UPDATE: Saline County Jail Booking Activity – Tuesday

Recent Booking Activity for Saline County Jail.
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  • Disappointed


    • Mike Hunt™

      Josh you don’t look like an Ewing! Are you one of JR’s illegitimate children?

  • Mr. Bill

    Welcome back, Eric.

    • Clayton Bigsby

      WHO let him out of jail to begin with!?!

      • KansasBoy

        They probably let him out knowing that he would return to the same old stuff.
        It makes it easier to build cases against others he deals with.

        You would think that everyone would know better than to deal with him!
        It’s like they are on drugs or something……

        • Clayton Bigsby

          obviously hes not good at what he’s trying to do… wow.

        • Anonymous

          Is this the trial for the charges he accumulated while out on bond? Didn’t he also get caught w/ potpourri while he was in court for the 1st set of charges? All I remember is he never stopped selling anything after they busted him. And a bunch of stuff was in the trunk of his car during trial.

          • No name

            Yes, correct you are and to me it looks like…..he is still producing his not so amazing products. To hell with caring if the crap he’s making kills or harms anyone as long as it pays the bills and your self profit and not paying taxes on any of the money your getting or the 100 cars you drive right eric??? If you don’t give a crap bout yourself and are obviously addicted, STOP MAKING THE CRAP FOR OTHER PEOPLE YOUR HURTING!!! SMDH….Some people never learn and how long is it going to take our lovely judges to see he’s never going to quit making the crap….lock him and all his dealers up and throw away the damn key…..that crap destroys families and lives and is 100x’s more harmful then plain ole pot!!

      • http://salinapost justme

        He wasnt let out of jail he got TRANSFERRED BACK TO SALINE COUNTY YESTERDAY….he still has about 3 more trials to go

    • Bigdog

      I wonder when his POS son will be back on here?

      • KansasBoy

        36 hours??

    • Newbie

      What is so sad is that his son is following in his footsteps. What a shame.

      • Wow

        Sons…plural. He’s got more than one that are messed up….

        • Wow!

          Stupid Ahole, he also has the NCIC hit, which means someone else (another county or state) is looking to arrest him as well! His wife is hot, wonder if she is hooked on the stuff too? May she’ll be smart and take her and her daughter away from here!

    • http://www.facebook.com/groups/FreeEricSrack/members/ EddieFromCal
  • Anonymous

    He was let out as a set up people stop talkin on da damn jail phone like u at home ms. Redmond is listening very very hard

    • KansasBoy

      Stupid people do stupid things and their picture ends up here!!

    • Clayton Bigsby

      and youre sure of this?

      • KansasBoy

        Is the obvious that hard to comprehend???

  • boneman

    We got some winners!! Sleep tight!!

  • AdministrationNation

    Josh maddison is always on here.. I can’t imagine what kinda fines these people get stuck paying

  • Mitch

    Shirak… that orange brings out your eyes

  • Furt

    Joshua’s charges read like a Steve Ballmer speech.

  • ComeOnSalina

    Eric hadn’t had his sentencing yet??? I thought he had and was suppose to be serving his time….maybe that was just wishful thinking.

    • PC

      Ya, but he was convicted of the first ones already! So these should be new charges or additional one, notice it says “w/1 prior conviction” so lets hope they’re new! That way he will be away for a long, long time!

  • Judge Reiker

    Eric Srack is the scum of the earth. Throw away the key!

  • ummm

    turn the flash on picture taker-er lol

  • buster highmen

    Just curious if his charges are THAT of the salts and k-9 drugs he was selling , or acid , or is that a blanket charge for all drugs ? j/k i know in some states that junk still legal

  • ReaLLy

    The Kasper webpage shows Srack being transferred for a court appearance. The sad part is it shows a earliest release date on the prior conviction being April 2013. Hopefully this court appearance will add more time to his sentence and when the government gets done with the tax evasion he will never get out to go back to his horrible business of dealing drugs.

    • http://salinapost yeah ok

      @really….he got about 5 to 6 years on his first trial he was found guilty on..you know the one he was out on bond for when he got arrested for all the other charges…@ wow what makes you think both of his sons are messed up? one of them is actually getting his life straightened out for the better and trying to be better then his “dad” who never was a real parent to begin with, eric is an abusive p.o.s. treated his kids real bad.

  • sharif don’t like it

    dont be hatin

  • Anon

    Chris you’re too cute to be in jail. D:

  • slip of the lip

    srack again…is this the same guy?

  • Rooster Cogburn

    Oh Skreech… you Bone, Tizz, & Loon all in custody .. Again…when will you guys learn… crime does not pay.

  • Jonesing

    Eric moved to Denver and then Salina was too cheap to extradite him. He then stupidly decided to come over the border with a bunch of “legal” pot, what a buffoon!!

  • justwondering(2)

    Looks like Nestler will never grow up. Hope his son has a better chance. But probably not since the same people are raising him too.

    • Owned

      That whole family is lol

  • dat guy

    i wonder how much street cred you get in prison for selling fake drugs

    • Rooster Cogburn

      Rofl. He’s about to find out.

  • craazy

    Jeremy is freakin HOT! but dang..is he a stalker? an abuser? yikes..

    • http://thiscensoredone This guy

      Lol. Obviously you’ve never met Jeremy. He’s always tweakin so hard he can’t stop chewing on his own mouth. Real hot.

  • onu

    Jeremy is nuts

  • Jeff Comfort

    Eric, I know what you are doing and I understand why you are doing it. I don’t see fit but I know where you are coming from. Remember that the burden you pull down upon yourself also visits the ones you love and the ones who defend you and the good name of those who have come before you. One might “fight the power” without jeoprodizing ones liberty. There are ways and you are smart enough to figure on them. Do you shizzle and do some stuff that we’d all be better for. You can…

    • irememberyoufromtheHousejeff

      Thank you Jeff, for getting your point across without name calling and putting people down. I would just like to say that even though Eric is in jail you can buy pope at any number of gas stations and smoke shops in Salina, as long as you call it “incence”. Getting rid of Eric didn’t solve any problem, all it did was cause the people who still want it to have to come up with another way to get it. If I was him I would be very angry that I was sent to prison for something that was not even illegal at the time of my arrest. Come on people seriously, should we ban everything that someone could use to get high? If so than every liquor store and bar should be shut down immediatly and anyone involved in anything that has to do with liquor should be in prison. And by the way, nice to hear all the sweet comments about his kids from all of you. It really warms my heart to know that if I was imprisoned for something that my children would not have to suffer and would be treated decently. Thank God one of his younger boys doesn’t have the same last name, maybe he will be spared Salina’s wrath.

  • ReaLLy

    It is incomprehensible that anyone would have the gall to stand up for Srack! He is a drug dealer plain and simple. All he thought about was the money with no care as to what his drug did to those buying it. He was arrested and charged after the compounds he was using was made illegal. He even decided like an idiot to come back from Colorado with a trunk full of his drug and drug money for which he was arrested once again, WELL after it became illegal to possess.
    He is getting what he deserves for breaking the law. Defend him all you want, but a good father does not drag his children into his drug dealing business! Let alone go on the record as saying he chose the potpourri after three of his twelve children were arrested for possession and he wanted something they and their friends could smoke without getting arrested. ( Look up his interview in Thunder roads magazine) A good father would ground his children, take away privileges and seek drug treatment for their children instead of encouraging it’s use.
    He blatantly flaunted what he was doing like he was above the law and smarter than everyone else.
    He is the epitome of the phrase “Stupid is as stupid does!”

  • americandream

    Regardless of how you feel about the product being sold by Eric Srack the issue that should concern us as American citizens is the rights we are slowly being denied. It is nobody else’s job to protect your children from the product he was selling; when you had kids that burden was placed on you as parents. The stuff is still being sold all over our country. It angers me that people bring their children into this discussion. If you dont want them to use it you need to teach them not to. I dont want drunk drivers on the streets but I dont blame the numerous arrests in Salina on beer manufacturers. The idea that people dont seem to care that this kind of violation of justice has happend here blows me away. If kids start eating paper covered in ink will you mind when books are banned? Far fetched I admit but seriously the product comes with warnings.. it is a personal choice to use it. I wonder at times if some people even think about how they would feel in another persons shoes. Lets all remember that we live one time only. What you choose to do with your time on earth should remain your choice not my choice or anyone else’s. We are a country that lives and breathes consumption… where the is demand someone will provide the supply.. we are a capitalist nation.. Eric was living his American dream. Please remember that people do it everyday and shame on anyone who believes putting one man in jail will make any change.

  • bagged on

    emily please come home i miss you and regret my actions

    • http://thiscensoredone This guy

      Lol. Really “bagged on”? This is where you chose to try to coax this girl back? Lol.

      • lil’one

        I think its sweet. Kinda like the guy who used the skywritter to propose to his girlfriend.

  • http://thiscensoredone This guy

    I’m the first to admit Srack is a douche & everyone is begging for him to be put away forrreeevers BUT the problem remains. You can still walk into multiple gas stations in town & buy this.

    Thank god that eeeeevil marijuana is illegal so we can have people smoking this junk. Who knows what this fake stuff will do, or the damage it can cause. What we do know is marijuana has been smoked for AGES and not one person has ever overdosed on it.