Coffee Talk: Salina Tax Payer Art

Posted 4 years ago

By Jerry Hinrikus

By 910 KINA’s Jerry Hinrikus

Feel good about your tax dollars being well spent? Why hide this where no can see it? Behind a parking garage. REALLY!

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  • CentralKansasPatriot

    Art is intended to draw people to Salina.

    THIS is intended to draw them WAY down into Salina LOL.

  • someone

    Oh. That’s art?

    • someone

      My preschooler draws the same kind of art and she would do it for free. LOL

  • kb

    I’d cool if they’d throw that away and let someone spray paint something much more artisic on there.

  • someone

    It certainly goes in the category of stupid art. No talent whatsoever to create this horror.I wouldn’t even call it art, it’s more like an ugly decoration.