Man Charged With Stealing Social Security Checks From Father

A Salina man was arrested Tuesday morning on a warrant for a requested charge of mistreatment of a dependent adult.

48-year-old Michael Branstetter is alleged to have taken three Social Security checks belonging to his 80-year-old father and cashed them for his own personal use between March 8th and July 1st.

Police were notified by S.R.S after they discovered bills and expenses for the elderly man were not being paid.

The three checks totaled $2,991.

  • Seriously?

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    • Anonymous

      i agree pretty bad to steal from your own parents what a pile of crap

  • MJM

    This is a disgrace. How could you do this to your parent! He is the lowest form of life there is. A slug has more dignity!

  • :)

    this why the sever to the elderly are so important so this crap won’t happen but you so call Governor what’s those kind of sever stopped an everybody put in a nursing home i just hope they throw the book at him worthless kid get job an support you self.

    • K Jackson


  • salina1234


  • robin judd andersen

    what a idoit for u to do this to ur father I know just about all the Branstetter because my children are Branstetters but I donot remember this one what a piece of crap u are

  • haha

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    • RE HAHA

      Yeah, im with you on this one. I have never met one worth knowing.

  • YoDaddy

    Wow, I hope this isn’t the son of a Branstetter that I know and provide care for, this guy is a scumbag and needs a beaten.

  • Name

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  • sad

    Can anyone have respect at all ? Just think if people these days have any respect for themselves they could find a way to respect others ! Drugs of couse are invovled and that’s such a serious problem these days ! People are loosing family on a daily basis because of drugs ! Just makes me cry every day, with what I hear !

  • mbenjamin

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