Salina Police K-9 Team Honored

Officer Vaughan and Canine Riddik

From October 9, 2011 to October 14, 2011, Officer Jeffrey Vaughan and Master Patrol Officer Gary Hanus attended the yearly canine certification sponsored by the Heart of America Police Dog Association (HAPDA) in Urbandale, Iowa. Both canine teams certified in both patrol operations and narcotic detection.

A total of 22 canine teams from Kansas, Iowa and Missouri attended certification. The teams were separated into two groups for certification and each group had a judge assigned.

During the week of certification each judge selected one canine team out of their group to attempt a Master Track based on their performance during the tracking phase of certification. The Master Track covered numerous terrains, multiple turns and covered a distance of approximately 400 yards. Officer Vaughan and Canine Riddik were selected and successfully completed the track. Officer Vaughan received the Master Track Award from HAPDA.

After certification was completed, HAPDA had a competition for the top patrol dog and the top narcotic detection dog. The canine teams were presented with different scenarios in each category that tested the training and caliber of the team. Officer Vaughan and Canine Riddik took first place in the patrol dog competition.

  • Hmmmm

    Nice work, officers and doggies! We appreciate your dedication and service :-)

  • http://salinapost checkitout

    I had this same dog hit on my car and the police tore it apart and there was nothing like I told them. I would like to know how many times that happens.

    • Mike

      Probably more than you or I will ever really know.

    • Citizen K

      He hit on the smell. Just because you did not have any drugs in the car, does not mean that you had not USED drugs while in the car. If you got the car used, it may have been there from the precious owner.

  • ruserious?

    Thats just funny…riddik would have taken you down you bad bad pot smoking hippy…stop giggling an give me those cheetos!….an pass THAT too…lol

  • fwks

    Is this the same officer that let his “partner” fry in the heat?

    • for all to know

      No its not

  • linda smith

    fwks, no it is not!!! this man loves his dag and each would give their life for the other or YOU!!!

    • fwks

      @linda most any dog would give their lives to protect. but leaving a dog in the high temps for more than 8 hours without checking is wrong on so many levels. I can just see the Animal Shelter making this recomendation to the public.

      • fwks

        But I am happy that this is not the same officer. Just did not want to see him being awarded for the acts that caused a animal to die.

        • linda smith

          oh i agree totally! i am a dog lover! And i hope the other officer never gets another dog but just wanted to make sure you knew this was not the same officer!

  • Dedicated

    Those dogs don’t hit for no reason. They constantly train and retrain their dogs. Salina should feel safer with them around.

  • c-bass

    congrats to the salina k-9 unit for their work…..hopefully this dog survives the summer…the rat b@$t@rd$