Announcing – The ALL-NEW Salina Post Mobile App

We are happy to announce that the all-new Salina Post app is now available for iPhone and Android mobile phones!

Along with all of the up-to-date news, you can NOW:

  • Become A Reporter – Report your own news along with photos and your geolocation
  • Use our business directory to find locations and phone numbers of Salina businesses with a single click
  • Check the events calendar for all the upcoming events in the area (will be updating soon)
  • Connect with friends that are sharing news
  • COMING SOON – stream 99KG and 910KINA directly on your phone
  • And much more!
Download the app now and check it often as this is the beta version of the Salina Post mobile application. We have more features that are under testing and will be released shortly.
Click the images below for a link for either the iPhone of Android:

Salina Post - Matthew Moody

  • really??!!

    great I can take my nosiness with me where ever I go…….

  • hahah

    This is awesome, but I’m wondering how long before morons start reporting nonsense. Poor Salina journal. Salina post is running right by them.

    • HoldUP

      Journal still has better reporters.

      • seriously?

        hahahahaahahahhahahahahahaha good one

    • B.D.F.

      The thought of losing our local newspapers is scary. But they need to adapt.

      • BelieveIt

        LMFAO!! Really? What would we ever do if we couldn’t pay for day old news that we can already get from multiple other sources in real time, golly what would we use to start fires in our chimneys or line bird cages with? Are you kidding me? The Salina Journal is garbage, written on a 3rd grade reading level, and rarely if ever has any news that you could not have already gotten somewhere else in a more convenient and economical way, it will die because it should, and it won’t be a shame, it’ll be the natural selection in economics playing hoo.

        • blah

          how bout all those elderly people who do not know how to use a computer or dont even HAVE a computer? my grandma ,for instance, does not own a computer and even if she did she would not know how to use it. The salina journal is still needed by some people!!!!