Possible Meteorite Lights Up Skies From Salina To Oklahoma Tuesday Morning

It wasn’t a bird, or a plane, or even Superman, but it was most likely a meteorite that lit up the early morning sky across the Midwest early Tuesday morning.

Listeners to 910 KINA “Coffee Talk” called in just before 7am to report seeing a brilliant bright light in the sky around 6:40am.

Several reports came popped up on the web site lunarmetoritehunters.blogspot.com about a meteor that was seen in Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Topeka, and near Junction City.

Some of the reports were:

  • “It was extremely bright and when it got real close, it exploded into several big sparks and then faded out. It looked like a mag light was falling from the sky and then blew up into big orange sparks. “
  • “white with gold sparkles on the tail bright white -very large gold sparkles on it’s tail it was pretty cool, “
  • “Traveling West Gold, green Like a flare Yes It was falling in the South part of the sky…it seemed to literally fall to the ground.”

All the reports indicated that the meteorite was seen right around 6:40am central time.

  • GEEZ

    So it was a meteorite I seen on the way to work this morning. Looked like it was pretty close to the ground before it burnt out, just south of old 40.

  • Dez

    My question is yesterday I was running errands before I went to work and saw something in the sky. It looked like planes do when they are in the sky an they make the white lines. Except it was going slower. Could that have maybe been a meteorite?

  • Brown Eyed Girl

    Nope, just a ufo.