Saline County Jail Booking Activity – Wednesday

Recent Booking Activity for Saline County Jail.
All persons included in this post are innocent of crimes until proven guilty in a court of law. Courtesy Photos.


This information is not criminal history. All individuals included in this post are innocent of crimes until proven guilty in a court of law. The Salina Post assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, or completeness, of this information. Any person who believes information provided is not accurate may submit a complaint to

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  • knowitall

    Where to start?

  • Chuck Norris

    Carrot top

    • WeeTodd

      I was thinking Sideshow Bob.

  • Anonymous

    What? Did they arrest your mom and charge her with a lot of drug charges?

  • gabrielle

    wow, i sure am glad they got that drug dealer off the streets!! she looks like such a loser, like some homeless pot head bag lady. and did you see how sinister and scary she looked, like she learned alot in prison? thank you salina police for protecting me and my children from these criminals!

    • Toto

      She never went to prison..Perhaps just once you will actually post something you know something about??

    • Anonymous

      Yeah she sure looks like she smokes a lot of pot. That is sarcasam there just so you know.

  • gabrielle

    o, and i’ll bet those aren’t really hearing aids-probably what she uses to bring her drugs into the jail! i feel so safe now that she is behind bars.

    • Toto

      Ummm You must have super reading skills and read things that aren’t printed. She never took drugs into the jail.

      • wtf

        Umm pretty sure she was joking

  • salina-HA

    salina, you disgust me. putting in all that time and effort to bust a little old lady slinging dime bags?? go after the real criminals, all these stupid asses think they can get away with killing babies, or cooking meth, driving drunk.. etc. etc.

    • Grannie

      Hey, sorry they arrested your Grandma!! But the old bat is a DRUG PUSHER!! And like it or not, that makes her a “real criminal”!

      • ಠ_ಠ

        And arresting these horrible people with little bags of dried plant material in their possession is exactly why we have murderers and other violent criminals being placed in county jails because of prison overcrowding. Decriminalize marijuana. The war on drugs is a failure and a waste of valuable taxpayer dollars.

        • Anonymous

          Did ya’ take a second to see that she was selling within 1000′ of a school? I know the pot heads …. and some who don’t use as well … are all for decriminalization, but until that happens, selling weed or any other drug is ILLEGAL. Granny wants to expose my kids to it and I’ll do my best to make sure she goes to jail where she belongs!!

          • Doubtful

            Exposing your kids to this??? Do you actually believe that reality?? They discuss this sort of stuff in school. The government exposes your children to all drugs more than 100 old ladies. It is not like she was selling to the kids.

        • Vet

          I think it was a little more than pot…. read the charges. Mary Jane is not charged as an hallucinogen. Every violent criminal has drug dealer. I bet “Green House Granny” has many “friends” in the clink.

          • otayy

            Yes it is charged as hullucinogen. Do some research old man

          • Listenhear

            Your wrong buddy.. That’s EXACTLY what they call it

        • realitycheck

          As soon as you legalize pot, you’ll just make is so much easier for “underage” smokers to get weed.

          Then all those people who think underage drinking isn’t a big deal cause “they’re just high school kids letting off steam” will be saying the same thing about pot use.

          The last thing the loser teens in this town need is easier access to more pot so they can flunk a few more drug tests and remain unemployed, then sit around and whine about not being able to find a job.

          • rawr

            ya cuz they aren’t smokin it already!

          • Doubtful

            It is already easily got by people of all ages. This didn’t even make a dent in what is available. Decriminalizing marijuana will not make kids run out to get ‘it’ any more than them running out to get alcohol.

          • rawr

            i know this and so do you but we cant convince everyone. people been smokin it since the dawn of time and they aren’t about to stop today.

          • Your reality is marred

            @reality: I know a lot of kids that sit around and whine because they can’t get a job and it has nothing to do with drugs. They are jsut spoiled little brats that want everything handed to them. They actually believe the world should just be handed to them. They have never really had to work for anything because their parents and grandparents give them everything. They can’t work for minimum wage or really work. they think they should just be given money.

            Reality is a cruel slap in the chops and because of the way these kids were raised it is a slap with brass knuckles.

          • youpeoplearedumb

            umm, if it was legal people wouldnt have to worry about failing a drug test for it. And calling the teens in this town losers is real mature on your part. I think you need the reality check buddy.

          • Joe

            It’s no different than the underage smokers we have no.

            Or the underage drinking.

          • Joe


          • realitycheck

            My general point is there is that legalizing pot would make it easier for kids to get.

            @realityis marred, I fully agree with you. I’ve made the same statement before. Today’s youths have a feeling of entitlement.

        • aguy

          a crime is a crime she still needs to be locked up

  • hadnot

    Grandma been pimpin since been pimpin since been pimping

  • RedHead

    Granny got caught!

  • ReallySalina?!

    Toto I believe it is called sarcasm gabrielle is using….lady is old enough to know better. throw the book at her and the other guy that supposedly is to be arrested.

  • Photo by husband

    Too bad poor grammar and ignorant comments aren’t a criminal offense! :)

  • Listenhear

    Lmao that’s the lady the DTF spent over a month investigating over some weed!! Lmao DTF what a joke!!! Seriously people

  • freewill

    Sounds like Grandma was a master gardener. Oh well, one down two will replace her. Just one more case of going after the low hanging fruit.

  • shawna

    They arrest one and 8 out of 10 times that one will spill the beans on a whole bunch of other people makin or sellin or whatever the case may be how do u think they got the 17 in one day last yr.. personally im glad they arrested her the drug problem in kansas is the reason i moved…

    • ಠ_ಠ

      And, pray tell, which state did you move to? The only state with no drug users is the state of denial.

  • o.p. eye ll aka gingerbreadman

    That lady ain’t old, she is a 33 yr. old meth addict. The only thing she didn’t get charged with is possession of ugly with intent but maybe the sheriff’s dept. ran out of room on this website to post that charge. May that lady R.I.P., after all, she is in saline county jail.

    • rawr

      @ o.p. eye II, last i checked 1962 from 2012 was 50 not 33. maybe you should quit smoking so much pot and you would have better math skills!!

    • gabrielle

      please tell me you are still in high school o.p.eye. I would hate to think our school systems are pumping out kids with math skills like yours.

  • Uh huh

    Don’t they set up the “buys” within a 1000 ft of a school for a reason??? To slap another charge on them???

    • Imma Tator Tot

      Probably. Same reason why there’s always a cop or two just sitting at a school speed zone to catch someone.

  • emily

    well, if it isn’t my old friend Jason Olson. How you doin these days buddy? say hi to my uncle kevin for me!

  • Sorry

    Vorhees? That’s awesome.

  • http://yahoo tiffi

    I always thought Contempt of Court meant you spoke out and the judge got pissed and said I hold you in contempt of court. But, it seems everyone is gettting this charge anymore. Is that alot of people talking out or am I missing something???

    • hahaha

      You can be held in Contempt if you are supeonaed(sp?) and don’t show up. If you have a court ordered appearance and don’t show up, etc. It isn’t just for mouthing off in court. Refusing to cooperate as a witness on the stand can also land you in contempt.

      • http://yahoo tiffi

        Thanks for answering seriously and not with some stupid comment. I guess it just seems like Failure to Appear is not as common as Contempt. Thanks for clearing that up….

  • Fun Fact

    Fun Fact: That lil ole lady drug pusher Knows the “charged” baby killer. Ironic that the woman some claim to be a waiste of PD’s time, sold enough drugs to pay for plenty of attourney time for any of that family, currently incarcerated… S M H

    • thatonechick

      i know the “charged” baby killer also, does that make me a bad person? I also know the babys’ father and his brother, and his brothers girlfriend who was almost killed by someone else i know. i know alot of people in salina-that tends to happen when you live your whole life somewhere.

  • wow

    There are alot of people that smoke pot that have high paying jobs and you would never know or think they smoke pot it is just another thing for you to complain about kind of like any errors i have in my post .

  • realitycheck

    @youpeople are dumb’s comment: “umm, if it was legal people wouldnt have to worry about failing a drug test for it. And calling the teens in this town losers is real mature on your part. I think you need the reality check buddy”

    Comprehend what I wrote. Making it legal makes its easier for teens (I cannot imagine that the legal age, if it happened, would be younger than 21) to have access, hence unable to pass a drug test.

    And, seriously, just cause it’s legal doesn’t mean companies have to allow people under the influence to work for them.

    Do you really believe that’s how it works? People who fail drug and/or alcohol tests are allowed to work on construction sites and drive vehicles, putting others at risk?

    And, I didn’t say all the teens in Salina, I specifically referenced the “loser teens” in this town. We see some of their faces on here all the time.

    • Doubtful

      You still have yet to prove a valid point. There are already a lot of teens that smoke marijuana and do many other drugs. Some are “lazy” sure but so are so many teens and adults that don’t do a single drug. People will continue to sell, get and do drugs regardless of whether or not it is legal.

      I can guarantee that there are people of all ages that you interact with that use drugs, alcohol or both that you consider nice folks while at the same time there are so many that are perfectly clean and sober that are complete self-absorbed pucker-holes.

      • realitycheck

        Not sure what point you’re looking for me to “prove.”

        My main point is that by making pot legal would also make it even “easier” for those would be considered “under age” to get it. I never said it wasn’t easy right now, I’m saying it would be easier. And, I don’t see any plusses in that.

        As far as “lazy” teens, your term, I said many of them will not apply for a job that requires drug testing because they already know they won’t pass, and some won’t even get off of it long enough to get hired.

        Your second paragraph may be true, but it has nothing to do with anything I’ve stated.

        • Doubtful

          It will not make it any easier for anyone to get their hands on. That is a blind belief when you don’t know all the facts. A very one-sided, scared view. It really won’t make any impact for teens to get or anyone else. Not any easier than how it is now. Every single teen knows who to get it from now if they so choose to.

          If marijuana was decriminalized that doesn’t mean that a teen could just walk into a gas station and buy it. I honestly do not envision every teen out there getting high. Hell, I don’t believe every teen is under the influence of alcohol.

          • realitycheck

            Of course it would be easier. It’s only blind to think it wouldn’t be easier.

            Person of age walks into store, buys weed, walks out of store and hands it to friend.

            How is that NOT easier?

            Again, I never said every teen was out there getting high. But to say making it legal doesn’t make it easier is being short sighted.

            What are all “the facts” that I don’t know?

        • thatonechick

          well, considering marijuana is illegal for everyone, how old is “under age”? i have a 12 yr old niece in california with a medical marijuana card because she suffers from leukemia and a brain tumor. without the marijuana she gets so sick from her treatments that she ends up hospitalized. we almost lost her this winter due to malnutrition and dehydration because of her constant vomiting. AND, she is still in school, but does most of her work online and is an excellent student.

    • rawr

      if it was legal, there would not be the distinct line between the pot-heads and the preps cuz everyone would smoke it!! and what a wonderful world it would be!

  • Boss man

    If anybody wants to smoke pot move to CO.Doctor note or note it’s easy as pie to get a prescription to smoke weed.And what pisses me off what’s the difference that these people can smoke weed in CO and we can’t.The laws are bullstit.

  • something again

    Harris – again, like mother like son



  • Cereal killer

    What??? You mean I’ve been breaking the law every morning when I eat my Cherrios?? Crap!

  • M Fer

    They should just legalize pot. I mean they use it for medical purposes in some states. It’s not like they wouldn’t make a bunch of money by taxing it.