Posted 3 years ago

By Sam Pridey

UPDATE: According to police, 3-year-old Anthony Hernandez was found Sunday evening at an Arkansas City, KS, fishing lake with Francisco Lopez. Lopez was taken into custody and Hernandez remains in protective custody at this time. An investigation is pending.

ORIGINAL: An Amber Alert has been issued for the state of Kansas for a missing child.

3-year-old Anthony Hernandez was last seen yesterday evening at 600 S. 6th St.  in Arkansas City, KS

Anthony Hernandez was last seen wearing a yellow tank top, black shorts w/ yellow stripes, and yellow spongebob square pants crocks.

Suspect’s name is Francisco Lopez–white, male, 33 , 5’05, 200 lbs, brown eyes and a bald head. The suspect was last seen wearing a dark blue t-shirt and dark blue shorts. Suspect owns a 2003 White Chevrolet Cavalier bearing an Oklahoma license plate of 336 HPW. Reflector on the rear of the vehicle between the back brake lights is broken.

If you have any information on this missing child, please dial 911 or contact the KBI at 1-800-KS-CRIME.

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  • Kansas

    I see it is already removed……thank you!

  • PC

    He is headed south for sure! Watch the border!

  • salina-HA

    francisco lopez?? doesn’t sound white to me, sounds more like a mexican than a white persons name

    • Yup.

      Really? Not slightly less bigoted than saying “Doesn’t sound very American to me.” No you went straight for color. You are a total tool!!

    • Anonymous

      Race=white; ethnicity=hispanic. I’m tired of “white” ppl thinkin’ no one’s white.

  • princess

    Have they issued anything for Oklahoma ?

  • Cheyenne67401

    I don’t know what was going on with that situation, like why the child was reported missing and why the person who the tot was found with was arrested, but it sounds like he was having fun learning how to catch a fish! :-) I’m just happy to hear that he’s safe and everything is OK.

  • Anonymous


  • princess

    Thank God he was found safe.

  • Kriston

    Happy to hear little guy was found safe!!!