking Activity for Saline County Jail.
All persons included in this post are innocent of crimes until proven guilty in a court of law. Courtesy Photos.


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  • Mrs. Dimegirl

    Same people every day, I swear…

    • DumbDumb

      Today’s collection is uglier than most…

  • so sad

    Oh!! Tammra, girl will you never learn???

    • Drtyblonde

      EVER learn. But yes, she’ll learn. Someday. Maybe. There’s more to it than what’s in print ,tho, I hate to say. If she’s innocent,then maybe it’s karma for things she should’ve been arrested for and never was. Just keep your eyes open when she’s around your man. Black,white,etc.

      • so sad

        No, she will never learn, I have known her 25+ years, and she has always been trouble. If she is innocent, good for her, but I highly doubt it.

        • so sad

          No problem about her stealing my man, I am a man

        • tater

          she’s not innocent………live in her neighborhood.

  • Yolanda

    I haven’t seen this many crewcut haircuts since I looked at my Dad’s highschool yearbook…
    I* guess they cheaper haircuts or they having a skinhead convention at the jail.

    • PC!

      It must be the Kansas heat!

  • Wow!

    Nice Jailbird Neck Tattoo’s Criminals, Yes That Includes You Jenna King! What a WASTE!



  • Grannie

    Koch is the city’s Emergency Management Director!!!

    • Wow

      Maybe Salina should start hiring local people from here for these jobs, after all a couple years ago they had a murderer hired as an inspector from somewhere else. At least this way they would have an idea of what the person is like and at the same time giving someone from here a good job.

      • Country Grandma

        Let’s not be the judge, jury and executer on this guy. There could be more to the story than we know. Same for all of these people. But a nasty seperation, divorce with children and financial obligations can make a person do and say things that aren’t true.

    • Drtyblonde

      Must be one of those ppl that uses the Salina Post for viewing jail bookings only. Well, that and lining for kitty litter box.

    • give me a break

      prolly not anymore

    • Vikki

      Yes.. there was a short article last night stating he was arrested and that there was more information to be released today.

  • Salinasfinest

    worst mohawk EVER!

  • tater salad

    I swear I was only checking the sheep for a temp. And please leave out what was the deadly weapon…….. Was it the victim male or female, Does he get protection from the law for being BAAAHH sexual….. Just go’s to show we have fruit at all levels of government.

    • Ice Road Trucker

      No victim…. I’m sure it was consenting adults….they are in love, and should be allowed to marry.

      Suppose he cannot lose his job, since he was born this way, the Human Rights commision and the Norlins will take up his cause.

      • SomeoneYouAint

        IRT shut up jerk

        • whoa nelly

          @SomeoneYouAint Don’t like the truth, heh?

      • whoa nelly

        Great response IRT. Liberals hate the truth when it is thrown back in their faces.

  • Dago

    Have a question…It seems that Salina can’t have this many scum bags on their own. Do you get a daily or weekly shipment in?

  • Ice Road Trucker

    Sooo people actually accepted checks from Randy Hulsey.

    I took one look at that mug and knew that he had no money in a bank account

  • Buster Hieman

    He never should have done that pig, they squeal on you!

  • Jonesing

    Only the City of Salina and Saline County hires the very worst, most criminal employees in the state!! This has been true for over 40 years, I wonder why that is??

    • me

      Everybody deserves another chance to do right..

      • Fred

        Everybody? No they don’t.

    • Country Grandma

      They do background checks and credit checks before they hire.

  • merchant

    Who would even take a check from somebody with so many neck tats? Cash only from the neck tat crew.

  • idk

    Vernon you are damn near 50 yrs old. Good gracious. If you haven’t learned from you’re past, I would hope you would at least be smarter the spd by now lmao

  • Anonymous


  • Loner

    Too bad they can’t remove these people from Salina permanently.

  • Almost

    Good Lord talk about a drug bust!

    • Kowboy

      Yup quite the roundup today…hyahhh!

  • apple

    Cody, you are trash. You will always be trash.

  • just wondering

    I see Mr. Aguirre has made the bookings page yet again. I bet his family is really proud of him. It seems that he will never learn or grow up.

  • Sweetpea723

    I am surprised by how many older folk are in the drug scene!!

  • areuserious

    Vernon, this is so sad…. you have a awesome son that is doing awesome things with his life. I can remember him telling me that he wishes you would just be there for him…….. messed that up didn’t ya!!! I know he will succeed and it is because he watched his father fail him. Sad….

  • recovering addict

    thanks to the addicts still suffering… reminds me daily how ruff the streets still are….don’t get me wrong, I’m still praying for ur recovery! <3 u all and thanks

  • Somepeopleskids

    where is the story behind these men arrested on drug charges? shouldnt there be a parade or something?

  • Busy Bee

    Look at me,
    busy as a bee.
    Where’d I get all this energy?

    Oh meth; mmm meth!

    I don’t sleep,
    and I don’t eat.
    But I got the cleanest house on the street!

    Oh meth; mmm meth!

    Get these hairs all out my face,
    get these bugs all out of my place.
    One more hit, NO TIME TO WASTE!

    Oh meth; Ooo meth!

  • Wowyourdumb

    Merchant* fyi not all ppl with neck tats are bad ppl just saying I have one in memory of my father work in a very high class job and have never been in trouble with the law not even so much as a speeding ticket so don’t pass judgement on ppl with tattoos some ppl get them for the meaning behind them not just because it sounded like a good idea at the time

    • Really?

      It appears you may have been inked too close to the brain. It’s affected your ability to punctuate.

  • Wowyourdumb

    I use my phone so I’m not really worried about punctuation I was simply making a statement I’m not going to drop to your level and argue about it

    • oh please

      Wow *you’re dumb

  • tattooed

    gravatar test

    • tattooed


      • White Jesus

        It’s there dude!

  • salina mom

    another bunch of thugsters. Keep the drugsters in jail. Put them in a harder place manybe they will learn.

    • salina mom


  • dont care

    cant wait to see them back on the streets tomorrow so i can complement them on their neck tattoos :)