UPDATE: 3-Month-Old Believed To Have Died Of Natural Causes

Salina police are continuing to investigate after an infant was found dead this morning at the Gold Key Apartments, on West Ash, but early reports are that the child died of natural causes.

A report of a baby not breathing came in to Salina EMS shortly before 10AM Friday morning.

According to reports the baby was deceased when EMS arrived. The infant has been identified as 3-month-old William Hartman.

We will update this story as more information is released.

  • Ridic

    Not another one!! I swear it that I’ll scream if its some trashy girls boyfriend who did it!!!!!

  • “TRUTH”

    !?ANOTHER?! Salina is quickly growing to be the dead child capitol of Kansas!!! WTF is going on here!!??

  • SimplyAmazing

    What in the f*ck is going on in this town!?

    • Justsayin…

      Meth/drug users and disrespectful non caring adults!!!

      • AMAZING

        A yound couple lose their baby and all the sudden they are drugusers?! Wow way to jump to ignorate conclusions….You and your comments make me sick…justsayin…..

  • uknow

    So sad

    • donna stiles

      I know there is lots of kids killed, not only in Salina, but so far they are calling it natural causes, people are too fast to judge, if parents are reading this and all this trash talk.

  • On duty

    Why must everyone jump to conclusions, it could simply be a case of sids.

    • http://google ruthless

      @On Duty…and they call ME ruthless! SIDS or something more sinister, all are concerned because a child is dead.That’s the true conclusion. And it is sad. Let us have our feelings.

      • Kayla Carrico

        I totally Agree Ruthless! Its bull that all these babies are dying lately. Yes it may be the Sids that had caused this but what do you expect people to think when so many people are killing innocent babies lately?? Its sad and the people who are doing it should be treated the same way they treated them babies, honestly I think they should be treated worse. So just like ruthless said, let people have their feelings!!!! And these people who are killing these babies are getting off easy. What if it was your child that was killed, if you have one that is?

        • AMAZING

          NOBODY KILLED THIS CHILD….it died of natural causes….KNOW THE FACTS BOFORE you have your feelings…

      • On duty

        I never said anything about having feelings nor did I deny that it is a sad situation. I was simply stating that maybe before everyone gets their torches and pitchforks out that there may a natuaral cause explanation to the death. All of the posts above were refering to murders, and it does not state anywhere in the story that foul play is suspected. I am sure the oarents are grieving as well, but do the really deserve false acqusations or rumors starting?

    • J1

      Thanks On Duty, I agree.

    • singlemom

      i justlove how these peeps jump to conclusions alsoas far as drugs or abuse i lost my little sister to sids also was no fault of my parents one of which is an alcoholic wake up an smell the coffee peeps im in agreeance with onduty

  • justwondering

    Please God! Don’t let this be another child who was abused!! Sometimes babies are with us just long enough to remind us that life is worth it, and then they go to God. Praying for the family!

  • Anonymous

    Well the Key Phrase that may have everyone up in arms is “Police are investigating.” Normally investigations are not done unless something is unsettling or suspicious. I pray that the worse case scenario is not the cause.

    • Me

      Any and all unattended deaths are and will be investigated. So that doesn’t necessarily mean there is foul play, though I’ll admit I think there is foul play here.

  • stop

    How terribly sad.

  • uknow

    Yes even with sids they investigate

  • okreally

    any unattended or unexplained death is investigated

  • Teacher/Momma

    Dear God…

  • ReallySalina?!

    Praying it is not another case of abuse….praying for those effected by this tragic situation.

  • SMH

    It said the baby was found at the apartments! Found by who, where the parents or parent there? How old was the baby? What time did this happen?

  • MamaS

    Praying that this isn’t another case of abuse.

  • Helen

    RIP baby. So sad to hear of that again. So sad when a little one dies. It’s bad enough when an adult passes but a baby is even worse.

  • Just saying

    I think the police dept should go back 10 years and investigate all baby deaths to see if they’ve overlooked anything.

  • stop

    No matter the situation this is horrible. However, the system fails children on a daily basis because it believes the best place for these children is with the natural parents. No matter how awful the parenting is. Children need protected. Parents need educated. I hope and pray this is not another case where multiple reports was made to SRS buy because of caseload or even priorities to little to late like the last two child abuse cases that ended in death. Praying for this Angels loved ones.

  • wowwwww…..

    so sad, RIP baby. no matter what the cause of death, very sad to see these stories so often. :(

  • ano

    well if the court system would protect the children more than the people that do these things with the little situations that happen then the big ones would come up
    just from experience our court system sucks

  • ano

    cans CAPS do a better job at listening

    • poorwhitetrash

      they can but they wont. they already get paid to do what they do, why should they do more?

  • Apples

    So sad to hear about this death. Death isn’t easy to deal with, but with a baby, it’s a lot harder to cope with. Praying that this wasn’t a case of abuse.

  • Steve

    Too often the courts will decide that the mother should be the one to have custody of any children. The courts need to realize that in some instances, the father would make a better parent.

    I could be wrong, but I believe the rash of baby deaths lately have all been caused from abuse at the hands of the mother’s new, latest and greatest, boyfriend.

  • another voice

    Let’s all wait for the details. H

  • tomthumb

    where are the FATHERS, the real ones…….these FATHERS have allowed these deadbeat POS into their childrens lives…..

    • Steve

      In most instances, they ‘allow’ no such thing. They do not have any control over who the mother of their children hang with.

      • Well..

        They, fathers, could in some (most) instances care a bit more. Deny that if you will but many good fathers do not take the high road in their children’s lives. If a parent wants 50% custody- that means 50% and not any less. That means providing the things the child needs and taking initiative. That means sharing ALL responsibility and care of the child.
        I know a lot of really good fathers but they are fewer than the fathers who wait for their cues and do no more than the minimum requirement, if they do that much.
        I want to see a mans movement that actually accomplishes something other than placing blame and shifting the burden. That will include taking responsibility and aggressively, sincerely and positively making a difference for their child and acting as a model for their peers.
        It’s easier for a man to run and be excused than it is for a mother to struggle and suffer possible consequences.
        Solutions don’t come from complaining and name calling. Solutions come by changing behavior and sticking with it, forever.

        • http://www.salinapost.com Senior

          Sounds as if it comes from one who got it once, delivered it the second and screwed it last. Keep that quarter between your knees and have that problem not to worry about.
          From a father who fought for two years for 50% and just ended up in debt!!

          Sorry to the parents who have to live thru life’s hardest moment! RIP.

          • Well..

            Did you fight for 50% custody as a sincere reach toward raising and providing for the child or did you simply want out of the debt?

            When you say things like your above statement, I can see how you lost your custody battle.

    • little voice

      I know these people and FYI, the father was there, the mother was not. The father tried to revive the child, and actually a very good father. He takes care of their other son very well. Deadbeat moms are becoming a wave of the future

  • Amen!

    Fb comments have said two people were arrested. Do we know anything yet?

  • lalala


  • missyD!

    Ah man. So sad. Hoping there was no foul play.

  • http://facebook Pat Peterson

    Everyone needs to not jump to conclusions until the medical examiner has his report. Can you imagine being a new parent, putting your sweet baby to sleep only to find it dead in the morning from SIDS. What a tragedy.

    Instead of jumping to conclusions, pray instead for justice if it was a crime, comfort if it was a loss and protection for all the other babies!

    • http://google muggle

      @Pat Peterson…how beautifully put!

  • ReallySalina?!

    Well I keep checking back in here, because someone soon will post something about what happened. Can always count on getting the rest of the story from the comments.

  • wow

    The real fathers are paying child support and lawyers to try to see their children. The mothers keep the dads from seeing them and the courts do nothing. Then the mothers do all but force their new boyfriend to help with the kids claiming the real dads are bad fathers! The fathers weren’t bad when they were making the babies together! Over half the time the mothers are to blame! I am a woman and it would have to take a whole lot for me to ever keep my kids from their father and let someone else watch them!! The courts need to enforce the laws they write and make the mothers let the fathers see their kids or we are going to continue seeing more dead children:(

    • wow

      And….even with signed court papers, if a father tries to pick up their child for visitation and the mother refuses to let the father take the child(which happens alot) NOTHING can be done!!! The cops are called and they say it is a civil matter and the father has to come up with more money to go to court and say the mother isn’t following court orders and still nothing happens 99.9% of the time! Maybe we should work on a bill making it mandatory for cops to follow signed court orders?

    • Gee Whiz

      Here’s a novel idea: how about single women quit cranking out babies. How about waiting until you are married and have a two parent self-sufficient family who can afford to have a child and are mature enough to raise it? Babies aren’t toys to show off to your friends or friends to make up for the emptiness in your life. Babies aren’t tickets to free money and they aren’t status symbols. And get this: Babies are PREVENTABLE! If you are not willing and able to devote almost EVERY MINUTE of your life to raising and caring for a child, DO NOT MAKE ONE!

      • wow

        Oh so true gee whiz!!

      • Well..

        Here is a novel idea: How about men stop ejaculating inside the women who keep cranking out babies? Why is this ONLY a woman’s problem? Why do men take no part of the blame?
        If it’s up to the woman to be the only responsible person in all areas of family planning, women should be running the planet, period. Men will need to be degraded as sperm donor and soldier. This is a two part problem. It needs to be addressed and solved by men and women as mutual contributors. When you constantly lay the blame on women and women alone you degrade your own sex. Do you not see that?

        Babies don’t come from nowhere! The woman alone cannot support the child and she alone did not create the child. Men run more often than women out of the parenting role. Men are not forced to be parents- women are.

        I am not saying that women are perfect and not full of problems but look at the entire picture and the past 50 years of how this situation has evolved. Men are the real problem. Fix yourselves and find a solution that does not condemn the mother. We are supposed to be in this together; not separated by a power trip and the need to run from responsibility.

    • http://www.salinapost.com Senior

      @ WOW you are so very correct. Resposibility starts before conception.

      Again to the parents of this child. Sorry for the loss and may you find comfort in our savior.

  • jazzy

    This is very sad, but I find it ridiculous that people look to facebook to find out what happened. Last I checked, fb isn’t exactly as reliable as oh, lets say, a real news source.

    • http://www.salinapost.com Senior

      @jazzy let me know when you find a real news media that post unbiased.

  • just me

    I hope not but If it was sids it would not be on here God please don’t let this be another tragedy I can’t stand hearing of any more baby’s dying it makes my heart hurt like it’s one of my own

  • adam b

    so sad rip

  • pink hots

    So sad.

  • motherof1

    How devastating. I can not even imagine losing my baby. Prayers for the family in this awful time.

  • Marsha

    I hope all the people who assumed and wrote such horrible things feel ashamed of themselves!!! I am deeply saddened by this tragic passing of such a beautiful baby boy. I am praying for both parents and everyone affected by this. I wish there was something i could do to take away the pain for both of them :( I don’t know the mother very well but I do know that the father is a wonderful man who loved/loves his child/children! Again, I hope mom & dad can learn to cope with the loss. Praying for you all! Love you all! I’m sorry you both have to go through this!

  • just me

    Thank you Jesus for not being abuse but still so sad prayer with the family sorry for your loss of a baby

  • Melissa Montgomery

    my condolences go out to the family and friends ..just terrible I am sorry for your loss..may god help you through the days to come

  • out of towner

    My thoughts and prayers are with this family in this very sad time..
    I can not imagine the pain the must be feeling. I do hope that they get thru
    all the negativity that is in some previous comments. what happened
    to the way people used to support each other in times of need. now they
    jump to conclusions and make harsh statements without facts

    • Someoldlady

      Since the death was by natural causes, the negativity wasn’t directed toward these parents.
      With the recent abuse deaths in town, of course people are going to jump to that conclusion. The statements made stand in cases of abuse, and hopefully the parents of this baby are secure enough in their parenting that they won’t take them personally. I imagine the last thing they are doing right now is worrying about comments on the news story.
      I can’t imagine the pain of losing a child, and my thoughts go out to the parents, grandparents, and other family members.

      • http://www.salinapost.com Senior

        Assofuandme. Assume


    People you need to stop opening your mouths and speaking before you think. Jumping to the conclusion that this child was abused or murdered and spreading it all over these websites will keep some parents from seeking help for their sick or injured child. I know what scum we have here in Salina and how easy it is to assume that everyone is guilty of something but seriously if you were a young underprivileged, single parent that may or may not have been in trouble with the law in some form or fashion you might be reluctant to call for help when needed if you knew that you would be automatically accused of something. We need to be a community that bonds together and supports in times of crisis not one that stands in our “glass” houses and throw stones. Let the Police respond and investigate (yes when the welfare of a child is involved the must investigate) then wait to hear details before you hang a grieving parent in front of a Mob. Due Process, Compassion and Education is lacking in our town.

    • http://www.salinapost.com Senior


    • Someoldlady

      Sorry, but no one would ever keep me from seeking help for my sick child. I would be more concerned with the kid than what people will think of me. Parents who are afraid of what people will say and let their kid go without medical treatment are not good parents.
      Why would the parents be reading this website? They lost their baby, and are likely grieving, and not paying attention to crap strangers who don’t know the story have to say.


    Whether or not the parents are taking your comments personally or not isn’t the issue! It seems as though every single person in this town should be a cop, judging by how much you people think you know about every thing and everyone! All comments that are negative and comments that jump to conclusions should be kept off of here until facts are known.

    • Someoldlady

      Well by golly, we live in ‘merica, where we can say what we want to. Let’s just hide all negativity, and punish people for having a bad attitude.
      Comment forums on the internet are not for sensitive people.

  • SMH

    I for one hope that the parents stay as strong as they can and remember to love amd comfort each other in this time of need. Prayers with you and your family!

  • Anonymous

    The boyfriend did it again

  • http://salinapost destiny

    to the ones stating a babys father needs to take the high road and care about their kids… its not that easy.. i have a son who would gladly take custody of his children but in the state of kansas…its a mothers world… you have to be able to prove that mother is unable to care for her children.. ( and good luck with that one) and to be able to prove that you have to tie alot of money up in lawyer fees and alot of dads that care do not have the extra money for lawyer fees after they pay the child support for the mothers to use on anything but the child it is for… my son will continue to fight for at least 50% custody of his children and trust me i worry every day about what kind of loser whe will bring into their lives..

    • family man

      welcome to my world….my son would love to have 100% custody but it is a mother’s world regardless of her actions and money doesn’t always buy the best lawyer…they are sometimes to blame as well!

  • Mary

    Awe how so very sad. My prayers are with the family. Hold your children everyday and tell them how much you love them. You never know when God may call them home! God Bless this family!

  • Wow

    I can’t believe people don’t think what these comments might do to the family. As a member of a family who lost my nephew way to early in life in a car accident. We read all the comments in the online papers. I’m so glad people never said anything negative. It makes the pain that much worse. God Bless this family as they deal with such a horrible loss. Prayers are with all of the family.

  • @someolelady

    @ someolelady ..Well by golly, we live in ‘merica, where we can say what we want to. Let’s just hide all negativity,……….that’s what makes America so great all the negative ,hateful and nasty people thats something to brag about . It’s easy to be negative it takes a real human to be compassionate and able to sympathize with others misfortunes


      you sound stupid right now…really you do

  • just sayin

    If you people are so concerned about the welfare of children in our community, maybe you should be volunteering your time at CAPS or DVACK instead of sitting behind your computer all day.

  • Gee Whiz

    I have three friends who lost children and grandchildren and I know how devastating it is. I’m glad mom and dad have each other to cling to in this sad case.

  • http://google muggle

    I lost my daughter when she was five days old. In spite of love and support from everyone, I went into deep depression. I finally went for help to the Mental Health Center, and the kind people there directed me to several neo-natal death support groups. There is help if you need it…God Speed Hartman family.


    what ever happend to respecting the parents and family who lost a child?! Consideration is lost in this stupid town!!


    It’s not been lost in this town. It’s been lost in this web site though! All these computer tough guys and girls behind their computer monitors don’t have real lives, so they have to live “The Days Of Their Lives” here at Salina Post.

  • The Barnyard Mare

    Come on people, just 100 years ago it was not uncommon to hear of a family losing a baby this young. It is a natural thing. I almost lost both my kids (not from drugs either) my son was born with a heart defect and my daughter had parvo (human form) that passed the placenta when I had the respirator version. It happens. Babies die of NATURAL causes and irregardless, the pain of the loss is terrible for families. Give this a break until more facts are out there and then those who said terrible things need to be posting apologies.

  • The aunt

    Let me set the record straight. I am the aunt of this dead baby. My brother is heartbroken over the loss of his child. HE was taking care of his child. There is no abuse here. My nephew died of SIDS. There was no wrong doing here except that people jump to conclusions. He does not use drugs. He is not on any form of public assistance. How about a little support? Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves. What if you had a dead child.