Truck Driver From Salina Arrested After Leading Police On High-Speed Chase On I-70

A Kansas tractor-trailer driver is jailed following a high-speed chase in three northeastern counties where authorities say he forced motorists off Interstate 70 and deliberately rammed two vehicles.

The trucker, from Salina, was being held Friday in the Pottawatomie County jail in Westmoreland.

Authorities say the chase began late Thursday after the trucker rammed his 18-wheel semitrailer into a pickup on I-70 just west of Topeka. There were also reports the semi was forcing other vehicles off the highway.

The semi, followed by both the pickup and authorities, headed west. It exited I-70 at Kansas 99 and continued north through Wamego and the smaller town of Louisville, where it rammed a car.

The chase ended early Friday when the rig became stuck in a yard.

The identity of the man has not been released.

  • elixeroflife

    hooray for crystal meth!

  • Bob Younger

    Just what the heck is in the filthy drinking water we have in Salina? We have murder, baby killers, meth labs, crack stores, total idiots in city and county government, and now a crazy semi truck driver! Heck, I even saw a cop catch a cold at Santa Fe and Iron one day.

  • X_Guard

    The only thing worse than a tweeked out trailer-monkey? One that’s driving his apartment around on the highways and calls himself a “professional” truck driver. DOT, state and local law enforcement REALLY need to crack down on these a-holes. I have to flip the bird to one of these morons at least once a week because they have no clue as how to drive or they drive like a prick, ie. pulling out in front of traffic because they just cant seem to wait their turn, changing lanes w\o looking, etc.
    I don’t mind a person driving fast but when I’m going 85 on interstate or 60 in a 55 on the highway and a semi rolls up my a**, I slam on the brakes anymore. Cattle and grain haulers are the worst.

    • Shazamm

      You are an IDIOT!! If you truely are driving 85mph in a 75 ZONE, you are NO better then the truckers you just commented about.
      We can only hope that the next time you slam on your brakes the trucker runs right up your ass and there are witness’s that see what you did. YOU NOT him will be ticketed for causing the accident. Slamming on brakes while on Interstate is NOT called for and only leads to accidents. Then let the lawsuits begin.
      What a dope…
      Try slowing down and driving the LIMIT of 75, and stop being such an aggressive drivers, you are the kind of people the rest of have to worry about.

    • Nancy Neuville

      I’m sorry but where in this article does it say the truck driver was on anything? My husband is an over the road truck driver for an amazing company here in Salina. I have had been able to go with him several times on his local deliveries. Sitting in the passenger seat I have seen the stupid things other drivers have done. Do you all realize that it takes a semi with trailer about 2-3 football fields to stop? And more if they are fully loaded down. But no you people pull out in front of these amazing trucks, just because you are in such a hurry or you want to exit the interstate and can’t wait to exit in a much safer manner. You all will cause the accident but the semi driver is the one who gets the ticket and gets hit with the accident. Kansas was stupid when they raised the speed limit. No one has any right going more than 70 mph on our interstates!!!! I would love to invite all the stupid drivers who pull out in front of semi drivers to go and drive I80-94 and try that. You will end up in a body bag. So the next time you come up to a semi, stop and think to yourself about how long it takes one of these amazing trucks to stop, thing about passing them just to exit the interstate, their blind stops and give them the RESPECT and ROOM they require. They have families back home that they all want to get back to safely. And if you can ever ride with a truck driver, please do so I’m sure you will learn a lot!

      • Karma

        i agree with nancy, people in kansas cant drive, not just semi drivers either…i also have been riding shotgun in a semi and seen lots of stupid crazy drivers…my fathers a truck driver, they get a bad name. but they should take their job very serious and be very careful. anyone on the road should..other peoples live r at risk.

      • DaDeez

        Your husband drives a semi, not the space shuttle. Its not amazing, trucks have been on the road hauling goods for 80 years. Millions of people have made their living as OTR drivers. The work may not be particularly easy but don’t puff it up as amazing. It’s a job many people are capable of.

      • Shazamm

        I totally agree with you!! In reguards to raising of the speed limit. It was just plain DUMB and NONSENSE..Wouldn’t be so god awful, but people are driving WAY over now and the HP still do nothing. I would see that as a easy way to get money rolling into state. Start writing out big tickets, instead of just sitting in car etc.
        I travel the interstate everyday, and have REALLY noticed that since they raised the limit people are driving more and more careless, being way more aggressive, forget how to use turn signals to pass, think the passing lane is the faster lane and drive in it all time and not to just pass etc etc..
        Raising the limit is also a pure waste of our fuels, and wear and tear on our cars.
        I have to go ahead and add though that I have seen my fair share of careless truck drivers. Talking on cell phone while driving halfway onto the shoulder and it’s windy out. Turning back into driving lane TO CLOSE. But for the most part they are pretty safe.

        • Someoldlady

          You don’t have to drive 75, it’s just the maximum limit.

  • Danny

    @X_Guard–Why are you driving 85 on the interstate? Speed LIMIT is 75. Do you like being a lawbreaker?

    Aside from that, may I add one other catagory to your worst list? I agree with livestock and grain haulers, but it has also been my experience that rock haulers are just as bad.

  • no name required

    If he was from Salina, odds are pretty good he was haulin’ pizza.

  • Big Kwan

    Dumb F— !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hunter

    Stupid is a bad word.