• deb

    taken was REALLY good! my boys ( and husband) loved tron legacy!!!

  • Bruce Loder

    I tried to hear you on line yesterday, for my first time, and for the first time, heard you without static. So, while it isn’t handy to have to go to a computer to hear you, when a radio is so much more handy, it does give me that option. Then, this morning, I decided to listen to you again on the computer, and I see “live streaming”. I say very cool! I’m watching you guys, as well as listening! Keep it up! Bruce Loder, Brookville

  • Rick

    This is pretty slick! Nice work guys. Keep it up.

  • Linda Kromer

    Love this Live Stream…You guys are looking good…Very cool to see you guys in action. Hope you consider to do this some more.

  • Linda Kromer

    My cousin is a chiropractor and does practice his healing techniques on dogs too.

  • Ray

    Wouldn’t it be nice if when police were being shoot at the would be able to know, oh he has shoot ten times we have about 3 seconds while he reloads so they can get a better position on him. But if we don’t know how many rounds his clip holds well that makes it a little tougher on law enforcement.

  • Jeff

    Jerry and Randy, I’d like to hear your thoughts on Wyoming’s proposal: http://godfatherpolitics.com/8923/wyoming-lawmakers-try-to-head-off-federal-gun-grab/

    Love the show!