Saline County Jail Booking Activity – Friday

Recent Booking Activity for Saline County Jail. NOW WITH AUTOMATIC UPDATES 24 HOURS PER DAY.
All persons included in this post are innocent of crimes until proven guilty in a court of law. Courtesy Photos.


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  • J. C. James

    Wow! A busy day at the cop-shop.

  • LibertyOrDeath

    I see two criminals in the whole lot. The rest is filler for Sherriff K’s overcrowded jail.

    • STOPyerBellyaching

      Shut Up!!!

      • LibertyOrDeath

        Make me cop.

        • freddy

          what are you?? a toddler.

  • CG

    LibertyOrDeath, breaking the law is breaking the law. If you allow people to break the law and not see consequences, then they continue to repeatedly break the laws and often end up being involved in harsher crimes. You know why you never see my picture up there, for a minor or major crime? Because I follow the rules, as do MOST people living in Salina. Those who break laws, small or big, should be punished.

    • LibertyOrDeath

      At what cost to society? Our society is being destroyed by this line of thinking. As a society, we should work toward crime prevention, not punishment because you or some others want blood. Filling jails to the top does not undo the crimes, nor does it prevent it.

      • Common Sence

        You talk a good game BUT what are you doing to further your ideas?? I know “Sheriff K”, I am proud to list him as a personal friend. If you have some miracle idea that would stop this people from offending, I am sure he would be more than glad to listen to you. The PD and the Sheriffs office does not pick these people up for fun, these people have had SEVERAL chances to pay there fines and do there restitution, they choose NOT TO!! So, if you think you can “fix” the problem, WHY AREN’T YOU DOING SOMETHING, other than bi**ch!!!!

        • LibertyOrDeath

          We are doing something about it. Education of the public is an important step. We do what we can. We don’t have the vast resources of the government though. We have to earn my money through legitimate means. I’d happily take donations to the cause.

      • Anonymous

        Here is crime prevention…..the next person that is caught stealing……cut off their hand, the next person who murders….hang them from the nearest tree. THAT is how it used to be but then they got soft and said that was cruel and unusual punishment of the criminals! So then they built the jails! If you have such good ideas Liberty or Death…then maybe you need to put up…..if not, shut up!