UPDATE: I-70 Reopened From Colby To Colorado State Line

Posted 4 years ago

By Associated Press

UPDATE: As of 5:50 p.m. the Northwest Kansas Department of Transportation reports that Interstate 70 and US Highway 24 are now reopened.


High winds and blowing dirt have prompted Kansas officials to close about 55 miles of westbound Interstate 70 from Colby to the Colorado line.

The westbound lanes were closed around 3:30 Central time Thursday afternoon, with the Kansas Department of Transportation citing poor visibility in Colorado. Officials in that state closed a 12-mile stretch of I-70 in both directions from Burlington to the Kansas line.

Officials said the closings will remain in effect until conditions improve.

The National Weather Service reported non-thunderstorm wind gusts of 60 to 70 mph in northwestern Kansas on Thursday afternoon.


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  • EddieFromCal

    Nice BJ

  • Shazam!!

    This is UPDATED!! It is back open now and has been for about an hour. Just seemed weird to be closed for dust instead of snow…But Man it was horrible today