UPDATE: Cox Customers Will Keep KAKE-TV After Deal Is Struck

By Fred Gough – Hutch Post


Cox Cable viewers will not lose KAKE-TV Channel 10 as of January 1, 2012 with an agreement apparently being reached between the two sides.

KAKE is the local ABC-TV affiliate in the Wichita-Hutchinson-Salina market, owned by Gray Television Group.

KAKE has been attempting to negotiate a permit with Cox to allow them to sell the station’s programming to cable subscribers, which are referred to as “retransmission consent” negotiations.

So, KAKE-TV 10 will remain on local Cox Cable systems.



ORIGINAL: Cox Cable viewers could lose KAKE-TV Channel 10 as of January 1, 2012 according to reports.

KAKE is the local ABC-TV affiliate in the Wichita-Hutchinson-Salina market, owned by Gray Television Group.

According to KAKE’s website, they’re attempting to negotiate a permit with Cox to allow them to sell the station’s programming to cable subscribers, which are referred to as “retransmission consent” negotiations.

KAKE officials argue that despite their attempts they have not reached a fair agreement with Cox. Unless that happens KAKE-TV, which uses the brand name KAKEland, will likely come off of the Cox Cable system on January 1, 2012.

Cox Cable argues that Gray Television Group is now threatening to withhold its signals from Cox customers in exchange for, what they say are unreasonable demands, that they say will burden customers.

Cox says they’re willing to continue to provide reasonable compensation to Gray Television Group broadcast stations for their free, over-the-air TV signal(s), but offers have been refused. Gray officials say the fees they are requesting are still less then what they pay other less popular cable channels.

Both sides say they hope to reach a new agreement prior to 11:59 p-m, on December 31, 2011 when the current agreement expires. However, if they are unable to come to terms on a new agreement or obtain an extension from Gray Television Group, their signals will no longer be available on the Cox lineup.

Viewers can still access KAKE-TV locally over-the-air, with the use of an antenna. A digital-to-analog broadcast converter box available at retail stores would need to be used to access the digital broadcast signals over the air.

  • ksdad

    Wish we could order cable a la carte.

  • CentralKansasPatriot

    so they want to CHARGE for soemthing they broadcast for FREE?
    ABC aint worth it and I’d think ABC’s advertisers would WANT people to have access… what a hoot.

  • So..

    Big deal! There is still another ABC channel, who cares if it’s KAKE.

  • Please, people

    I wish we had another alternative than COX (I’m not going to put a dish on my house). COX pretty much has a monopoly in Salina

  • http://salinapost.com The Dude Abides

    The dish doesn’t have to be ON your house.

  • Clark Kent

    For the $’s we pay for Cox they better put some other stations in place of KAKE. Just like everything else. You continue to pay for services and they give you less

  • Terry

    Hey Cox…get us KMBC’s HD signal out of Kansas City please!! To hell with KAKE and their demands!!

  • BathSaltBob

    Cox sucks. KAKE sucks. Who cares?

  • john fedele

    Agree! Agree! Agree! However, Cox has, over the twelve years I have been here, realigned their cable packages and increased their fees six time. Each time they have moved channels from one package to another, thereby forcing you to upgrade if you want to keep a certain channel. They, COX, are working their way to where they will force you to buy channel packages you do not want to get local programming. Remember when we had channel 12 and 13 and they were both CBS. Same contract crap and channel 13 went away. No replacement. Now, since we have 2 ABC affiliates it is time to make one go away. The bad news for some is if channel 3 and 10 have a contract with a local or state basketball team to broadcast some home games, network programs will be preempted…as is the case with channel 12. Bottom line, COX needs some competition.

  • Yup

    Love my Dish Satelite!

    • Steve

      I wouldn’t go so far as to say “Love”, but Dish does me alright.

  • http://salinapost.com GetAGrip

    Love my Direct TV!

    • Fred

      Love my library card.


    I had COX in San Diego and I canceled them because of poor service and increased rates with less channels. Direct TV/Dish are nice alternatives but if you live an apartment building like I do, the owners don’t want holes in their buildings or things mounted (You can get the tri pod but dish/direct tv charge for them). I use a ROKU and watch my TV that way and use my antenna/DTV converter if there is something live I want to see.

  • Randy

    Cox knocked wibw out of the picture a while back, now they must be after kake. Just another pissin match is all.

  • Steve

    I remember, back in the day, the biggest expense to watching TV in the home was buying the TV. If you lived in the right area, and had a big enough antenna that was tall enough to catch the signal, you could get CBS, NBC, ABC, and PBS.

    We watched Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Gun Smoke, The Rifleman, and we didn’t have to worry about the kids learning sex from TV. We never questioned how June and Ward managed to have Wally and Theodore while sleeping in twin beds. Kids didn’t get tips on how to commit the perfect crime by watching any Crime Scene Investigation shows. Hell, the closest we had was Dragnet. Margaret was content to let Jim go out and earn the living for the family, while she stayed home and tended to the kids and the house Ozzie and Harriet had pretty much the same arrangement. Ozzie went to work every day, while Harriet managed to stay home and raise Ricky and David.

    Today we wouldn’t be able to watch Dick Van Dyke, since dick and dyke have became politically incorrect.

  • jimbo

    We move to Salina 2 years ago. Direct tv put a post in our yard with the dish on it. They even bored under our sidewalk to run the dish cable. No gripes at all.

  • Sam

    I’m sure that everyone has seen Coxs advertisement down playing satellite tv. Hey Cox, satellite tv in kansas, very doable. Haven’t lost my Dish Network to the weather yet and my rate plan is locked in til 2013. Can you dummies say that?

    • Steve

      I’ve been a Dish customer for…………..gosh, it must be getting close to 10 years. And the weather, on occasion, has knocked out my signal. Usually this happens during the best part of the show. But you know what? If weather is bad, I have a NOAA weather radio and a computer. Whats more, if the electricity goes out, neither Dish, DirectTV, or Cox is going to do you any good. At least my NOAA weather radio has battery backup.

  • Loss

    Got a ROKU box for Christmas. It marks my first step towards cutting cable TV and streaming everything over the internet. That is where the future lies anyway. It won’t be long and there will not longer be “cable or satellite” TV. It will all be streaming via the internet. I plan to be among the first to tell cable to kiss my ______.

  • Bob Younger

    Don’t feel sorry for Cox TV. They charge whatever they want to. We get it in the shorts every time they raise their rates. We NEED another CABLE outlet in Salina, and then maybe their high rates would come down.

  • mike c

    cox sucks no doubt the rates are way too high