Kansas Rally Seeks Repeal Of Stand Your Ground Law

Trayvon Martin (Via Twitter)

A Topeka rally is planned to push for the repeal of a Kansas stand-your-ground law modeled after one in Florida. Stand-your-ground laws have been in the news since the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager by a neighborhood watch captain in Florida.

The Topeka Capital-Journal reported that community activist Sonny Scroggins is organizing the Topeka rally. He is urging demonstrators to gather at 4:45 p.m. Monday on the south side of the State Capitol building. Then there will be a short march that will culminate with a 5 p.m. rally.

Demonstrators also will remember 17-year-old Trayvon Martin who was killed Feb. 26 in the Florida town of Sanford. George Zimmerman, a neighborhood crime-watch captain, has claimed self-defense and has not been charged in the shooting.


  • Dudeski

    Welcome nanny state. I will not stand around while someone tries to do me harm or my family. Getting tired of people forcing their views on me.

  • truth is somewhere in the middle

    Yeah that makes sense.One idiot does something stupid so lets take away the rights of everyone else to defend themselves. Priceless. I will continue to conceal carry, and will always defend myself. These people probably need someone to wipe for them too.

  • Paul

    No one asked you to, but a Nanny State outfits shooters with legal teflon so they don’t to have to defend their actions.

  • Oh Please!

    Defending someone in YOUR home is not the same as this! I am so tired of gun advocates pretend and bounce around the FACT that insane people have just as much access to guns as those who *might* be sane and would use caution and restraint. The intention of guns was never and will never be to defend against what any one person deems socially inept.
    This is hardly a stand alone incident. This is simply the first obvious fail of the stand your ground law.

    • KS Veteran

      Tell me. Do you think that insane person will pay any attention to a law that says they can’t defend themselves. Your arguement in favor of this repeal has absolutly no basis.

  • Dennis Weese

    Can any naysayers quote the Kansas “Stand your ground” law? Can you provide a reason why it is injust? Can you provide example of how you would legislate differently to provide for the legal means of “Self Defense, and the defense of others?”

  • truth is somewhere in the middle

    Look. this guy is an idiot that makes all gun owners look bad. But for this incident to be used as a reason to take my right to carry and defend myself either at home or out in public is bull crud. You better believe if someone attacks me or attempts to assault me they will have much regret.

    • Oh Please!

      Do the dead have “regret”?

      • truth is somewhere in the middle

        I bet they do as they are falling to the ground. Attack me and you better be prepared to die.

        • Agreed

          A gun nut is still a nut.

  • sonny scroggins


    Seniors for Repeal of Stand Your Ground Law


    Press Release

    March 31, 2012


    Remarks made by Timothy Dwight Smith, a Legal Studies Student at Washburn University, JENNIFER STOWE, EASTERN STAR, and Sonny Scroggins; the public is invited to speak.

    MONDAY APRIL 2, 2012

    5- 7 p.m.

    10th and Topeka Boulevard near Walgreen




    To shine a light on the injustice perpetrated against Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, self-appointed Sanford neighborhood watch captain.

    Guest Speakers will be Timothy Dwight Smith, a Legal Studies Student at Washburn University, JENNIFER STOWE, EASTER STAR, and Sonny Scroggins. The public is invited to speak.


    The arrest and conviction of George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin!
    Repeal or replace the Kansas “Stand Your Ground Law”.
    Eliminate the war on “Hoodies” attire
    Fire Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee, Jr., Sanford City Manager and FLORIDA Attorney General
    Occupy the Hood: Stop the Violence!
    Clean up our (neighbor)Hood from Crime and corruption for our children and grandchildren’s’ Sake!!!!
    For more information contact Sonny @ 785 431-6304.

    I Challenge my Generation to Inspire Future Generations.

    Yours in Christ, Sonny Scroggins

    • seriously?

      Just another professional protester banging his drum and making money for themselves. A quick google search will back that up too.

    • Albert Kyda

      Really?? Occupy the hood?

      Anti GROUNDHOG Protest?

      People want to believe this is a case of “BBIGC” Being Black in Gated Community, and this poor altar boy was whacked by a nut.

      How about we hear out the ACTUAL WITNESSES to the scene and see what happens, rather than another “world according to Al Sharpton march”

  • GoodGrief

    I agree with the repeal. There was nothing stopping someone from defending themselves for reasonable threats prior to this overkill law being passed. The NRA needs to back off, they’re so unreasonable anymore which is why this happened in the first place. If you all stop and think about it for a minute, that kid would have been EVEN MORE JUSTIFIED if he had shot and killed his attacker-even without the law.All this law does is protect someone who is going out looking to shoot someone.

    • Agreed

      The NRA should be forced to fund gun safety, gun rehab and damages when guns go wrong. Just like Big Tobacco does –> Same argument, different killer.

      • Get Real

        Are you going to blame all pencils for miss spelled words?

      • wtf?

        You make no sense on at least two levels:
        1. The NRA is a civil rights organization, not a gun manufacturer.

        2. Tobacco manufacturers don’t fund tobacco safety, they make cigarettes which kill some 12,000 people every day. Tobacco “rehab” – was the empty promise that states would use settlement proceeds to help people quit but that sort of fizzled out (although I understand Oregon has show progress, for example). Finally, they only pay damages arising out of product liability litigation. No product, no litigation, no damages.

  • PJ

    Total knee jerk reaction to a law that serves it’s purpose. So if a woman is attacked and raped she should not stand and defend herself? These sheep better hope like hell someone with a weapon is around if they are ever a victim of an attack…

    • PJ

      And sadly enough most or these anti-gun people think they are going to be saved by the police… right. National average response time for a cop is 3-4 minutes in a urban area. Can you fight that long before the bad guy kills you??? GOOD LUCK!

  • Jus Sayin

    You all know that if this was a white kid, it would have been swept under the carpet and we wouldn’t have heard anything else about it.

    • truth is somewhere in the middle

      Yeah. just like blacks killing each other is apparently not as big a deal as a hispanic man shooting someone right?

    • Sorry

      If it was a white kid it would’ve been headline news the day it happened, innocent white child woud’ve had the Hispanic shooter under the jail.

  • Hmmmm

    It has yet to be determined if the “stand your ground” law will even apply in this case. And apparently some people don’t understand the law to begin with so educate yourself a little bit about why this law was passed. It’s a good law and much needed in our gang and thug riddled country. We DO have the right to defend our selves and we WILL do so.

  • Aneserman

    live like a thug die like a thug.

  • lollipop

    The kid wasnt a thug, and wasnt doing anything illegal. Watch the news get your fact.

    • PJ

      No, he may not have been a thug however, do you have additional facts the Police don’t? Maybe you could help them solve the case!!! What was he doing? If he struck someone, it was illegal…

    • Come on!

      if your getting your facts from the news you are not getting any facts

    • KS Veteran

      Facts from the news…Really?

  • Hmmmm

    Didn’t say he was, lolli, but his record kinda shows otherwise . . . That, however, has no bearing on this case. And you don’t know what exactly he was doing, now do you? Assumptions either way aren’t facts so let’s let the justice system work.

  • Hmmmm

    MLK was a great man and a great American leader and he would puke at the way his dream has been hijacked and sullied.

  • Bill

    I wish we really new the facts at this time, but we don’t. Who was the aggressor, we may never know. I would justify either side in defending themselve-the boy when confronted and in fear for his life by someone he didn’t know, the man if he was confronted and was in fear of his life. Until we do get the facts, let us not judge and make assumptions as to making or repealing laws. Our justice system is slow and may not be perfect, but I think it is the best one going at this time. So cool your jets, let the system work and then we can look at the laws.

    • PJ

      Exactly Bill,
      There are so many taking what the news is reporting as fact… none of these reporters were there the night it happened and are only speculating. They have no more facts than anyone else. The ONLY 2 people who truly know are those who were there, and unless you were in one of their shoes you have no real clue. So before these people repeal a law, or hang Zimmerman, better get your facts in order….

  • Get Real

    Thie is one very isolated case. The libral media want to make this into all guns are bad and any gun owner is the devil. Do not let this case be tried in the news. Let the officials do their investigation and get the true facts. If you are getting your “facts” from the news outlets you will be misinformed. If there was anything illegal going on charges will be filed. Until then any “facts” you hear are biased and most likely wrong.

  • “TRUTH”

    Stand your ground law or no…I will protect myself, family, and property to the fullest extent of my magnum. This society is getting to where even in a rural community you can’t help but be surrounded by druggies thieves and other scumbags every time you turn around. The once peaceful community I live in today is turning into a sh*t hole more every day. Meth heads, cookers, thieves and unemployed white trash ex-convicts that would rather steal the parts from your old yard tractor\tiller\mower\truck for scrap to get their money rather than get a damned J.O.B.

    Average response time of Saline County sheriff is 15 minutes to my home, I’m NOT going to wait that long. If you come around here and are looking for help, I’ll give it to you, but if your looking for trouble that’s another story altogether.

    I love my guns. I hunt year round, I don’t go around looking for a black, hispanic, white-trash or other a-holes to shoot at will without cause…but I also don’t need to be treated like a criminal for taking care of business on my own land either if the situation should arise.

    If you don’t like guns tough, the Constitution protects my right to have guns to rise up against a tyrannical government(maybe be coming and maybe not)and protect myself and family. The number of guns possessed by the civilians of the United States is the ONLY reason we have never been invaded and as long as we retain them it is unlikely that we never will be. I’ll gladly put up with a nutbag or two shooting another around the country, just another filter in the gene pool is all.

    • Conceal & carry

      I agree, If you need help, you found it. If you want trouble, you’ve found more then you wanted!
      These cry babies are the first ones that don’t understand why, when something happens and then starts screeming to take away all weapons. Yet the police are overwelmed dealing with petty crimes that cuts down on available officers when something major happens, thus raising response times.
      Remember when if you was a kid and got in trouble you was more afraid of what was gonna happen when you got home?!? Yeah I miss that old fashioned kind of world. A lot less crime and better people all around, you knew who the scum was you stayed away from them and you didnt idolize them.

  • IamMe

    “TRUTH” well said!

  • Unbelieveable

    None of us have all the facts of this case. As a gun owner, I admit that Zimmerman appears to be over zealous. From the stories we’ve heard (notice I didn’t say ‘facts’), he was told by the dispatcher NOT to approach this young man. I wasn’t there. I don’t know if Martin was an aggressor. I don’t know ANY of the facts, just what I have heard from the media. BUT…………let me tell you this people, if I’m threatened, or someone threatens my family and I have a gun, guess what? I’m gonna shoot first and ask questions later. And ammo isn’t cheap so don’t expect a warning shot

  • yup

    Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6!

  • Leo

    For some reason there is a widely held concept that both people have to armed with a weapon for a shooting to be justified. This isn’t the case. If a fight gets to the point where one person firmly believes they are going to be seriously injured or killed in a fight (reagardless of weapons), they have the right to defend themselves up to the point of deadly force with whatever weapon they have at the time. From what imformation has come from our wonderful media (sarcasm), it appears that the older man was getting his head slammed into the concrete. That would certainly qualify as an intent to serously injure or kill in my opinion. At the time of the incident, there was probably enough evidence to back up his claim and hence, no arrest. The case would get reviewed by the prosecutor to see if there was enough evidence to swear out a warrant and arrest the man later. There probably isn’t enough for a conviction so the case stands as we see it today. I’m not choosing sides because there just isn’t enough evidence out there to make a reasonable decision.

  • dudeski

    Anyone see that A Wichita police officer killed someone over the weekend? Maybe we should march to city hall and protest that killing?

  • Judge Reiker

    It’s my right to carry a firearm to protect myself. Those liberal Hollywood punk stars who want gun control have all hired bodyguards….with guns! With any liberal, its “do as I say, not as I do.” Obama proves that!

  • Aneserman

    So many sheep, and when the wolf comes their bleating will be the loudest. Unfortunately for them the shepherds will have been disarmed. To all you shepherds out there, “Stand Your Ground” and save a sheep whether they like it or not.

  • Dudeski