Saline County Jail Booking Activity – Tuesday

Recent Booking Activity for Saline County Jail.
All persons included in this post are innocent of crimes until proven guilty in a court of law. Courtesy Photos.


This information is not criminal history. All individuals included in this post are innocent of crimes until proven guilty in a court of law. The Salina Post assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, or completeness, of this information. Any person who believes information provided is not accurate may submit a complaint to

  • Anon

    Lots of winners

    • Dave Dillard

      I have a question…

      I hope I don’t get thrown to the wolves for asking this but what does SMH stand for?

      I have tried to string some words together and figure it out myself but nothing I come up with dosen’t flow with whatever is being said… *Salina Mental Health* *Stupid Mother Humper* *Shoot More Hippos* *Steve Must Hide* *So Many Hobos*…

      Help me out Salina Post folk, you’re my only hope… (God help us).

      • beejay

        I had to ask my daughter that same thing a few weeks ago. SMH= Shake My Head.

      • beejay

        I think your ideas for what it means are very amusing. :)

      • Concerned

        ROFLMAO at *Salina Mental Health*

        • melissa


          • itsnothisfault

            Roflmao roll on floor laughing my ass off

          • Anon


          • melissa

            Oops, Roll. So need a tv

      • http://google raven

        @Dave..Funny stuff!! If you really get in a bind, go to “Urban Dictionary” on the web. It will teach you more than you will ever want to know!

      • ohman

        oh dave….. SMH

        • Dave Dillard

          Ha ha

          I know… I’m lame.

          For years I thought LOL meant *Lots Of Love*.

          I can’t remember how many online conversations I cut short because some dude slipped an *lol*.

          I’ll get it figured out one of these days..

          • I think

            I almost had a brain aneurysim I laughed so hard at the part about ending conversations short. Raven is right about Urban Dictionary. I kept seeing FML and NSFW a lot on line. FML is f**k my life and NSFW is “not safe for work”. Thanks for the laugh!

  • Clayton Bigsby

    sitting at the mcdonalds on crawford and broadway between 0015 and 0030… i counted 7 cop cars that went through that intersection…isnt that like every cop in salina?

    and yes, i know i shouldnt eat mcdonalds… but i was starving; probably gonna get colon cancer now… and i also realize i was there for 15 minutes to get a burger meal… smh.

    • Hmmm

      What? You don’t like living in a police state?

      • Notnad

        If the police don’t solve a crime, everyone’s on their case, but when someone sees several of them out and about, suddenly we’re a police state. Glad I’m not a cop–they can’t win with some people.

    • LOL

      There’s nothing like high cholesterol and terrible customer service. :)

      • Clayton Bigsby

        very true “LOL”… horrible decision on my part.

    • claytons sister, cousin, lover guy

      GET TO WORK! Oooo……sorry forgot thats your job! Wish i could be a bum and not have a real job…..ok done with taking my $hit…going back to sleep.

      • Clayton Bigsby

        you’re not my sister, cousin, or lover guy.

        • dreamer

          Ya, I am!

        • :-)


  • ItWasntMe

    err high five


    no way in the world that mr. hall COULD EVER fill the shoes of james dean ,what was your folks thinking.

  • o.p.eyell aka gbreadman

    i thought it meant (smh) suck my …. lol i didnt want to get thrown to the wolves either….thanks for clarifying that for me too.

    • beejay

      lol You’re welcome.

  • justwondering(2)

    Is it just be or do the people on here seem like they keep getting younger and younger? (Maybe I’m just getting older and older, but it doesn’t feel that way.)

    • justwondering(2)


  • Jolly

    What does contract housing mean?

    • Just say “Know”

      It means they’re getting money to house someone for another jurisdiction. Like Minne did with the murderers.

  • Salina Looser

    Hi Lisa I Will see you at tom’s Apple tree restaurant for lunch if you are out. I’ll have the half fried chicken, mashed potatoes and salad. don

    • MiMi

      Well if she’s not out I’m free. I’ll have the same. MiMi

      • all man

        Lisa works there, hes not asking for a date

  • wink

    “Pedestrians Under Influence of Drugs or Alcohol” — what the heck? So now people can’t even walk home? So instead of getting a DUI we get PUI…. I’m screwed haha

    • Max Bialistock

      We’re not talking about slightly intoxicated. He was most likely stumbling into traffic. This guy isn’t working with a full deck.

    • ummm

      i talked to cops about this before and they told me as long as somebody is walking ok on the sidewalk not the street and dont pose any risk they wont bother you. it is when they are unsafe to be walking on the streets.

    • scab scratcher

      Dude must have been an a-hole, a picture is worth a 1000 words.

  • yurawinner

    i wonder if these people know how STUPID they look…… everyone point and laugh

  • wondering

    So when it says “habitual offender” when does the Court finally say ENOUGH…. Apparently not this time either since he’s already out of jail…. So basically that tells me, do it as many times as you want… We aren’t going to do anything to you, we’re just gonna post that you have done this numerous times and that you’ve bonded out time and time again…..

  • ;~>

    @Lisa….wow the mighty sure have fallen….(

  • Anon

    Everytime you’re in here, I feel more better about myself. (:
    Then think about how badly you treated my boyfriend, then I hope you stay in jail.
    Man, I mean. D:

    • kindgirl

      you feel more better?? wow

  • ….

    First off you sound stupid….spiteful. And sad….second, toms whole crew is potheads….it just is….by the way everywhere you go your being served by potheads….Everywhere! So shut up

    • somebody

      yep yep! Makes dealing with all those people a whole lot easier!!! #Just Saying

    • at-your-service

      Most of the cooks, for that matter the majority of the kitchen crew at most restaurants are pot smokers.

    • Awhaawhaawha

      Iknowrite! If I had to deal with what Lisa puts up with everyday I’d be doin a lot more then pot! Her awful kids alone would drive me to 1north!

    • Bartender

      I’m a server…and don’t smoke pot. Just saying.

      • ….l….

        Point being that in every industry everywhere most of the people who serve you smoke…and if you think differently your wrong.

        • scab scratcher

          Who really f-ing cares, just give me some good service and I’ll graciously reward you for your efforts. EX: speedy, polite, and helpful service = a bigger score of drugs.

        • Bartender

          It’s ‘you’re’. Yes, I may “serve” you, but I also graduated college and happen to think that ignorant stereotypes are wrong…and disrespectful.

          • …..

            1 out of every 3 households smoke pot. Stereotype no….fact yes…..your so smart with your college education would have thought you knew that…..

  • Gene dePleated

    Did Marc Ryan ever get charged with the DUI from when he ran himself over? Just wondering or did the city fathers sweep his transgressions under the rug like all the other big money cronies in this town. The law is blind unless you have a wallet stuffed with cash.

    • http://google raven

      wrong Mark Ryan! It was NOT the mortician! The other Mark or Marc Ryan is 66. Do be careful with your accusations, please!

  • About That Time

    Annie is pregnant with prior children, maybe she should worry less about trying to be “hood” and more about trying to be a mother.

    • Rougarou

      “Pregnant with prior children” – WTH does that mean?

      • huh?

        pregnant, with prior children. punctuation is fun.

      • http://msn smoker

        @Rougarou…sidebar…interesting post name. It reminds me of “loup garoux” French for werewolf, alhough my spelling probably is way off. No offense meant, I like it. It’s fun to say!

  • so sad

    where does it say she was busted with pot because this is what I saw for charges

    Charges Description Possession of certain hallucinogenic drugs Bond 1000.00 Use/possess w/intent to use drug paraphernalia into human body Bond 1000.00 Disobey traffic control device Bond 1000.00

    • Jane

      Marijuana is considered a hallucinogenic drug.

    • http://google raven

      @sad..For whatever reason, the LEO will refer to marijuana as a hallucinogenic drug. Guess she may have run a stop light or sign, got pulled over, and was in possession of pot and probably a pipe. Just an educated guess!

      • scab scratcher

        Ya got me! I thought it meant needles/syringes.

        • all man

          it was a wooden dug-out, you cant shoot up marijuana

  • really


  • all man

    I though pot made everyone lazy and stupid. if thats true than why wasnt she fired for not showing up and doing a poor job? Ans shes been smoking pot for longer than I’ve been alive. My guess is the cops have been watching hersince her ex, Kevin Ashcraft got busted.