SW Kansas Election Is 1st Test Of New Voter ID Law

A southwest Kansas town’s election next month on a sales tax question will be the first test of a new state law requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls.

The new law takes effect Sunday.

On Jan. 10, Cimarron, with 2,200 residents about 175 miles west of Wichita, voters will decide whether to impose a 1.25% sales tax to help finance construction of a new swimming pool.

Gray County Clerk Bonnie Swartz said Tuesday that she’s not anticipating problems. The city has one polling place, and Swartz said seven experienced poll workers will staff it.

Secretary of State Kris Kobach (KOH’-bahk), who persuaded legislators to enact the law earlier this year, says he’ll travel to Gray County to observe.

  • http://www.PatriotActionNetwork.com CentralKansasPatriot

    This photo id crap is discriminating against underage drinkers, underage smokers, people who want driver’s licenses, people who want to fly, people who go to the hospital, pharmacy, donate blood to the Red Cross, do business at a bank, purchase firearms, write a check, want to adopt, or use a credit or debit card…
    If the US adopts photo id nationwide, dead people won’t be able to vote… pets will be banned form polling places, and the mailman will probably not be able to deliver hundreds of Social Security checks to the same apartemtn address…
    Why, you can’t even go to see the President OR the US Attorney General without a photo id anymore.
    This really HAS to be stopped or people with no identity will have to leave the country in order to survive. [sarcasm]

  • YoDaddy

    We already have id, it’s called your “DRIVERS LICENSE” it’s issued in the state you live in. Explain why we need a national id again? OH that’s right, it’s a necessary step towards tyranny I forgot…

  • fwks

    This Voter ID thing sounds great on the surface, but think about the slippery slope. The government votes to revoke all of one parties ID Send them to camps, remove them from the voting polls. All under the control of the Homeland Security. Sound like it could never happen, ask Germany how that worked out for them.

  • Hmmmm

    Perhaps I’ve missed something in this story but I don’t see anything about a NATIONAL ID. It seems to me the only ones who would be upset about having to show a photo ID to vote are those who intend to promote or perpetrate voter fraud.

    • YoDaddy

      It’s a step. You accept this, well then how about a National ID, after all if you have nothing to hide….maybe you have been in a cave, but they have been trying to implement the National ID for over a decade…so yes, perhaps you have missed something.

  • Hmmmm

    Well, then it’s a step in the right direction. It’s a step toward preventing voter fraud; a step toward limiting goodies handed out to illegals; a step toward accountability. I don’t understand your concern as the STATE could do right now with your ID or driver’s license what you seem to fear the federal government may do.