Saline County Jail Booking Activity – Tuesday

Recent Booking Activity for Saline County Jail.
All persons included in this post are innocent of crimes until proven guilty in a court of law. Courtesy Photos.


This information is not criminal history. All individuals included in this post are innocent of crimes until proven guilty in a court of law. The Salina Post assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, or completeness, of this information. Any person who believes information provided is not accurate may submit a complaint to

  • keeb

    Looks like someones had too much pre valentine fun. whats it like to get drunk on a monday night? Wow…

  • keeb

    I believe snyder has his “smart face on.”

  • elixeroflife

    meth makes you pretty!!!!!

  • hmm

    so nice to see you again chuck!!

  • Jus Sayin

    How many times must someone be arrested in a month before they put his a$$ in jail? Really!!!!!

  • What’s up Chuck?

    Hey Chuck,

    How’s that clean life treating you?

  • stevie

    What no neck tats?????

  • Lol Chuck!!

    Hey Chuck!! Jail is happy to have you back!! maybe you can stay for a few months this time,

  • thatonechick

    NECK TAT, LOSER, GRAMMAR, TAXES, ILLEGALS, SPELLING, i think that covers most of the intelligent conversation on here.

  • Nope

    You didnt mention the Salina Police Dept. Fail!

  • wow

    Marvin is wide eyed and bushy tailed this morning!! Good morning Little Bear!

  • what???

    to me it is very very very sad that the same people post on the booking activity every single day…do you people wake up and immediately log on to this site to see who was arrested?? you have nothing better to do w/ your time? its their life not yours…this town is so nosey and inconsiderate…i guess that makes you guys better citizens than those who get arrested right?? buncha no life having gossiping jr. high girls

    • realitycheck

      But their lives tend to butt into the lives of others.

      I don’t know if I’m necessarily better than those folks in the photos (well, I am better than many of them) but I do know this: Not getting arrested > than getting arrested.

    • Goodguy

      You commenting on here means that your are just like everybody else. You wake up and check this page to see who got arrested. You must not have anything better to do with you time either. I would be willing to bet your picture has been on this page before and now you feel sorry for yourself because you realized so many people could see it

  • what???

    to me it is very very very sad that the same people post on the booking activity every single day…do you people wake up and immediately log on to this site to see who was arrested?? you have nothing better to do w/ your time? its their life not yours…this town is so nosey and inconsiderate…i guess that makes you guys better citizens than those who get arrested right??

    • Shut up

      Chucks girlfriend?

    • Good Citizen

      Yes, that does make us better citizens. I’m guessing if you Google good citizen, it probably won’t bring this page up or any of the people on it.

  • what???

    is there an echo in here?? HELLO

    • Shut up

      ^^^ Troll

  • Justsayin…

    Jasmin… stop driving for gosh sakes. How many is this now.

    • salina

      She’s serving her time for being caught driving before

  • disgusted

    As a taxpayer…it is MY right to know who I’m payin for to hang out in the slammer for awhile. And, so my question to you is, what are YOU doing on this page if you hate it so much?

    • T russ

      Is it your right. Then where is are list of people getting foodstamps. You good tax payer

  • whathef

    This is public information and to be honest with ya. I check this on my first break everyday at work. Its interesting to me. Hahaha

  • what???

    i get on here to check it out every once and awhile…and its always the same ppl saying the same stupid things every time…maybe u should try to be part of the solution and not just another nobody that sits back and posts stupid pointless things..who would have thought that someone would ask me..”well if you don’t like it, then why are you here..” idiots…grow up..who cares about who goes to jail unless it is someone that is close to you…get on and look at who you’re supporting but your uneducated comments about them isn’t going to do anything right? that, to me, makes you no better than the ppl pictured above…

    • YaGottaBeKidding!

      Sounds like someone forgot their Prozac today, or their prescription ran out…. either way, go watch Barney and sing the “I love you” song.

      • So

        ^^ You showed this person. Well not really but hope you feel better.

  • Lalala

    Everybody in town gets on here to look at the pictures. Do you honestly know anybody that doesn’t get on here at least once or twice a week? I don’t. But booking photos is not just a Salina thing, I moved here from Seattle over a year ago and they’ve been doing it in the paper there for years.

  • what???

    not saying that its a new thing or just a salina thing…in the day and age where bullying is a main concern for parents, teachers, and l.e.o. it just seems ridiculous that ppl get on forums like this a call names, point fingers, and laugh at the expense of others..its immature and inconsiderate…always seems to be the same ppl too..then when myself or someone else stands up to say something we get called trolls and get yelled at…c’mon ppl get real…sure alotta ppl wanna know who got thrown in the slammer last night but that doesn’t give anyone the right to belittle them…just childish

    • shut up

      Dont read the comments if you dont like them. Simple enough.

      • So

        ^^ So brilliant.

  • Seriously?

    What I don’t understand is when these people are in Court, the Court GIVES them a new date to appear…………HOW HARD is it to show up at your courtdate. Word for the day- DUMBA$$!!!

  • what???

    yeah…just ignore the problem right?? that’s worked sssoooo many times in the past huh? just turn our heads and pretend like everything is ok? just ignore the ppl that like to humiliate others for some unknown reason? you all are probably the same people that get all sad when a young kid hangs his/her self in their closet because they couldn’t take the comments being made about them and their teachers and parents just told them “oh just ignore it if you don’t like it”….stfu…yet another uneducated comment by an ignorant individual..ignoring a problem will NEVER be the solution..nice try

    • Sara

      Theres a difference between kids bullied at school for no good reason and people making fun of idiots for being arrested. All someone has to do to not get made fun of on this page is not break the law. So why don’t you help them figure out how not to be on this page, so their feelings don’t get hurt by us law abiding a$$holes.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you, Sara!!! I couldn’t have said it better myself! Don’t want to be made fun of?? Don’t give us a law-breaking reason to have that opportunity!!!!!

        • Travis Bickle

          Does it really matter? I have read comments on here making fun of all walks of life. Certainly not just to the ones on this page. Bullying is bullying. I know, you all have huge balls to say it to their faces. Of course you do.

          • Sara

            Yeah, it does matter. Bullying is bullying, but do you realise what bullying is ? It’s when you attack someone over and over when they have done nothing wrong. When you seek them out and harass them. I realise that there are people here who genuinely have nothing better to do than read about these losers and comment on them. But, like I said before, these aren’t poor innocents that have done nothing. The people commenting aren’t having to hunt them down, aren’t bumping into them randomly. They were arrested. So I don’t consider it bullying. If they were going to find their Facebook page or their house, yeah, that’s wrong. But I’d they want to leave comments on a news page? That’s fine.

      • realitycheck

        There are definitely some bullies in these photos, not sure there any victims of bullies.

  • what???

    ok…so that is yet ANOTHER ignorant comment…don’t wanna be made fun of then don’t be gay, don’t have big ears, don’t talk funny, don’t be missing an arm or leg, don’t go to jail, don’t be poor, don’t be overweight…you ppl are unbelievable and have an excuse for everything…how about you all grow up a little bit past the 6th grade school girl stage and learn to keep your mouth shut and not talk about people…easy as that

    • Sara

      There’s a difference between DOING something and BEING something. No one is making fun of people for being poor, having one arm, or being gay. But if you do something to get arrested…fair game.

      • Sure

        @Sara: Were you bullied? Do you not see how the mob mentality switches on this site? So your brave calling someone on here a name and then people switch from that to calling any other user who doesn’t agree with them names & then the party starts.

      • Disappointed
  • aspadeisaspade

    I think Marvin failed to appear.

  • LOL

    Instead of sticking up for all the crooks in town, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is. Don’t just type on the internet. Why don’t you go pick these people up and take them back to your house. Maybe you can get their lives back on track. I personally don’t like tweekers, robbers, people with neck tats, or any other douchebags on this site. oh yea, another thing as long as my tax dollars are paying for their stay in SCJ I will say whatever the f*ck i want……

  • shut up

    User’s gotta stick up for other users! Taking bets “what???” Is in jail within one week. She has to go be with her man in jail!

  • Howard

    The people on here obviously have no job to go to each day, and that goes the same for all who post here too. Find something productive to do, like walking down the street or anything other than spending all day on your computer. Try getting a job, work for 8 hours, sleep for 8 hours, go online for maybe 2 hours at the most to update yourself with recent news and interact with others, walk your dog (or cat) or find another reason to do something OUTSIDE, and repeat the process. Why do people act like this all the time?hat is wrong with all of you? Get a life, get a job, get off your soap box and thank God YOU are not on this page!

    • Howard

      (CORRECTION) What is wrong with all of you?

    • Sure

      Can you hear me up there? I can’t find my ladder. Seems your “soapbox” is taller then most. I don’t see anyone sticking up for the ones with their mugshots on here but what I do see is people enjoying something that we tell our kids not to do. Do you also point and laugh at someone in a wheelchair? I’m sure many do but just as long as the person in the wheelchair doesn’t see them. Before you go judging others about how they live their lives and what they do in their free-time you might want to take a dose your own words.

      • Anonymous

        Oh SUREly you can’t be serious???!!!??? I would never and HAVE never made fun of someone for a disability or any other reason that can’t be controlled. What a pathetic comparison! The idiots on the booking site are there because they have CHOSEN to do stupid, ridiculous and ILLEGAL things!! No one CHOOSES to be born how they are…be it gay, disabled, mentally challenged or whatever the case may be. HOWEVER, these people DO CHOOSE to steal, murder, abuse, drive drunk, etc. therefore making them fair game for anyone, and everyone, to say whatever we would like. I keep saying it, but apparently it isn’t sticking with you, soooooo……DON’T MAKE STUPID AND/OR SELFISH CHOICES THAT WILL GET YOU PROMINENTLY DISPLAYED ON THE BOOKINGS PAGE, AND NO ONE WILL HAVE A REASON TO LAUGH AT YOU BECAUSE OF THOSE STUPID & SELFISH DECISIONS!!!


      I have a job….yay me!!!


    For the record some of us have jobs…thanks! This is my morning paper. I read it every day and still manage to have a full functioning life.

  • Disappointed

    I don’t know anyone on here. I have never been in jail or in trouble with the law. I am educated and employed. I don’t do drugs and certainly don’t have any neck tattoos. I don’t fit into any of the other categories that some of you feel make it okay to judge on either. Yet, I know what it is like to be bullied – so much so that I almost took my own life. Everyday, just because of my appearance, I was bullied. And it hurts. People say, “Don’t read the comments” or “Ignore what is said.” But that isn’t the solution. People have got to start looking at the world through the eyes of others. People do bad things in life. It happens. Always has, always will. But that is not a reason to bash or bully them – no matter how deserving of it you may think they are. Words hurt. I get on here every day and look at the bookings. But, I would never think for even a moment to jump on here and start bashing someone because of poor judgments or decisions they made and certainly not for how they look in their photo. It is very disappointing to see so many people getting their kicks at someone else’s expense. I wish you knew how much your words can hurt.

  • R U Kidding me ??

    I hope you guy’s/gal’s have job’s cuz, everyones posting pretty early in the morning! 2nd or maybe 3rd shift. maybe something better to do the whole day long?? Just saying.

  • http://y truecowgirl

    It is true that it’s the same people on here daily.It’s like it has become yalls drug of choice!Meth heads are far worse, but I bet yall would need to go thru detox if anything happened to this sight!Addiction is addiction!Weak is Weak! I get on here single day,I have 3 teenage boys & I’m keeping them honest!Never fails I see someone they call a friend on here.I am not going to have drug addicts or these kids in trouble for burglary coming to my house,hanging out with my kids, that’s an accident waiting to happen!I can’t say I have never left a comment about someone & their chaos! Chaos= Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results! I Can’t say I haven’t wanted to leave 100 comments about some of the stupid things people do or the sick people getting charged for sodomy &rape!I do have a problem with yall 5 or 6 that are on here daily and would of paid good money to find out just exactly who you no life, loser, ignorant, stupid moron, mother fu@#ers lived! I will tell you why

  • truecowgirl

    I have been single and raised my kids alone for 20 years, I have had the same job for 15. I don’t break the law! Even though I am known to beat a stupid person down! I moved here 4 years ago and the courts where I am from sent my court papers to the wrong address. I got arrrested for a failure to appear. 40 years old and never been in jail. Got to the jail and 15 hours later I got booked in. Crying because I was worried about my kids, sleeping for nearly the whole 15 hours I looked a hot mess when they got around to taking my pic! The comments about me was I was A junkie, and did the Salina PD have a wind machine that messed our hair up. I don’t care what you PU$$y people think of me, but my son was standing by his friends car after school and to make a long story short the friend had weed in his car. They both got charged. We had only been here a week my son didn’t know yet who smokes and who don’t. Comments under him were about his acne! Are you fuc#!ng SERIOUS! Put your real names on your comments!

  • truecowgirl

    So STFU saying you are just talking about the stupid thing people do! You evidentally got bored with that and rather you realize it or not your attacking people on a personal level now. Making fun of my sons acne!!! Man I wish I could of had 15 minutes with each one of you! Not even seperatly all at once. I was so mad I would of tore each one of you to peices! How Fuc#@ng dare you! That’s probably why your in front of the computer and not out in the world making a difference! Your probably ugly as hell and people make fun of you! I hope to God you don’t have kids. If you do why are you not reading to them, or rocking them to sleep? At PTA or their sporting events? Oh wait are they loosers online talk crap on people like their parents are? No matter what you say your commenting on your still teaching them how to talk about people and make fun of their faults instead of trying to lift them up. Which means your part of the problems of the world and not part of the solution. They must be so proud of yall!

  • truecowgirl

    The same 4 or 5 running this place make fun of the new comers.People who want to get on here bash with them, &join the gangsters of Salina Post!But god forbid someone forget a period or hit a wrong button,that makes them stupid!They need to go back to school and get better ed-u-ma-cated!You have never made a mistake or hit a wrong key on a keyboard have you!Well forgive me,that makes you God!Alot of you comment on these “losers”but you know alot of them.Some of them you talk about where they live,their families.You know them pretty damn good! So what does that say for you.I look daily & have maybe seen 10 I know &that’s because they were my waitress,the clerk at the store!Your doing the same thing they are huh? You just havent been caught yet?Alot of you are up very late!Still a closet tweaker huh?Man that’s rough!I do have to thank all the morons though!Times are tough!You have been free entertainment! Just wish it was more like comedy central and not the circus! Idiots!!!!!

  • Wildman

    Well’s there’ Marvin!!! Used to be my neibhor till he was kicked out!! I heard was in Lincoln NE in Jail there, they must of released him & All it takes for him to go back step on a crack Not smoke it, He used to be a Huffer!!! His last known place was a Refigerator box Just North of Dillions on Crawford, near the tracks! Oh well now he has a roof over his head!!!

  • Yep…

    Hey ‘LOL’…I have NEVER tweeked, robbed or stolen from someone, nor have I EVER been arrested! I go to work EVERYDAY, pay my bills on time, take care of my children, live my life with regard to the laws, am kind and respectful to every person I meet…and yet I have a neck tattoo…so does that make me a bad person?? Does that make me undeserving of respect?? I can understand the comments on this page when, on any average day, there seems to be more criminals with neck tattoos than without, but to judge a person simply becuase they have a neck tattoo is ridiculous! EVERYONE pays taxes…so since when does the fact that YOU pay taxes make you any better than anyonen else? I get the impression that your largely over inflated ego is compensating for something!

  • kansasgrown

    I only hope that these young people who are getting intoxicated would get some help and get their lives straightened out – and why in the world would you not make a court appearance – go to court, get your punishment and go on with your life – of course, I’ve never been in that situation so don’t know – I had to ask how to get into the Sheriff’s Office when I went down to help a friend – didn’t even know where the door was, lol.