UPDATE :Sub Station Problem Causes Power Outage in Portions of Salina

UPDATE: A breaker tripped at a Westar Energy substation Thursday morning knocking out power to several thousand electric customers in the Salina area.

According to Westar Media Information in Topeka, the outage began just before 8:45am and lasted about 20 minutes, affecting 8,600 customers. An exact cause to what may have caused the breaker to trip had not been determined as of late Thursday morning.



ORIGINAL: A problem with a sub station has knocked out electric power to customers of Westar Energy in Salina.

According to the Company website, more than 1200 hundred customers were without power in Saline County.

We will update this story as more information is released.

  • jake

    Wow! I thought for a moment that PresBo’s rotating black-outs had started.

    • Jon

      I thought he was just expecting the costs to skyrocket, I didn’t know he was going to just start taking it away from us. it’s better that way, he knows how to use electricity better than we do anyway

  • Concerned Citizen

    He know’s what’s good for us…Just ask him…LOL ( should I have capitalized the H in him?)

  • J.C. James

    Westar raises their rates and the power goes out. Westar=’s blick.

  • whathef

    Yup my house was part of that crap! Lol