• Birdawg68

    No brass came out of the AK when it was fired. At least not the one time you could see it fire. The rest of the time the camera was away from the weapon


    Don’t forget that it also says “20th Century Fox” on the bottom…I’m assuming it’s viral marketing for “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.”

    …plus, that’s the fakest gun noise I’ve ever heard in my life. Gah.

  • skeeter

    An AK-47 has a very distinctive sound, that wasnt it.

    • akraider

      That was exactly the sound of an AK.

  • Jsmith

    The AK doesn’t seem to have any kick.

  • Horses

    seems to me the only smart one in that video was the chimp……

  • usmcownsme

    Yes it is a hoax, but as for everyone’s reasons, you’re a bunch of idiots that have probably never seen, heard, nor touched an AK-47 in your life, especially a legit military fully automatic one. AK’s barely kick, (watch the video and it does kick) Although it would be louder, that IS the sound of an Ak47 shooting. And you would never see brass flying out if at the speed that it does on a low quality video like this. The kickers that blow it. 1. Mint condition clean weapons that dont even have oil stains on the wood from being held. 2. The fact that although it is a make shift dump of an outpost, all of the “props” sitting around like the chairs are way too clean and in perfect shape to be sitting outside in a country like Africa sitting in what looks to be the middle of no where. 3. There are leaves all over the ground but not a single one on any building, roof, or furniture, like it was just put together the day the video was shot. – Pay attention to detail and dont take quotes from “Heartbreak Ridge”, and think you know what your talking about. “The AK47 has a very distinctive sound…” And that WAS it
    Sergeant (USMC)

    • Tigerbot

      usmcownsme, that was awesome. I hate reading what morons hastily write but I love reading a well structured, THOUGHT OUT, valid and badass counter argument. Keep doing whatever it is that you do to be you.

    • Birdawg68

      I will not be called an idiot by a marine. When did you get out? You would see some brass hit the ground the way the chimp is holding it, as it would bounce off the ground. And yes I have seen, heard, shot and been shot at with an actual military grade AK47, enough times to know what to look for. It actually almost looks plastic, but I can not get a clear enough view of the actual point where the magazine enters the weapon, but I am left with the impression that it appears to be all one piece. Also the leaves are under the tree only, not all over the place. But I agree the the furniture looks like it was kept inside. And although my hearing is slightly damaged from a few loud noises, the sound does seem pretty canned. With all the points you brought up about the weapon, I kinda have my doubts you have ever seen or fired a real ak.

    • Bobbie

      Africa is not a country.

    • Huguinho

      Besides…. for troops in the bush the clothes are too clean!

    • stang

      the guns a fake. its actually a replica model of the AK47 that does not shoot real bullets but rubber or some material that won’t kill. they are used by Chinese military to train. They are easily depicted from a real AK as you pointed out, by the sleek oily clean texture on the wood.

    • Jimmy

      You need to stat wearing your ear protection at the range if you think that sounds like an AK

    • Cherno

      You sounded like you knew what you were talking about until you said a country like Africa….. it IS a continent dumb ass.

  • desert humvee

    Spent a lot of time in W.Africa and this looks like your typical soldiers hangout. Parts of containers with tarp flaps. Ya, maybe the chairs look too new but who knows, the may have been recently stolen. Watch the puffs of dirt on the ground as the AK fires. Whether it was staged or not, that AK is firing.

  • danny

    Its a promo for rise of the planet of the apes. its a funny and creative way to promote the new movie. I really enjoy reading the replies and arguments in all these threads. People are entertaining indeed! Who’s the chimpanze now? Hehe. Have a good one.

  • jsethed

    usmcownsme – You are the idiot if you think Africa is a country. Back to third grade bro.

  • marinessuck

    marines eat their own boogers

  • willsiak81

    100% fake. Where to begin? Quality of the image – are we meant to believe that some freedom fighters/militia-men (I assume) not only had access to a super high-def quality camera, but also a computer, the internet, the presence of mind and the time amidst their presumed fighting and what-not, to create a youtube account and upload the footage? Come on.. Not to mention the gun has no kick, expels no shells/casings, apparently the bullets fly through matter as you don’t see any impacts when it was clearly being shot at the ground.. Furthermore, when you’re trying to film something, and then suddenly find that you need to run for your life, you don’t dive 3 feet away and still happen to fall in such a way as to conveniently capture the comedy of the chimp raising the gun in the air. Fake. Anyone who thinks this is real is a moron.

  • Ratpack44

    Total fake.Living in Africa I did my fair share regarding the bushwar in the eighties,that so called rebels are definitlley a bunch of circusclowns,the only thing about the the video that seems real is the fact that they all look drunk or smoked.But never the less I enjoyed the video.

  • bob

    fake, all the soldiers run but the one person who doesn’t is the person who’s using a handheld camera