Kansas Couple Reunited With Missing Dogs 5 Years Later

A Kansas couple is probably wishing their basset hounds could tell them where they’ve been for the last five years.

Brenda Travis and Tom Shields gave up hope of ever seeing their dogs after they were stolen five years ago from their home in Murfreesboro, Tenn.

But on Saturday, the dogs, called “Allie” and “Bama” were back with their owners in Wichita.

Travis says she got a call last Wednesday from the Paulding County animal shelter in Dallas, Ga. The dogs had been turned into the shelter and, fortunately, Bama had been microchipped. That allowed the shelter to trace their owners.

The Wichita Eagle reports friends and volunteers on Facebook organized a way to bring the dogs nearly 1,000 miles to reunite them with their owners.

  • Dustin Thawind

    Thats awesome!

  • whatever

    who gives a f*ck its a dog. i would be more impressed if they were reunited with their missing child after 5 years.

    • ben

      Hey whatever…can you do the whole world a favor and die….we dont need douchebags like you..omay thanks..mmm buh buh loser…

      • whatever

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        • gmoney

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        • Furt

          I know some of you may be new to the internet, just ignore people like these, you only insite them further.

    • mr e

      I would be astonished to find out your parents WEREN’T related by blood. Its a fluff piece, it purpose is to warm the heart, so pull that thing out of whatever subzero wasteland you keep it in and let it warm as$hole. And to some people dogs are children they love them the same. Oh and apologize to your uncle daddy or sister mom for the cheap shot at the beginning for me, its not their fault you suck.

      • that.one.chick..

        yeah.. there are some people who cant have children and there pups are their kids.. dogs are people too and this just proves that faith can make anything happen. im glad to hear that Allie and Bama are home. bet they sleep good being home!!

  • king party dog

    whatever get a job and quit being a sponge on society you would feel alot better and stay off the bath salts

  • crazytoliveinks

    Whatever your a A&@ this is one heart warming experience you must be as cold as they come!

  • king party dog

    I’m happy for the owners and the dogs…But if they got 2 homes in 2 different states, they should be able to pay for pick up the dogs themselves…
    And this is a good reason why all animals should be microchipped

    • that.one.chick..

      it was 5 years ago the dogs went missing.. the family probably just moved.. and transporting a dog across multiple states is very costly.. if people wanted to help reunite them thats their perogative.. who are you to judge. obviously you have never lost your pet.

  • Dinosaur

    There is to much negativity on this page. I am glad they got their dogs back. A lot of us do treat our dogs, cats, etc as our children and want them back in our lives. As far as having two different homes in different states, whatever, they have that right, and there are people who are willing to help out in instances like this. No one should be looked down on just because others want to help reunite pets and owners together.

  • justme

    “whatever” I agree with ben, the world would be a much better place…

  • Cheyenne67401

    OMG I JUST read about this on Facebook and the story made me cry! I am an animal lover and also believe that our pets are just as important as family, and out of any dog breed Basset Hounds are my ultimate favorite. It is actually a personal dream of mine to do exactly what these folks did that helped reunite these furbabies with their owners. I helped foster a pair of Bassets about a year and a half ago because they were dropped off at a shelter and were scheduled to be put to sleep because the original owners were cheap backyard breeders and the female couldn’t have babies anymore, so they just disposed them like they were garbage. We kept them for two weeks and almost lost our apartment because of the no pet policy, but we helped save them by giving them a home until they could be transported to their final destination. Now sweet Sadie has been adopted in Arizona and Elmer was adopted in New Mexico. I still love those beasts and check up on them frequently on Facebook. If I could get paid full time for fostering/transporting Basset Hounds, that would be a dream come true. I am SO happy these pets got home safe. :-)

    • Anonymous

      You are SOOO sweet!! I wish you could get paid for fostering pets too!!

  • Captain Obvious

    OMG. You guys, stop arguing. Grow up and show a little class, eh?

    • http://google raven

      @Captain..I’m afraid us posters have as little class as anybody. Humor, only.Long day.

      • Captain Obvious

        Here. Have a beer. Put your feet up. Margaritaville.

  • Anonymous

    Really??? Thats good! and people need to start causing drama

  • Anonymous

    The first posts really went out of line with negative stuff, hard to imagine that someone could feel that negative about a ‘feel good’ story. I have a very soft spot in my heart for basset hounds, I had one for 7 yrs and Eli was my darling boy. Great companion dogs, bassets are and it is wonderful that at least one of the dogs in this story was microchipped.

    As far as people reading the article correctly, I think you need to read it closer. The people MOVED, it didn’t say they owned 2 homes in 2 different states.

    It is nice to read good news once in a while and even if it isn’t about people, it makes a person feel good. You negative people need to take a chill pill.

    • Cheyenne67401

      Go to YouTube and look up “Basset is an Asset”. Beautiful song and video.

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