Salina Woman Encounters Masked Men at Her Door Saturday Night

A Salina woman tells police she was confronted by a pair of men wearing ski masks at her front door Saturday night around 10pm.

The woman says she had been working on her computer at her home in the 1400 block of Teakwood, when she answered the door to find two males wearing ski masks, and one asking her for her money.

She says she closed the door, and called police. She believes the pair left the area of her home in a new model Chevrolet Impala.

No weapon was displayed and no money was taken.

Police are working the incident as a suspicious activity.

  • Troy

    Well, at least they asked. I was always told that’s the polite thing to do.

    • Sleezy-the-8th-dwarf

      This is just a big misunderstanding. The perps were just a couple of guys from the LGBT group “Kansas Equality Coalition” looking for donations for an ordinance drive. Since they had not come out of the closet yet, they wanted to mask their identities.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Why would she answer the door at 10:00pm anyway? She is a very lucky lady to have not been hurt or worse.

    • missyD!

      Why wouldn’t she answer the door? People shouldn’t have to live in fear bc of jackasses running around in ski masks trying to rob everyone. Hopefully this was discouraging enough to stop these guys, instead of making them decide to take a weapon to the next home. But I hope everyone will be keeping at least a baseball bat next to the door from now on. Teach these asshats a lesson….

      • Chedder Bob

        Its 10pm, unless you were expecting visitors or something along those lines, there really isn’t a reason to open your door, let alone look outside BEFORE opening…Isn’t that why they made peep holes?

  • myvoice

    What color Impala? If there was a little bit more information I’m sure the public could help. I have someone in mind.

    • Clayton Bigsby

      me too.

  • a durkha der

    Oh sure! Come on in and lemme see what i can gather up for ya! Stupid jackasses. You want money? Get a effin job losers!! You certainly have enough money for your big impala. too bad money cant buy them a brain. Come to my house losers. ive got a nice big gun waitin for ya :)-

    • Clayton Bigsby

      no. you dont. get outta here.

  • John Dink

    I bet we’ll see the chick who filed the complaint get arrested here in a few days. This is the way the SPD handles “suspicious activity”

  • ha ha right

    Would u like a beer why I round up that cash for ya?? lmao

    • a durkha der

      Ya lol go wait behind my big truck and i’ll bring it right out along with my keys to run your ass over!

  • ReallySalina?!

    It’s a shame that a person needs to be fearful of answering their door. Thankfully she wasn’t hurt or worse. Hope they are caught very soon! Ya know I like to have my windows open in the spring time, but it is looking more and more like I won’t be able to. I am thankful my neighbors look out for each other.

    • Clayton Bigsby

      this is ONE instance in salina. chill out.

  • Dillhole

    I always look to see who is on the other side of the door before opening it. Doesn’t everyone? Guess not. Something sounds suspicious about this though. Two guys wearing masks politely ask for money and then let her close the door. I would think if you are desperate enough for money to be in a mask, you wouldn’t ask and enter forcefully.

    • a durkha der

      I do! i open my speak easy window in door before even thinkin about unlocking it. its fort knox around my house! LoL im a psycho about locked doors.

  • ksdad

    If there was no threat, just simply asked, wheres the crime???? I mean they are dumb as hell, but I dont see a crime here. Personally, Id have had .40 back-up when I opened the door.

    • Bambam

      So every time you answer the door, you have a gun in your hand for just in case? If so, I think someone is a little paranoid. LOL

      • ksdad

        Why do cops wear body armor and carry gun all the time? Better to have a gun and not need it, then need it and not have it.

    • someoneinsalina

      that why i would let them in first then pull the .40, and video cam on phone so you could get them pissing self and play it over and over in jail for everyone

      • S33tehendisneer

        You’re gonna need something better than a .40 Slow & Worthless. It’s probably a hi-point anyways.

      • Seriously?

        He wouldn’t go to jail if they were inside his house and he shot them………everyone has a right to defend themselves and their property.

    • Clayton Bigsby

      you sound like a bad rapper. you dont answer your door carrying around a .40 everywhere you go. in the words of memphis bleek “That’s why I eat, sleep, s***with my gat” … smh.

  • Heavensgate

    Someone seriously posted… Why would she answer her door at 10 pm? WTF

  • Bring It!

    Come on out! Anyone knocks on my door any time of day, my 2 burgler alarms go off. Good luck getting out off the porch before they eat your A**. :)

    • S33tehendisneer

      Wow, you’re going to toss my salad if I come to your front door? What’s your address sailor????

  • Donk

    I am imagining 2 Chihuahua’s. :)

    • Bring It!

      Boxers…both over 75lbs. = attitude.

  • whatisthis

    I absolutely always have my .45 when I answer the door.the joys of conceal and carry.

    • Joe

      If you really do that, then I’d say you might be a little paranoid. :)


    What I don’t understand is they came asking for money and yet drove off in a NEW car? Maybe it was someone else’s car, I guess. None of this story really makes any sense though….

    • whatisthis

      Yeah, using mommy and daddys car.

    • Rodney

      And, (drum roll) they are obuma supporters

      • I don’t get this

        no doubt

      • Chedder Bob


    • Clayton Bigsby

      some of these “thugs” manipulate and use naive, younger white women in this town… they bang them, and give them drugs.

  • ccc

    PARANOID???? yeeepers , thats what all my friends ‘sitting in prison’ said about me !

  • S33tehendisneer

    I love all the “if they come to my door comments” LULZ, shoot, dem fools cum to meh door, im gunna shoot em wit my .950 self propelled grenade launcher/ bazooka. And then i’m gunna get my grampa’s tank and drive over they a*s……..sigh, keyboard warriors are the hardest, meanest warriors in the world.

    • Bunghole

      Exactly! LOL :)

  • Clayton Bigsby

    let me guess? black guys? i bet one goes by the name of “loon”

    • S33tehendisneer

      Cause they STINK!

      • Clayton Bigsby

        breathing all the white mans air! but seriously, if it was a black impala…

  • Alan

    John Dink, your name is appropriate…

  • joe

    Don’t have to worry about morons when you have 2 150 pound dogs that can wake the dead with there bark. Let alone probably tear an arm or a leg off. If there stupid enough to come to my house let them.

  • vet

    Just the C. L. U. Looking for money.