Letter to The Post: I Am Tired Of This…Again

Submitted by R

Ok, I am so tired of this again. Now I hear they are thinking of banning smoking at the River Festival.

This is how I feel – How can you ban something that you can go to any Quick Trip in town and buy? You people don’t want people to smoke, then ban the sale of them. Don’t take the tax dollars in from their sale and then tell everyone how they can smoke them. I am so tired of people that want there cake and eat it too.

If you don’t want smoking at the Festival, then fight to ban the sale of cigarettes altogether.

Don’t ban something that you can buy over the counter.


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  • http://SalinaPost scab scratcher

    You can buy condoms over the counter and ……………

  • ksdad

    Smoking is unhealthy, dirty, and imposing……………unless you are at a State run Casino. Fox guarding the hen house…

    • hm

      ok you don’t want us smoking around you fine, Heck a smoker can’t even inhale an electric cigarette ,which has no smoke and no tar . I quit smoking by using ele cigarettes and it’s a no anywhere you go . Explain why someone that is doing something that does not effect you but we still can’t do it. You just want control it’s that simple. So if they ban smoking I guess we can go and use the harmless vapors after all its not smoke. So hm will you also ban battery operated vapors..oh ya you will because its about control not about second hand smoke ..lmao those are vapors which would not effect you control freaks

      • hm

        oh and BTW you better ban all smoking . The outdoor cooking there is creating second smoke and its unhealthy nasty and dirty

  • Seriously?

    But it’s the PERSON”S CHOICE and RIGHT to smoke because they have NOT outlawed it, even though many have tried. Just another way of trying to control people and tell them what to do. What happens to their RIGHTS and FREEDOM??? Oh yeah, they lose them because some bonehead doesn’t like it. And before ya’ll start ripping me……..I used to smoke and I quit 4 years ago……BY MY CHOICE!

    • tiredofsalina

      but it’s not my choice to be at a public event and have you blowing your smoke in my face or it blowing at me as you exhale 10 feet away. Have designated smoking areas at the festival.

      • Anonymous

        ACTUALLY, it is your choice to be at a public event where there may or may not be people smoking…that is unless someone is holding a gun to your head telling you that you have to go..

    • gnostic

      There is no “right” to smoke. It is legal for a controlled group of people in controlled situations. But you can’t control second hand smoke. Why do they call it “common sense” if so few people have it?

  • smokey the bear

    i dont go to the over populated event nor do i smoke ….. i do agree with the 1st post …outlaw the stupid things not the use of em ……CONDOMS your corallation ? smart ….the sell underwear/g strings etc …lol THAT was your comeback , condoms ? you could probable come out making a better point by letting the too good do goods with more intelligence speak ……i think they should ban bad breath and body odor and natural human gas and too much cologne and offensive language and gays and drug use and DRUNKS and rude people and whiny kids and stinky animals …… whine whine whine

  • Ice Road Trucker

    Used to live in other states – they had much larger arts festivals that blocked sections of downtown for 3-5 days. They were always free to attend. 10 bucks for this podunk event is a lot, I think they would do better to lower the price and increase the size. Perhaps even allow more local artists in.

    Far as smoking – it is a problem for anyone around them. You could argue the same with alcohol and traffic death that booze affects more than the user, Smoking is different.
    If the person is smoking next to you or even 10 feet away you are SUBJECTED to their filthy habit.
    That is not a right.
    Rights do not come at others expense. If you need a simple test – take whatever you think is a right and add the words “at _______’s expense” if you fill the blank with a name other than yourself it isn’t a right.

  • http://rr .

    i like to fart….
    but when im out in public sitting next to you i restrain myself.
    cant you go a couple of hours , or a day without a cig ?
    if you cant… then you have a problem

    • Opal

      @ . You’re missing the point here kinda. There are no restrictions that keep you from farting when you are near me (other than politeness/courtesy/common sense). Smokers RARELY accept/acknowledge/practice this politeness/courtesy/common sense. Then, smoking has to be outlawed, in which, smokers get all butt hurt, and demand it is their RIGHT to smoke any place they feel. So, to keep it fair to all, NO FARTING signs should be posted. Also NO BURPING AFTER EATING within 15 feet of other patrons, signs should go up, along with NO STARING, NO NOSEPICKING, NO PRIVATE PARTS SCRATCHING, NO DROOLING etc etc etc. THEN it will be fair to ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • elixeroflife

    in the wider scope of things… why even go to the river festival?? in the thousands of years its been going on, its the same river festival every year. there is never any thing new, its the same lame crap year after year. They charge admission for you to get in and its held in a public park funded by tax dollars that is free to use the other 51 weeks of the year, they even charge the concession vendors rent for a spot to set up their trailers and they also take a percentage of their sales. if they didnt charge the admission more people would show up, the vendors would make more money, and thus the city would make more money.

    • Opal

      I agree with you. I went to the “festival” one time, and, figured out that was abosolutely the biggest waste of money around. I have not nor will I go back. Just think of the beer and cigs I could have gotten with the money I spent on food and admission!! But I don’t think the city makes the bigger part of the money, the Arts and Humanities council does. (I could be wrong about that.)

  • http://salinapost.com Spin Watchers

    If they are going to discriminate against smokers than why don’t they discriminate against alcohol, the artery clogging food that is going to be served, etc. Oh that is right with smoking everyone has to breath in the second hand smoke. We breath in worse than that with what the government puts in our air. As for alcohol that is allowed….I am sure the fine SPD doesn’t catch everyone that comes out of there that is above the legal limit and I am sure many a fight, etc. has occured due to the alcohol consumption. May not have to breath 2nd hand smoke but have to smell the booze, the individuals being boistourous, falling down, etc. Another point, is the food.
    Argument being, some people don’t like setting around overweight, smelly people.
    No it may not be harmful to smell these people but it ruins my night due to getting nauseated. What do I do, move somewhere else so I don’t have to smell them which is what nonsmokers can do too.
    Come on people, the spin needs to stop somewhere. Pick your battles. Smoking is legal,the alcohol is legal and the selling of artery clogging food. If you are wanting to stop one then stop them all. They are all a choice and stop discriminating.

    • Ice Road Trucker

      Because if I eat a greasy cheesburger…. I get fat not you

      I have picked up a fat chick or two in my day…sometimes to win a bet (hoggin)

      Not sure about which black helicopter theory you are after regarding ” What the government puts in our air” Maybe the foil hat isn’t sealed well?

  • Sensible

    An outdoor area is much different than an enclosed area. I’m not assigned a seat either. If this event was private, then I would agree with the concept that they can do what they want. But, it’s not. Tax dollars support the event. So, the rules surrounding it should mirror general rights.

    I’ve always thought the folks that put this event on are ones who have their noses in the air and would prefer that the attending crowd not include the average Joe.
    The only reason they don’t exclude Joe is because they want a few of Joe’s tax dollars to support the event.

    Next year (in order to be allowed entry) you’ll probably have to wear a polo shirt, designer shorts, and some type of mucky, muck sandals.

    Instead of going to the Smoky Hill Creek Festival, I plan on going to Sunset Park, smoke my cigarettes, wear my cut-off shorts and wife beater t-shirt, and drink a cool one.

  • Steve

    Boo hoo hoo, so may people don’t like to smell cigarette smoke. Well I don’t like smelling your nasty cheap cologne and perfume. But you won’t see me trying to get it banned so that I don’t have to smell it. I can walk away, so can you!

  • CentralKansasPatriot

    How much revenue is lost to Salina in fuel sales as truckers drive farther west or east so they can sit own to a cup of coffee and a smoke? I bet it’s 6-digits at least per month with diesel near $4.
    I oo am a non-smoker… don;t like ’em… but businesses should have the right to operate their own premisses.

  • R

    To be honest with you. I am a smoker, but I could care less wether I can smoke at the festival or not. The point I was trying to make is. How many more rights is this select group going to take from us. I own a business in this city. It cost me over $600 a month just to pay my property tax on my business. What I am trying to say is. You people want to tell me what I can not do in my business. Then I expect you to pick up the tab on my property tax.

  • My 2 cents

    I quit smoking 12 years ago May 1st. I am forever grateful I did. That being said, I am not in favor of the “nanny” state telling adults what to do. Most smokers are very courtious , and will try to stay away from non smokers.

    • yeah right

      I have yet to meet a courtiuos smoker that will even try to stay away from non-smokers or children for that matter. I have seen several smoker at the festival in the childrens area just a puffing away.

  • bee

    This is getting out of control. I completely understand the banning of smoking n buisness’ but to ban smoking outside is ridiculous. Control control control. Thats what this is about. One more way for the government to control us. Ban the stupid things. What they dont tell u is the reason they wont ban them is because they recieve money from the tobacco companies for health issues related to tobacco related ailments n then dnt use it for that. U can drink in public, in resteraunts, and pretty much anywhere. Now that might not directly hurt the person standing next to them like second hand smoke, but it might hurt you when they get into there car after a few beers at dinner and end up hitting somebody and seriously hurting or killing you. Now i dont remember ever hearing of a dealth caused by a person who was smoking n driving! By the way im a non smoker.

  • Pete

    Smokers have been making all of us smell and look at the residue of their pleasure. I like a good cheese burger…..how about we make all the smokers smell and look at the residue of my pleasure? Ah see……… I didnt think you smokers want a level playing field after all. I dont want to smell and look at your crap just as much as you dont want to look at mine………….SO STOP FORCING US TO DO SO. You do have a right to smoke so do it in private and leave the rest of us out of it!

    • “TRUTH”

      But that’s the problem…if “us smokers” don’t stand up for ourselves people like you will just keep taking and taking, just like the government.

      You got the airplanes, then you wanted the bars and the resturants and the all the other public buildings and somebody threw in PRIVATE businesses. Now you want OUTSIDE events. What’s next, my car…because you caught a whiff while at a stop light? What about the people that chew…that sh&t’s worse. Oh boy, nothing better than talking to a guy with a big ol dip in, spitting all over the ground for me to walk in. I guess that’s different because it smells like wintergreen huh?

      Tell you what, I smoke in my shop…I don’t smoke in customer vehicles and I don’t blow it in their faces. I pay the taxes, utilities etc. and could care less about some bonehead ordinance that tries to tell me what I can or can’t do on my own property.

      It’s easy to forget history, but just remember or research what the results of prohibition were…that’s where this is heading. It’s starting out exactly the same way and the result will be the same.

      Your town is stupid and that’s why I refuse to live, work or run a business there. The police worry more about DUIs, loud stereos and seat belts than they do about the obvious gang, drug, and illegal immigrant problems(to name a few)that plague the city. The obvious ineptitude of the very citizenship is blatantly obvious every time I go there for one reason or another that it makes me sick.

      Oh, the river fest SUCKS…thought I’d throw that one in there too. They should sell pot at that damned thing, just couldn’t seem to ever be able to drink enough to enjoy it the 2 or 3 times I was forced to go before.

      • Pete

        Hey dummy……………you smoke as a choice……….I breathe as an act of living. Your arguement is the epitome of lunacy and lacks any foundation in logic. People can stop smoking……….why dont you try quitting breathing and let me know how that works out for you. So keep your crap out of my face! I have the RIGHT TO LIFE you dont have the right to smoke and force it on me.

        • “TRUTH”

          “Right to life”? What the hell does that have to do with it? You drive down the streets, drink the water, fill the gas tank on your own vehicle, go out into the sun light, breathe the exhaust of other peoples cars and you call me a dummy? You put yourself at more of a risk than I put you in with my cigarette outside. You attempt suicide every time you leave your house and you get mad at me for making a choice.

          That one little waft you smell in passing will NOT give you cancer. You’re retort lacks foundation and basically accuses me of attempted murder. You subject yourself, DAILY I might add, to more carcinogens than I EVER could with even a whole carton of cigarettes.

          You only bit*h because you don’t like the smell of it and the fact that the “ACT OF SMOKING” has been linked to cancer cases gives you ammunition to impose your opinion onto others. You’re a bigot and a fascist, that probably thinks there’s nothing better than more and more laws trying to restrict freedoms.

          Also, how does MY argument lack foundation? All statements are based on historical facts, up to and including my rant about the fest. You just don’t agree with what I said and so I’m a “dummy”. Here’s a newsflash for ya Pete, I’ve probably forgotten more about history and health facts and figures than you could be fed from your computer in the next 20 years. You obviously are not very educated…I think that makes you the dummy here.

    • http://SalinaPost scab scratcher

      Tobacco is to the United States what moonshining is to NASCAR. These are the good ole boys who triumphed over tyranny and oppression to succeed. I respect other people, but it’s a 2-way street. This is exactly where it starts, smoking isn’t a right to me, it’s a liberty. That park is big enough to have smoking areas, out of respect for non- smokers. The biggest problem is non-smokers wanting to use areas for smokers and complaining they’re being singled out. It’s just like private businesses, it’s their choice not BigBro’s. If a restaurant allowed smoking and people didn’t want it that way because they like the food but not the smoke. Well guess what, your diner doesn’t want your money, move on, get over it, go give some of your rights and liberties away somewhere else. By the way, the gov’t lists air quality samplings and tobacco smoke or it’s parts aren’t the problem. I wonder what our founding fathers would do, Articles of Confederation sound familiar? All while they rode their horse home drunk and puffing away. Funny how liberalism sneaks up and takes a bite.

  • ksdad

    We should also have the freedom to be free from ones “right to smoke”…. Simply because smoking is a legal product doesnt mean a smoker can be intrusive to others. You can legally drive a car, but you cant drive where ever you want, you can own a gun but have limits on that, you can consume adult beverages and theres limits on that. As a non-smoker, the smell of burning cigarettes is revolting and unhealthy. In all reality I cant think of a single redeeming value to smoking. That being said, feel free to smoke in the privacy of your home or designated smoking areas.

    • Seriously?

      Have you ever noticed in the new cars being made, there’s no ashtrays?? hmmmmm….ever wonder why?

  • Anonymous

    I fail to see how anyone is “FORCED” to inhale second hand smoke, don’t like it, leave. BTW I am a nonsmoker, can’t stand it, hate it…but I don’t pretend that I am being forced to tolerate it, no one is forced to…but if you pretend that then I guess it must be true, despite the truth. I never hear anyone complain about how they just can’t stand breathing the air because of all the exhaust from motor vehicles, or the MEASURABLE AMOUNTS OF ROUNDUP THAT ARE IN RANDOM SAMPLES OF AIR, or the POISON THAT IS PUT IN OUR DRINKING WATER ON PURPOSE, but oh lord….you had to walk by someone smoking a cig? GTFOOH…LMFAO

    • Publius

      The leave if you don’t like it is pretty radical – and is a slippery slope.

      Maybe when the power company runs new high voltage lines across your property taken by emminent domain….you can say Nobody is forcing you to live under the lines – so just sell (at a loss and move)
      Bikers decide to throw a loud party next door.
      Just leave?

      Breathing exhaust – – – have you heard of Catalytic converters that became mandatory? Or the Clean air act?

      Oh god your one of the followers that the flouride and chlorination in the water is there to poison us?
      Why don’t you go down to Cabo and have a nice tall drink of “Natural” water

      • Anonymous

        Actually, its a fact, you can go to the city site and see exactly what is in our water, it’s also a fact that many other nations have BANNED the use of fluoride in water..THERE’S A REASON. I believe you have shown by example exactly why it should be banned..but I know, so long as we deny it, then it’s not real right? Focus on important stuff like “hey I want to dictate to that person that they cannot allow any person to smoke w/in (x) feet of me, because I’m special..can I get another big glass of fluoride water now please, and a mercury laced vaccine too!”

        • Anonymous

          BTW, do you know who first started putting fluoride in their water, and the reason for it? I’ll let you figure that out, but frankly, IT’S ON THE RECORD, and it’s has NOTHING to do w/ “making your teeth strong and shiny” no matter how many doctors the gov pays to say otherwise…remember when 9/10 doctors recommended everyone smoke a camel a day, helps you relax and breathe better, commercials like that were played while kids watched the Flintstones…

          Are you aware that our own gov has ADMITTED to forcibly injecting people w/ plutonium? Syphilis? They’ve done test on foster children and killed them, ALL ON THE RECORD ADMITTED. So yeah, I take a personal offence to it when my government is assaulting me, my family, and everyone I know. They think we are all as stupid as you.

          Do you know that cities all over the US have banned fluoride from being ADDED to their water..do you know that in a small town in AK, after they banned it, the feds rolled vans into the town to give fluoride to the kids in the gov. schools?

          But I understand, you are worried about smoke, because it is linked to cancer right, and fluoride, well there aren’t too many links to multiple brain disorders, the effect on the pineal gland especially on young developing brains, the long term cumulative effects such as the 7 fold increase in rates of BONE CANCER, (remember it makes your teeth strong goodie!), or the increase in plaque build up in arteries, but keep worrying about how you want to tell people when they can and can’t smoke a cig…lmfao

  • ksdad

    Breathing is more important than smoking, so the smoker can just wait and do it where it wont be intrusive… We have so many emissions filters on cars, regulations on particulates aka HC and NOX, what do cigarettes have?

    Im going to park a car outside your house with a loud stereo at night and bug the hell out of you, but hey I have a right, if you dont like it, MOVE, stop listening…Give me a break…

    • smarty pants

      Sorry there pops, but parking outside my house blaring your music is, in fact, against the law. And trust me, noise violations are no fun!

    • Anonymous

      you can get filters for cigs too…lol

    • Bob Lahblah

      Well, you don’t have the right to disturb the neighborhood. Isn’t disturbing the peace illegal?

  • J.C. James

    This “festival” is so old, let’s BAN it!

  • Anonymous

    I really wish that everyone that smoked cigs would just stop, so that we could listen to all these same people cry over the increase in whatever tax to compensate the state for all the lost revenue…

    Again, REAL CONSERVATIVE, “I want the gov. to police when people can and cannot smoke cigs….I am a real conservative I believe in expanding police power and gov scope into citizens personal lives, I hate the blue team..”

    I would have a difficult time if I owned my own business and the city wanted to pretend that they could tell me what I could or could not do lawfully in my OWN PRIVATELY OWNED BUSINESS, just because something is a “law” does not mean that it is in fact “lawful”…too many fail to realize that..they could make a law tomorrow that you must beat your children every Wed on the front lawn, doesn’t mean that you should do it..used to be the law that blacks could not eat or use the bathroom in public places too…even the SCOTUS ruled at one time that a black person did not count as a person, hence the law of the land…WAKE UP PEOPLE STOP ACCEPTING TYRANNY. You accept it here in one case, it will creep in everywhere. Welcome to the socialist police state republic of Salina.

    • http://SalinaPost scab scratcher

      I see you caught that one too! Our big conservatives sure sound awfully liberal in this post. But they can quote it!!! That doesn’t mean they have to apply or abide by it though. It’s no wonder our gov’t is f-ed up. Just so long as it doesn’t affect me, don’t spit in my face a tell me it’s raining, I’ll put my smoke out on your forehead.

  • Anonymous

    It’s pretty offensive to see people drunk in restaurants as well, I say we go ahead and ban the sale of alcohol in those places as well, it promotes drug use to children after all..let’s do it Salina what do you say? Oh, no, you only want to limit the drugs that you don’t use, oh, well what’s that called, oh yeah, A HYPOCRITE.

  • joe

    All you hypocrits about smoking, how many events do you go to like nascar, drag racing, friday night races or just plain breathing with the exhaust that comes from any gas or diesel engine, and you talk about 2nd hand smoke outside in a complete open area. How many of you go to a casino and breathe in 2nd hand smoke. I’m an x smoker I not about to piss and mone about somebody smoking outside. If this hapens then I guess we should have dress codes in the city limits, or better yet if the food that is served in resturants isn’t completely healthy then the business should be shut down, then the parents who allow their kids to eat this unhealthy food should go to jail for chils abuse. How many of you non smokers sit around and feed your face all day should this not be a crime? Get off your hypicrit pot and do something construtive.

  • renee

    In 1976 we had 2 smoking areas at Central High School. We were just told to keep it clean. Underage at school and smoking imagine that.Believe it kids it was not a bad thing. We could even smoke in a hospital room , oh my. The only place I can remember smoking being frowned upon was in a elevator.

    • Bob Lahblah

      And they were still there two years later. Didn’t kill anyone…….and I haven’t smoked in 20 years.

  • Opal

    I say just cancel the festival. Problem solved!!!