Saline County Jail Booking Activity – Monday

Recent Booking Activity for Saline County Jail.
All persons included in this post are innocent of crimes until proven guilty in a court of law. Courtesy Photos.


This information is not criminal history. All individuals included in this post are innocent of crimes until proven guilty in a court of law. The Salina Post assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, or completeness, of this information. Any person who believes information provided is not accurate may submit a complaint to

  • Citizen K

    LOOK, Srack is Back!! He must have wanted some company in the pen, so, he brought his kid and some of his friends with him!! THIS time, what he was selling WAS illegal!!!

  • DaDeez

    FOUR DUIs for Christian Deleon. Must be trying to set some record. Looks like your mama picked out the wrong name for you

  • salina1234

    good job mike…you finally got busted beating on her, hope you feel like a man now!


      Ever heard of 3 sides to every story? Hers, his and then the truth…your side doesn’t seem to matter so zip ur lips jackwagon. But if ur friends with the batsh#t crazy biznatch…why doesn’t she go away for good??

      • stayoutofit

        LOVE LOVE LOVE your so very grown approach to name calling. I’m assuming you to be an outsider of OUR relationship and MIKE’s life, NOT KNOWING that truth in the matter AT ALL!!! Since you are an outsider, you know nothing about me, or my ‘batsh#t crazyiness’ which means you have no idea how i’ve been treated the amount of time I have endured with the kid. To set it straight Mike was not ‘beating’ on me THIS TIME. But he did become EXTREMELy disrespectful, as he always does when he is wasted. I completely understand why his friends would want to blame me for this, seeing that all his friends around here are complete losers and have nothin better to do then drink. BUT you don’t know Michael Walters, you know BIG MIKE! I wish i knew big mike. I know Michael. I know everything about Michael. Michael know everything about me. We stay together, because we want each other. OUR relationship may not be anything close to perfect, and i doubt everyone of yours is either. the ONLY thing that matters, is Michael and I. If you would like to know about me and form an opinion about me, speak to me. Doubting that you have any balls to email or address me (it’s clear you know enough about me, you know my name), and yet you wonder why i keep coming back. Have you ever thought of how the invitation arises to bring me back. HE BEGS me to come back. EVERYONE knows that i was just 5000 miles away 6 days ago…..if he is so completely miserable, and I’m the crazy biznatch in the wrong all the time, whys he keep asking me back. So feel free to email me, ask me whatever you like. I understand you are sticking up for your friend, BUT before you address my name in such a manner, i suggest you know me first. There are alot of people who love me….including him. Get over it

        • heardthetruth

          You told him you were preganant is why you came back this time.

  • Citizen K

    OK, what does this charge mean??

    Viol cont subs laws via communication facility

    All the drug busts have it listed on a charge.

    • asamatteroffact

      It means that they used a phone to make the deal… It’s just one more thing they like to tack on there, like the tax stamp thing. That way when you break the one law, you almost always wind up breaking 3 or 4. Then if they drop one of the charges you feel like it is a bargain to plea guilty to one of the other charges, even if you are innocent.

    • MomOf3

      It means they used the jail to aid in the distribution. Which could be as simple as daddy telling son where a stash is, if I’m not mistaken.

      • Seriously?

        ????@MomOf3-It means they used a cell phone to set up a drug deal, meeting place, etc.

      • No Bozos

        Does Monirtoring Phone Calls while incarcerated make sense – How about wiretapping for the older folks.

  • Deal with it..

    Okay so some of you people wanna whine because you THINK that being charged with violation of a telecommunication device is a BOGUS charge well suck it up. In my opinion either you are guilty of making drug deals on your OWN phone or know someone who is. EXCUSE the police for TRYING to make Salina less of a drug infested community and maybe TRYING to make it a safer community.. The battle is one they WILL NEVER win but at least they are busting THEIR butts TRYING! My suggestion is to flipping deal with it..

    • asamatteroffact

      My goodness did someone get up on the wrong side of the bed? Am I not entitled to my own opinion? My point is, Mr Stalker up there only has one charge, and a person hooking his friend up with some pot (which is harmless, non violent and non scary, natural and safer than alcohol) gets 20 or 30 charges. You get charged with having the weed, selling it, using the phone, and then charged with taking the money for it. It goes on and on, while a child molester, gets one charge. There’s another guy up there was charged with battery nothing else. It just seems that our priorities seem to be a bit messed up. As far as I see it, people who only deal in pot, are actually making the place a lot safer than the batterer or stalker. I don’t see it as whining, I was answering a question. Deal with it! The violent people will be out before the non-violent people. Just saying, keep defending instead of thinking and you will never see this place get better.

      • Someoldlady

        Is pot considered a hallucinogen? If not, then they are not selling pot. Nightshade is a natural substance too. Natural doesn’t always mean it’s good for you. Opium comes from poppies, should that be legalized too?

        • asamatteroffact

          Yes pot is considered a hallucinogen. And in my opinion, I think all the drugs need to be decriminalized. You are an old lady, you probably remember prohibition? That didn’t work out so well did it?

          • Citizen K

            FYI, the 11 that got busted were selling POPE, not pot. Srack and his kid were STILL making it on bishop street.

          • Someoldlady

            Yeah, I am old. Grew up in the days of the hippies. Not quite old enough for prohibition. I am sure there are people who would like to decriminalize every crime. Jeffrey Dahmer would have liked it if murder weren’t against the law, and those registered sex offenders would prefer to do their thing without worrying about getting arrested.

          • asamatteroffact

            I am not saying make crime legal, I am saying make drugs legal. If someone steals, kills, robs, or beats someone over drugs or anything else, by all means arrest them. But if they aren’t hurting anyone, let them go live their life. If they are criminals, they will go to jail for committing real crimes. If they are really hooked on drugs they can get help or do themselves in, either way, we wouldn’t have to deal with all the extra costs.

  • Freddy

    wow 11out of 17got busted for drugs

  • Steve

    It’s my phone, I’m the one paying the bill, I will use it how I see fit. One more area of our personal lives and personal property the government has no business messing with!

    • GeorgeS

      So your saying it’s ok to use a phone be it wireless or otherwise to aide in the development of a crime?? How STUPID is that?
      Let’s say someone uses there phone to set up a murder. Would it still be ok?
      I guess if you don’t want to do the crime DON’T do the crime. Srack is an idiot.
      Are you perhaps going to have to look someplace else now to get your fix? Hey, be sure and use your phone.

  • GeorgeS

    WOW! I don’t get it. I had written about the drug head Srack and his family of dopeheads and that was an hour ago. FOr some reason it never posted. Wander why?

    • Steve

      Maybe because you are trying to WANDER when you should WONDER.

  • ItsME

    Aww, look at Eric Srack.Spending quality time with his son. And you people thought that he was a bad parent! Shame on you!!

    • Citizen K

      Just checked the booking page, they are in separate pods. Maybe they can request a cell together in the pen!!!

  • anyone

    Does anyone know how to look up people who have been arrested….like within the last month. thanks

    • asamatteroffact

      You can Google their name + Salina Post and you can find them

  • hmmm

    Trenton Barnes looks like a pope freak…. come on he even Tatooed his favorite pope on his neck!

  • Deal with it..

    No someone did not get up on the wrong side of the bed. I did however still get up knowing that #1 I do not want MY kids getting ahold of this crap that by the way nobody REALLY knows what is in it. #2 IS illegal #3 people have committed suicide because of it’s use and it’s adverse effects #4 is NOT natural. Why and how could you defend ANY illegal activity? I mean you say you are not but when it boils down to it you are. And how can you say to decriminalize drugs? How many crimes are committed because someone was drunk or high?

    • LibertyOrDeath

      I wish everyone who thinks that they have the moral authority to deprive another man of his liberty by initiating force upon them, would just commit suicide. What a wonderful world this would be.

    • asamatteroffact

      Your kids could get a hold of any number of things to hurt themselves with, including gasoline, or even computer cleaner… Alcohol is very legal and causes many problems. I would say an alcohol alternative would be a good thing, pot would be a GREAT thing. Do you know why so many drug crimes are committed? Because of the law. Terrance Watson who just got sentenced for killing two people (one of them a mother of 2 little ones) did it because he was afraid that they were going to give the police evidence that would convict him of drug charges. If it were legal it wouldn’t have mattered and they would have lived. Crime prevented. Lots of people use the drug laws to control people and someone snitching can get an innocent person in trouble as much as a guilty one. I would say that I am not defending so much the illegal activity as I am saying the punishment doesn’t fit the crime and hurts all of us more. The United States has more people in jail than ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD… (thank you drug war) As for this whole potpourri business, it wouldn’t exist if marijuana was legal. We would be giving our money to local farmers and probably picking up some other herbs, vegetables, and eggs. (In fact it used to be a required crop for the American colonies and George Washington grew it as did Thomas Jefferson. The Declaration of Independence is written on hemp paper and Abe Lincoln said smoking it was one of his favorite things) But this is one of the results of prohibition, people coming up with alternate ways to get high. I don’t believe that people commit suicide because of the potpourri or we would have heard a lot more about it, maybe those bath salts but still, even as bad as that stuff was, it doesn’t touch what alcohol does every day of the year in every police station in the world. There are thousands of people who die from drinking it and driving on it but you don’t hear about us shutting down alcohol. But what alternatives do people have? Like I said, if someone commits a crime arrest them for that, not for the drugs. Teach your kids the truth about all drugs including pharmaceuticals based on education not fear. Don’t say all drugs are bad, but that all drugs are different. It is not so black and white. And perhaps have compassion for some of these people. They are dealing with tougher issues than many of us and it is very hard to dig your way out of a bottomless pit.

      • DaDeez

        Thats not a comment……thats a BLOG

        • KB

          Hahahahahahahaa dadeez

      • Citizen K

        Ok, I agree that alcohol is bad, BUT have you thought about the ramifications of legalizing pot? Here are a few things to think about.

        1. DUI does not mean just alcohol, it covers pot or any substance that slows your reaction time POT included. So, how many accidents are “weed” related?
        2. When you drink a alcohol, only YOU get drunk. If you smoke pot, everyone in the room ends up with a contact high. You got kids in the room, they’re stoned. You live in an apartment building, neighbors are stoned. SRS case loads would go through the roof with children that are “stoned” due to the parents use, they have enough to deal with now!!
        3. Bars can be sued if someone leaves drunk and kills someone with there car. Bars are suppose to cut you off when you start crossing the line. If we establish Pots bars, no one would be able to get insurance to open them. As soon as you walk in, you would be considered under the influence and unable to drive. You think Salina has a lot of DUI’s now. Just think of how busy the police would be running after stoned drivers.

        So, I am asking you, If we legalize pot, where can it be smoked? If children end up with a contact high, is that child abuse? If you are smoking, and a friend gets a contact high and wrecks her car and kills someone, who is liable? If the neighbor kid gets a hold of your stash and gets wasted is that a criminal act on your part?? It is with alcohol!!

  • http://facebook wow really

    i can tell you for a fact that erics son that was arrested WAS NOT making the crap on bishop street get your facts straight he doesnt even own that building anymore, I am not defending what they did and saying it was right because its not hes a piece of s**t person. and all they have on his son is hearsay nothing else, now his OTHER son who hasnt been arrested but soon will be will have charges just like daddy.

  • Below Me

    Citizen K…there is NO SUCH THING as a contact high. So let me get this straight…You think if someone in an apartment building gets high that the whoooole apartment building also gets high!?!? lmao!

    • Someoldlady

      So marijuana doesn’t have second-hand smoke like tobacco does? How is that possible? If people in close proximity can inhale a tobacco user’s smoke and be harmed, how do you prevent your smoke from escaping into the surrounding air? We are talking about the smoke coming off the burning end, not what you exhale.

      • Steve

        That’s why you use a one hitter or a bong. That way you don’t waste any precious smoke.

        • Someoldlady

          Ah, I see. I didn’t know that.

    • Citizen K

      OK, Below Me, I am very proud of the fact that I am “40 something” and never smoked pot, so I really have no direct knowledge of it’s effect. I have checked on the web and have found articles that say yes there is a contact high and others that say there is not, so I guess you could argue both ways. What I do know is that drivers that are stoned are just as bad as the ones that are drunk. My sister was killed in an accident that was caused by a driver that was stoned. He was charged with DUI and involuntary manslaughter and spent time in the pen. But you never addressed the other issues of legalizing Pot. WHO is in charge of regulating it, and HOW do we regulate it?

  • waitandsee

    Salina is the only town I know that can have a jury of 12 convict a person of selling a illegal substances that at the time of the arrest wasn’t illegal! Please understand I am pleased it has since become illegal but in all honesty as we all know Mr.Srack was not in anyway given a fair trial! Wait and see it will be overturned in the court of appeals because they go by the books and by the law!

    • kansasmom312

      You think Mr Srack was not given a fair trial? He’s a dirtbag that is so crooked I’m sure he has a problem laying straight in bed. Scumbums only want to take others down to make themselves feel in power. He’s a wicked man who thinks he can get away with anything and it’s about time they send him where he belongs.