2500-Gallon Water Truck Stolen From K-18 Construction Site

By Brett Regan ~ Little Apple Post

Riley County Police officials say a 2500-gallon water truck was stolen from a K-18 construction site over the holiday weekend.

The theft occurred at the 6800 block of the highway inside one of the construction areas. A silver 1988 Ford truck with a large water tank was stolen. Police say the loss of the truck and other contents is estimated at $15,050.

The truck is owned by Bemas Construction, Inc. from Colorado. It has a Colorado license plate and company logos on the doors.

No arrests have been made.

  • ….

    I can see the high speed chase now.

  • The Barnyard Mare

    Watch out! They are going to let the water loose as the cops chase it, making the roads slick, that is how they get away.

  • Some Girl

    Well I would think that would be something pretty hard to hide, but that’s just my thinking…….

  • k

    To new of truck in photo to fit a 1988

    • Dirt Road Trucker

      I am sure that is just a representative photo since the brand is wrong too.

  • Almost


  • Moderated

    Water trucks have been stolen before with far more serious intent. Read this story about an incident in CO back in 1998.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Quit trying to scare people.

  • Moderated

    I suggested you read the story, not be afraid because of it. What you feel about a fact is your choice…